Not time yet…

I was surprised when I saw my missus making it…

…the other day because it was not time yet to do that. Normally, she would be making this Sarawak acar timun (cucumber pickle) around Chinese New Year, maybe a week or two before the festival but it is still over a month away.

Maybe because we have been getting a lot of rain lately, the cucumbers are growing very well so they are in abundance right now. Usually, come Chinese New Year, possibly because everyone is making this acar, there will be an acute shortage.

It is really quite labour intensive with all that cutting, the cucumber, carrot and everything else into long thin strips and they will have to be put out in the sun to dry a bit so it will be nice and crispy/crunchy.

It did look like quite a lot but once it was done, my missus only managed to come out with these four bottles…

Of course, we are keeping them till Chinese New Year – pickles…

…can keep really well so there will not be a problem with that and anyway, we will be keeping it in the fridge.

Of course, we did try a bit before putting it away and that called for some keropok (prawn crackers). The typical Sarawakian practice is to eat acar with keropok

…and luckily, we still had a pack…

…in the house, left over from last Chinese New Year, due to expire in 2023.

I quickly took it out to dry in the sun…

They say that if you do not do that, your keropok will not rise to the occasion when fried and it will not be nice and crispy.

That afternoon, I went to take it in to fry but my missus had beaten me to it. There was enough to fill two big Tupperware containers like this…

…and yes, we did try it with the acar and it was very very nice!

Of course, we must exercise a bit of self-control and not over-indulge. Otherwise, we would not have any acar left, come Chinese New Year. LOL!!!

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11 thoughts on “Not time yet…”

  1. Wow, acar with keropok is to die for. Most people favourite, if not all. I usually buy Hua Hua keropok or Boon Ting but the other day while doing grocery shopping, I saw this keropok on the shelves and bought a packet for CNY. Product of Sibu, rite?

    Mukah one, packed in Sibu. Sibu, no keropok…or not that I know of. One packet where got enough, not much inside, finished in no time at all. LOL!!!

    1. One packet just to try whether good or not. New to me. Will be buying Hua Hua or Boon Ting keropok for CNY.

      The one I fried that day, same packaging, was the fish and yes, it was good.
      I did buy another pack the other day, from Mukah, no label at all, double the size but it was disappointing because there were edges that did not rise and I could feel what felt like bits of stone in the keropok. Will not buy that ever again.

  2. I am early for CNY, frying my crackers last week!!! Definitely cannot last till CNY as the kids have been eating them since Christmas. Lol.

    A lot of cucumbers on sales, we also grabbed some not long ago. Not to make acar, but cucumber prickle. Hubby has been crazy over prickles lately and when he was on leave, he made cucumber and white radish prickles.

    I hear they are good for health, all the pickled and fermented stuff…including kim chi. No, thank you. LOL!!!

    Yes, definitely will not last much longer the rate we are going. Will just help ourselves to the keropok in the tins even if we do not eat with acar. Not much left! Gotta buy some more!

  3. Oooo! I am drooling over the acar. I love acar but now too lazy to make acar. If I were to make my own acar, I will be eating the acar as snacks. Keropok is hubby’s favourite.

    At this time of year, bottles of acar will appear in the shops, homemade for sale…but one would need to know the source, not all good.

  4. This acar is new to me!

    I know how to make acar but it’s very different to your one.
    Just cucumber, carrot, pineapple and red chilli in white vinegar + sugar + pinch of salt.
    Your acar is like chutney, I bet it also goes well with poppadoms.

    1. I know the acar you’re talking about – they always give that at the Malay shops and stalls. This is the Sarawak nyonya acar which is different from the West Malaysian nyonya acar. I did link one Kuching guy’s blog, living in Singapore, before – he had a post on these and he mentioned the differences – I think he got it from Wiki.

  5. I haven’t gotten into canning much. I should. I know a few people who do. When I was much younger many families canned veggies and such…it’s not as popular now as it was back then to do it on your own at home. But then again if we don’t do it at home we do look to those who do and make purchases…it’s a treat 🙂

    Haven’t seen anyone here storing vegetables in cans but we do pickle some and keep in bottles. Other than that, we make salted vegetables too, nice. I did blog about this once.

    1. We call it “canning” but it’s actually done in glass mason jars.

      Aha! Now I see. I was wondering if there is an appliance that people can use to can stuff like an electric can opener. LOL!!!

  6. My late mother used to make this prior to Chinese New Year too.

    I guess my missus learnt it from her mum. My late mum used to make it too. It is very popular here. These days, around this time, you will see the shops flooded with all the bottles of home made acar. Dunno any good or not – usually, I will only buy from people that I know.

  7. Ooh, it’s so nice to enjoy the fruits of your own garden.

    Indeed. My missus just harvested all the rest this morning, got quite a lot and she was mighty pleased. She enjoys eating rambutans!

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