Nothing fancy…

We had dinner at home on Christmas Day this year, 2021, nothing fancy, just something simple for the three of us, plus my sister – we invited her to join us as well, so there were four of us altogether.

No, we did not have turkey as the ladies do not fancy the texture of the meat – like breast meat, they say so I went out and bought one pretty big chicken and my missus roasted it…

…and served it on a bed of roasted potatoes, carrots and celery for the dinner.

I do not know all those fancy names that the seller was telling me in Mandarin but this was supposed to be one of the better quality varieties of the poultry. I remember he pointed out to me something like a spur just above the claws at the back of the feet/leg.

This was supposed to be the stuffing…

…but my missus baked it separately and it came across like a cross between ngor hiang (meat rolls) and one of those gourmet sausages.

We had this freshy-made mushroom soup…

…that evening too. I did not know that my missus was going to cook that, otherwise I could have bought some baguette or garlic bread to go with it.

So as to include something a bit more filling, we also had this aglio olio spaghetti…

…with prawns and last but not least, we had this salad platter…

…with our family’s traditional dressing, following the recipe handed down a long long time ago by my late maternal aunt and there has not been any turning back since!

For dessert, my sister brought along this very nice blueberry cheesecake that her friend gave her…

…and the very intoxicating Christmas fruit pudding…

…that our cousin in Kuching made and couriered to her. They used to give me that too but I told them not to do so this year as I am currently on a low-sugar diet.

There you have it, our simple Christmas dinner this year! Now we have to start thinking about what we shall have on New Year’s Eve since we do not intend to go out some place to eat as no matter what, our minds are made up and we are #stayingsafe #stayingwell #stayinghome.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Nothing fancy…”

  1. Simple and nice. I specially love the mushroom soup and salad platter. Yes, I agree, garlic bread to go with the mushroom soup. Be it simple or luxurious dinner, all that matters is everyone is happy and enjoy the dinner.

    Yes, and everybody is safe and well. These are terrible times, hopefully things will be better in the year ahead…

  2. I bought roasted chicken for Christmas Eve. Nothing special on Christmas Day. I also don’t fancy turkey. Oooo. I would love to take a bite on the cakes.

    A lot of people will have turkey and yet, many are not fond of the taste nor the texture of the meat. I guess they do so just to keep up with the Joneses, a Christmas thing. I don’t mind turkey, will eat if there is any but will not go out of my way for it.
    Getting more and more expensive these days, a few hundred ringgit, uncooked…and it is so big. I will be eating it for a month!!! Long ago, when it was less than RM100, I used to buy and roast myself.
    Yes, the cakes were nice…and just when I thought we would not be having any cakes as I did not go and buy any nor did we make our own.

  3. Well…it is not about the spread of food but more about who you get to enjoy the meal with.

    …indeed, and the fact that we can sit down together on this auspicious day to enjoy a meal together.
    So sad that in the course of the year, many have lost their loved and dear ones.

  4. Very nice home cooked Christmas dinner. Your missus can cook very well. With all the delicious looking food, I wouldn’t call it simple. Roast chicken is anytime better than turkey. I ordered a turkey once and it took us a few days to finish the turkey.

    Yes, that is the problem if we had had our own turkey. We roasted our own before when it was not so expensive but we had a lot of people over for dinner and once we even had an Open House for dinner, those wonderful pre-COVID days so we did not have to struggle to finish it. Took us a few days to finish the chicken even!

    1. Yes, I had those commercially made and sold ones from Marks & Spencer and elsewhere and no, they were not nice and overly sweet. Our own homemade ones are a whole lot nicer.

  5. When we eat at home we want simple meals. Nothing too fancy for us either.

    It turned out to be quite a lot of work even though we intended to keep it simple. Not worth all that trouble so come New Year’s Eve,, we’ll just go some place quiet for a nice dinner and be done with it.

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