My intentions…

I did not intend to have this…

…for my breakfast that morning when I dropped by this coffee shop…

…to buy the chang (dumplings)…

I love the ones with meat and peanuts (RM4.50 each). I gathered that those are Hakka changs and personally, I do feel that they are very nice.

I asked the very friendly and chatty lady, I believe she is the daughter – usually, there would be an older lady, probably her mum but I did not see her around that morning, if the water had started boiling at the stall…

…or not since it was very early and of course, she said yes, adding that there were customers having breakfast there already long before I came.

So far, I’ve only had their kolo mee

…a few times and yes, theirs is very nice but I had not tried anything else.

I looked at the photographs on display at the cabinet and they sure have a lot on their menu including nasi lemak which is usually the exclusive domain of those Malay shops and stalls. I wanted that but the lady said the rice was not ready yet, still in the process of being cooked and I could actually smell the lemak-ness coming out of the rice cooker with the steam. Gee!!! I must come back here one of these days to give it a try!

In the end, I settled for their glass noodles (RM7.50)…

…in their chap-chap (assorted) clear soup.

Initially, I felt that RM7.50 was rather expensive but when I looked at all the ingredients in the bowl, I must say that it was worth it. Other than the tang hoon, there were some meat balls, fresh as well as frozen, two each, two fish balls, some strips of gutor (beef tripe), bits of liver, two fried tofu stuffed with minced meat, some seaweed and Chinese cabbage.

It tasted as good as it looked and I enjoyed everything with their slightly spicy and sourish chili blend made specially to go with this dish. I sure wouldn’t mind going for it again should another opportunity arise.

While I was there, though it was not my intention initially, I decided to buy their sio bee (meat dumplings)…

…frozen, to store in my freezer so we would be able to steam and heat them up to enjoy as and when we feel like having some and because the lady kept promoting their shui jiao (water dumplings), in the end, I relented and decided to grab a pack…

…to give it a try.

Hopefully, when I finally take them out to eat, I shall remember to take some photographs so I shall be able to see how nice they really are and can blog about them when the time comes.

SIN KIAW CAFE (2.291287, 111.826611) is located along Ramin Way, the first shop on your right as you turn in from Jalan Kampung Nyabor, right behind the petrol station located at the bend.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “My intentions…”

  1. Being married to a Hakka and also a nut lover, surely I love those Hakka chang. Some people would blend the peanuts like minced meat but I prefer those nuts as a whole. The kolo mee does look good and tempting 😋😋 whereas for the glass noodles in clear soup, initially I also felt that the price is a bit steep too. Hopefully the water dumplings is as good as what the woman is promoting… 😊

    I told my sister (her good friend’s cousin) and yes, she said she is always promoting her dumplings though she has never tried them herself. She did say that she heard the nasi lemak is very popular.
    I do not think I would like the peanuts mashed – I love the ones in these changs, just like those stewed ones in cans…or the ones they serve you as starters at restaurants.

  2. Both the kolo mee and glass noodle look good. Hope the dumplings are good. I like Hakka dumplings too but not easy to get Hakka dumplings here.

    I only know of this one place here. Since a friend gave me to try once and I loved it, I have been going back for more!

  3. The tang hoon soup looked good. I don’t mind that sometime.

    My MIL bought some sio bee from Jakar for us. Sotong sio bee, pork sio bee and seafood sio bee. We haven’t tasted them yet.

    What? They have so many different kinds now? I’ve only had the pork ones. Gotta go and look for the sotong and seafood. Must try!

  4. I realise the chasiu in Sibu looks a lot more like the Penang version rather than KL’s

    Oh? Is that so? I don’t recall eating anything with char siu in Penang or maybe I did but I cannot remember.
    I guess there are more Hokkiens there, more Foochows here…and lots of Cantonese in KL.
    I’ve had some really nice char siu in KL, some in a much darker shade, not that red. Loved the ones and the roast duck and roast chicken at Hong Kong Noodle House!
    We had a guy from KL here before, very nice char siu but he has migrated to the UK to join his brother in their business there. We have a sprinkling of decently good ones but most aren’t anything to shout about.

  5. I might like that bowl of glass noodles. We have stir fried glass noodles here.
    But I don’t usually see them in soup, other than steamboat hot pot.
    Do you have Ah Koong fishball noodles in Sibu?
    They’re very popular in Johor. Their soup is really good, I like to have their dried noodles with vinegar.

    >This is probably Catholic.
    Yes, that’s indeed a Catholic church.

    >The Protestants are not into pictures, figures, statues
    This is true for Anglican “low church”, but the “high church” is very similar to Catholic.

    1. Oh? I did not know they have low and high. Used to get those in college coming to me to badmouth all things Catholic!
      We usually have glass noodles in soup here, may stumble upon the fried version sometimes but that’s very rare. I do like it fried too. No, never heard of Ah Koong.

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