We love it…

I met Victor’s parents when I dropped by here one morning.

When his dad saw me, he quickly came over to tell me that the fried noodles…

…were very good, showing me the packs that he had picked to take home and enjoy. Yes, I know, I said and indeed, I used to buy home myself too but come to think of it, I have not done so for quite sometime now, no thanks to the pandemic. I think I’ll do that on my next visit.

I loved their cucur (fritters)…

…too and I used to stop by just to buy those but for reasons unknown, they seem to have stopped making those. I heard that this lady’s ayam masak merah and nasi tomato were so good that my friend came to buy every day one Ramadan but unfortunately, when I went over myself, they were always sold out!

The chicken rendang

…is very good too, Victor’s father added and of course, I told him that I did try that the other day and yes, it was very good.

This time around, I wanted to buy their beef rendang, I told him but unfortunately, it was not available that morning. In the end, I just bought the chicken rendang again for my missus and for myself, I picked the daging masak hitam

…to try. The ladies in the house are not into this dish, dunno why.

One bone that I would have to pick about it was how very little there was! Of course, the reason is obvious – beef is so very expensive but I did tell the lady that they can just increase the price. Like what I’ve said so many times before, after all, what has not increased in prices these days? Just add a ringgit or two or more but do not scrimp on the quality or the quantity – usually, some people may complain for a while but after some time, they will get used to it and will go on buying and eating, never mind the increase in price.

Other than that, I would not say that the daging masak hitam was the best I’ve had in town. It was a bit on the salty side, probably because of too much kicap (dark soy sauce) and a bit too strong on the aromatics, those spices that they add to the dish. I would stick to the chicken rendang next time.

I got the chicken rice with ayam madu (honey chicken)…

…for my girl. She loved the chicken and the soup that came with it and she enjoyed the chili dip but she did not seem to enjoy the rice all that much. Needless to say, she prefers her mum’s a whole lot more.

That morning, I bought the roti jala (RM2.00)…

…for breakfast/tea and yes, we loved it! We particularly enjoyed the curry gravy dip that came with it – I sure would want to buy this again next time.

I could not remember how much these cucur bubuk (dried krill fritters)…

…were and frankly, I did not get my expectations up high when I bought them as I was not impressed by how they looked. Much to my surprise, my girl loved them and gave the green light should I feel like buying some more next time. Alongside these, there were the cucur cekodok (banana) – I wonder if they were any good.

Yes, give and take a bit here and a bit there, the bottom line is we do love a lot of the things that they sell here. Rest assured that I shall be going back there again…and again!

KOPI KOPI Café & Kitchen is located at the blocks of shops, at the back facing Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) and the main road.