I’ve been busy…

I did mention in my blogpost the other day that my girl has been keeping herself busy during this end-of-year school break.

The other day, she cooked the very nice gnocchi and one afternoon, she made these lovely butter cookies…

I don’t think she ever made cookies before – that has always been her mum’s territory. Well, if she did, I jolly well can’t remember.

They turned out really great as far as the taste was concerned, nicer than those imported ones. The only thing that she needs to work on would be the shape – they were not perfectly round! I heard the mum nagging in the kitchen – what she would do, what she would not do, bla…bla…bla… I guess she’s the expert – like I said, it’s her territory. I just ate! LOL!!!

She made quite a lot, enough extra to fill this tub…

…and give to my sister to try.

Incidentally, my friends’ kids made these German cookies…

…and if you’re here in Sibu and would like to grab some for Christmas or Chinese New Year and to give them a bit of motivation and support, perhaps you can contact the mum via her Facebook page to place your orders. I’m not sure but if you drop by the shop (next to UOB Bank), you may be able to buy them off the shelves there.

In the meantime, my girl also made these rolls…

I don’t think she followed any recipe – it was her own creation.

I saw some chopped onions and imitation crab sticks. Those had been in the freezer for a long time now so my guess was she wanted to get rid of them. There were some mashed potatoes and she used the leftover spring roll skin from the last time we had a popiah lunch and dinner.

I did not see it myself but she said that she also added some curry powder, one red chili and five green cili padi. Gosh!!! No wonder it…

…was very spicy! We were fine with that as we are perfectly ok with things that are spicy so of course, we enjoyed eating those, piping hot from the oven.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “I’ve been busy…”

  1. I don’t think I also ever made butter cookies before, I love these cookies, the crumbly texture alongside it buttery taste that melts in you mouth is what makes it really satisfying.

    Yes, they are so nice especially with the lovely butter fragrance. Many use margarine, those commercially-sold ones especially, to cut cost – that is so disappointing!

  2. Wow, Melissa is good at both cooking and baking. I love those cookies with real buttery taste that melts in the mouth. Some cookies look beautiful but tasteless, not worth the calories. Those rolls looks good too but if it is too spicy I have to surrender. I have a good laugh when you mentioned that the kitchen is your missus territory. I am more into cooking than baking.

    LOL!!! Not the kitchen, just baking…cookies, especially. I do not do that, just know how to cook some simple dishes.
    Yes, most of the commercially-sold cookies aren’t nice, best to go for homemade ones from people that we know. I do not mind paying a bit more, quality = value for money.

  3. I love such butter cookies. Good that your girl can enjoy her year end holiday, cook and spend time with you guys.

    Chilli padi in the rolls?? Gosh. Don’t think I can handle it. Normal chilli is fine with me, not cili padi.

    Luckily, it was just nice, not too spicy. These days, ordinary chili is not spicy at all, good for colour only. Some say it is because oftoo much use of fertiisers, some say too much rain.
    Even cili padi is not spicy – last time, one is already enough, now will have to add 3, at least.

  4. Now with 2 great cooks and bakers in your house, you will be enjoying more delicious food this Christmas season. Yummy cookies and baked rolls.

    Just a few days away. We’re not planning anything elaborate though, just keep it simple. With the pandemic getting worse in many countries, I don’t think many will be in the mood.

  5. German cookies? Not sure I’ve had them before.
    But I sure know how to make American cookies.
    You know what? I quite like chicken biscuits from Ipoh too.

    PS Oh yes I got your reply updates again in my notification feeds.

    1. Yes, I enjoy those chicken biscuits too. I think the most famous are from Kampar. Very fragrant…though the sight of the finger marks pressing into the dough kind of puts me off. I guess they want to be more authentic, more original, real old school like how they did it in the old days. Otherwise, people these days would use rolling pins and cutters and the biscuits will look neater and nicer.
      I did not know German cookies till I went to New Zealand. My friend made these with the lines made using a fork and she said they were German cookies. She also taught my missus to make and she did make when we came home. Now, my girl is learning to make them.

  6. Perhaps you need to appreciate her perfect imperfection…I mean the shape. 😀

    I don’t mind…as long as the taste is good and yes, it was good. It all ends up in the same place anyway.
    I do think that generally, ladies are more particular, nyonyas especially – to them, appearance is important even though that is just for show. Well, if that is what makes them click, so be it. Not our business, yours or mine!!!

  7. I used to cook a lot when home on holidays too.

    She enjoys it a lot but on working days, she hardly has the time plus she is way too serious in her work to bother about anything else. Sometimes I wish she would not take her work so seriously.

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