A long time ago, I had some bread in the house, a few slices of a sandwich loaf but I did not have any peanut butter, fruit jam or kaya (coconut jam) and I did not feel like boiling or frying some eggs to make an egg sandwich…

I could remember what my mum used to do in my growing up years. She would toast the bread, apply butter to it and sprinkle some sugar on top for us to eat it like that and yes, I could recall how we used to enjoy that. I decided to do that exact same thing that morning after which I took some photographs and shared them on my Facebook page.

I did not expect the excitement that ensued. Many of my family members and friends commented that they grew up eating that and loved it so much, adding that they had not had it for a long time so they couldn’t wait to rush out to buy some bread and make that for themselves. That certainly took me by surprise as I thought we were the only ones eating that as the last resort when there was not much else in the house.

Well, the other day, I bought a baguette/French loaf from a bakery in town, thinking that my girl would want to make some banh mi

…for our Vietnamese dinner that day on my birthday. It turned out that she did not tell the mum so they did not prepare any ingredients for the sandwich. In the end, we just did without that and had slices of the loaf for our breakfast or tea.

There were a few slices left and I decided to make some sprinkle toast with them. I stumbled upon this guy’s blog where he was describing how his sister, Molly, did hers which was exactly like what my mum did and what I did as well that previous time. I did it differently that day and it turned out that that was exactly what that guy did! I just applied a generous layer of butter to each slice, sprinkled a lot of low GI brown sugar on top and put the slices in the oven to toast.

It sure turned out really well…

The toasted bread was hard and crusty, very fragrant and the melted butter and sugar on it…

…sure brought the taste to a whole new level, simple but nice!

Of course, I only had one slice myself. Never mind that the sugar was low GI, sugar is sugar and now that I am on a low-sugar diet, I should not be eating a lot of that. I thought it tasted great and I sure wouldn’t mind another slice or two. Sighhh!!! In the end, I just left it to the ladies in the house to finish them off.

Yes, I have seen them selling this at the bakeries in town, probably made using the unsold bread that they are stuck with. There must be people buying or they would not have bothered. I never bought any, of course, as I am sure they only use some butter substitute or margarine, not real butter and needless to say, they wouldn’t be all that generous with the sugar.

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16 thoughts on “Sprinkle…”

  1. Yeah, I remember in my growing up years, my mom used to toast the bread and sprinkle with sugar too but I have not never done it myself. Maybe one of these days. I will try to do it. I prefer to make egg sandwich bread with tuna.

    I was too lazy to boil and peel eggs and mash to make an egg sandwich and there were only a few slices left – no point opening a can of tuna and use just a bit and the rest of it will be stuck in the fridge for a long time, looking at me in the face everytime I open the refrigerator door. LOL!!!
    This was simple and easy and it was nice – once in a long while, good for a change but of course, have to watch out for the sugar!

  2. My mum never make such toast. As matter of fact, no butter in the house as growing up as my mum could not stand the smell and taste of butter. She has dislike for cow milk as a fact.

    Taka outlet here has such toast bread sprinkled with sugar but I never buy them. Not sure my kids would like it or not.

    Oh? So all the cakes and cookies in your house were butter-free? I love the fragrance of butter but not margarine. Most bakeries use margarine as it is cheaper – the smell puts me off so I never buy anything from them.

    Dunno if your kids will like the sprinkle toast sold at the bakeries – all throughout my growing up years, I had the impression that it was for poor people who could not afford jam, peanut butter or kaya! LOL!!! I googled and saw many variations like the fairy toast…or the ones with chocolate rice. Kids would probably enjoy those more, like those branded doughnuts.

  3. Cakes on birthdays only. But my mum hardly eat cakes since there is milk and butter in cake. Even when having ais kacang, she would specifically requested for coconut milk, not those condensed milk.

    Oh? We always had santan with our cendol and ang tao peng here in Sibu…and when I went over to Kuching (Open Air) in the 70’s, I was wondering why people there added evaporated milk instead. I quite liked it though, different from santan but nice too.
    No, they do not add condensed milk to ais kacang, they add evaporated milk! Condensed milk in tea or coffee and all the other drinks…but these days, it is all sweetened creamer, palm oil!!! Very hard to find condensed milk with cow’s milk these days unless you get from overseas!

    1. Ooops. Sorry. Confused between evaporated milk and condensed milk. Lol. Thanks for correcting me. ๐Ÿ˜

      It’s all right, most welcome!

  4. That was how I made my toast during my schooling days. I like how the butter melts on the hot toast. We too have to mind our sugar intake.

    Yes, it’s nice but sadly, these days, we have no choice – must watch our sugar intake. Sobsss!!!

  5. Did I tell you I like Vietnamese too?
    Beef pho soup is so yummy.

    I don’t get your comment replies automatically these days.
    They used to appear on my updates.

    Oh? I guess I just edit the comment these days – add my reply in bold and italics at the bottom. I could not do that before so I had to post a reply to the comment. I think that was when you got notified.
    I love Vietnamese but between the two, I prefer Thai.

  6. I only had bread and sugar in coffee shop as I try not to indulge in unhealthy diet at home. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

    They serve it like this in coffee shops there? Not here? Here, they have roti kahwin…toast with margarine (some places, they give butter) and kaya. So you eat unhealthily outside but not at home? Well, I guess one out of two ain’t so bad. LOL!!!

  7. Ah! I used to eat bread and butter with a sprinkling of sugar too when I was small! It was so so good and I must do it again ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was amazed by how good it tasted done this way…but must control, will surely want to do it again but once in a while. All that sugar!

  8. I remember eating those sweet toasted bread in the Philippines as well. I remember them small and crunchy. Before only a few used butter because it was more expensive than margarine.

    Oh? So they cut the bread into smaller pieces there? That would be nice! I guess it is the same even now, most will just use margarine.

  9. Ohhh I thought it was only the Filipinos who do that, we do toast bread as well, a bit of butter or margarine then sugar. I love it. The Kiwis have a similar version as well but instead of sugar, colourful candy sprinkles are used instead.

    Yes, I googled and saw that. They call it fairy toast or something. Also saw some using chocolate rice.

  10. Vietnamese style.. banh mi, that’s my vote

    That’s the one thing Vietnamese that has not impressed me much.
    Yes, it can be nice – after all, sandwiches are nice depending on what you stuff inside.
    To me, that is exactly what Banh Mi is, nothing more than a very nice baguette sandwich, the influence of those French colonists in days gone by.

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