I did mention in my blogpost on my birthday the other day that I received some presents from my in-laws and those included this tin of cookies…

…which turned out to be a special Cozy Winter Cookie Collection.

Initially, I thought it was just another brand of butter cookies but when I sat down and opened it that day for our afternoon tea, I realised that inside, there were these delightful brown sugar and cinnamon cookies…

…in some very appealling festive shapes such as the Christmas tree…

…or the present tied with a bow…

…and the Christmas wreath…

They tasted great with their very nice cinnamon fragrance but they were sweet. I had to limit myself to one or two only in one sitting so they probably would last for quite sometime, right up till Christmas, perhaps.

I also got something couriered from KL…

…from my dear cousin there for Christmas

Gosh!!! That was so very sweet of her to send us this cute Santa door sign…

All these years, I had been sending Christmas cards to family and friends but last year, I only sent to the older ones in my immediate family and I am sitting this year out. The post office that I usually go to is VERY small, air-conditioned and often packed with people. I don’t fancy the idea of going in there to buy the stamps and stick them onto the envelopes and mailing the cards, not at this time when we should be #stayingsafe and #stayingwell.

In the meantime, I also received two of this ngor hiang/lor bak (meat rolls)…

…from my friend, Teresa, who gave me her or koi (deep fried steamed yam cake) and kim kua koi (deep fried steamed pumpkin cake) not too long ago, not once but twice and this time around, she showed up at my gate to pass me the aforementioned and also quite a few of her sio bee (meat dumplings)…

I saw on her Facebook page that she was making these for sale so of course, I offered to pay her for them but no, she would not hear of it. She said those were some leftovers, unsold and she chose to give them to friends as it would be a blessing to give and to share – like what I have always said, “As thou giveth, thus shalt thou receive!”

Thank you, one and all. May God bless you all abundantly always.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Receive…”

  1. I remember those cookies! It’s a different brand here but the cookies look the same and the little wrappers, too!

    I guess they come in these shapes come Christmas every year. I’ve seen Scottish shortbread like these too, the Christmas special.

  2. The cookies has very unique design and the Santa door sign looks cute. The ngor hiang and sio bee is to die for. I can wallop alot of sio bee in one sitting… 😂😂. You are truly blessed in every way, Arthur.

    Indeed, I am, praise the Lord!
    Actually we had leftovers for lunch that day and I was thinking of going out to tapao something for dinner when my fried, Teresa, dropped by…so we had the ngor hiang and the sio bee for dinner that evening!

  3. Aww…it’s always good to receive the good old Christmas card hand-delivered by Mr postman.

    Too bad the service sucks big time these days. No choice, have to use the very expensive poslaju and the service ain’t all that great either…or use one of the courier services. To think that when they privatised the postal services, we expected it to be so very good, unlike before. Now it is worse, a lot worse!!!

  4. It’s Christmas season and you get to enjoy the Christmas shaped cookies. I love ngor hiang and sio bee. Looks delicious. These days, we only send Christmas greetings through whatsapp.

    Yes, everything via social media. Somehow, the feeling’s ain’t the same.

    We enjoyed the ngor hiang and sio bee. My missus makes very good ones too but she has not done so for a long while now, dunno why.

  5. Oh they now have Christmas edition?
    I remember the tin box used to be blue.
    This red is so Chinese New Year though.

    Yes, usually blue like Kjeldsen’s. My brother-in-law said that he wanted to buy those Danish butter cookies but all were out of stock, no choice. This brand is not as nice actually…and yes, it does look more like Chinese New Year. LOL!!!

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