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The schools have closed for the holidays now so I guess my girl is quite free for the rest of the year and the other day, on Monday, she said she would cook gnocchi for lunch. Gnocchi? Gosh!!! What on earth is that? And how do you say it?

Well, it is actually an Italian dish of small dumplings made from potato, semolina, or flour, usually served with a sauce…

…and you pronounce it like this: /ˈn(j)ɒki/. The g is silent so you can just say /no/ as in gnome or you may add a light /j/ (the y sound) and say /nyo/ or just simply /no/ and /ki/.

I don’t think she had any semolina in hers or maybe she did but I did not ask her. What I knew was she used potatoes and flour to make these…

…and for the sauce, she used lots of chopped garlic plus the mum’s prawn stock and these chopped bits of prawns and mussels…

…and other than some cream cheese, she also added this cheese combo…

…and some Italian herbs and chili flakes…


She made it at least twice before, here and here and this time around, I had it…

…with the lettuce…

…that I bought from the nearby fruit and vegetable shop in the next lane from my house and yes, it was very nice. I sure enjoyed it! With all the ingredients that went into the cooking, it was bursting with flavours!

I was thinking, however, that with a bit of presentation, we may want to serve this at a dinner on some special occasion. The gnocchi can be served on a bed of lettuce with some sliced tomato by the side. The bright red and green would certainly make it look kind of Christmas-y and perhaps, for want of some meat in the dish, some crispy grilled bacon may added and bits of that may be sprinkled on top as well..

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “Say it…”

  1. I am a blur sotong regarding all these things, somemore Italian dish, makes me more blur…😂😂😂At first glance, I thought it was maccoroni topped with cheese. I guess come this Christmas you will make this dish again.

    Haven’t given a thought yet what we shall do for Christmas, whether we will go western…or Asian/Malaysian. Good grief!!! It’s next week!!! So fast!!!

  2. I watched a movie the other day and this gnocchi is being mentioned. Ok…Now I feel like I want to have this. 😀

    So you knew the pronunciation and you knew what they were talking about? I enjoyed it, rich and creamy, nice change from the usual.

  3. I know how it is pronounced. Tasted once in an Italian outlet in Kuching once. Can’t remember how it was cooked or tasted like. Too long ago.

    Your girl sure can cook nice food. Especially Western cuisine.

    A cousin of mine had it once at The Junk in Kuching, all those dumplings swimming/drowning in the gravy/sauce. It did not look like anything I would order. So far, the ones my girl cooked looked a lot nicer and we enjoyed it each time!

  4. Hahahaaa…thanks for showing how to pronounce the word. I have no idea how or what it is. The younger generation is more adventurous to try other cuisines. It sure looks good and delicious. Your girl is a good cook like your missus. I too think it is a good idea to have it for Christmas.

    We haven’t decided yet what we shall have for Christmas. I guess it will be simple, not like in previous years, just a quiet one among ourselves.
    Yes, my girl knows all these things that I have never heard of before…and she knows how to pronounce the names even,. I’m a dinosaur, all new to me as well, thank goodness for Google!

  5. I have seen this cooked on TV and your girl is quite the chef! It is a dish quite befitting to grace a Christmas feast.

    If we’re going Western, not sure yet at the moment. Haven’t gone to see what we can buy for our simple celebration.

  6. I like Polish dumplings called pierogi too.
    Apart from meat, they also stuff cheese, fruit, etc in their dumplings.

    Oh? I don’t mind a bit of meat like ravioli…or cheese. Fruit? Ummm…not for a savoury main dish, I feel. Sounds more like something for dessert.

  7. Ah….yes! Gnocchi! So many people say it so many different ways! I enjoy it because you can add various sauces to it! And veggies, too! YUM!

    Yes, we’ve had it three times and in three different ways. Very versatile!

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