A stone’s throw away…

The guy at this one-time favourite nasi lemak stall of mine did tell me before that they would be moving here…

…a stone’s throw away from where they once were along Bandong Walk.

They have moved the old sign…

…here but other than the address, the opening hours are not accurate as well. If I am not wrong, this is only true about their nasi lemak but the other things that they serve now, including some western dishes, are available all morning, right through into the night.

I was avoiding that part of town for a long while because of the pandemic and when I finally dropped around mid-morning the other day, I was put off by the crowd so I just left.

I did get to speak to the guy and he told me that it would be all right around 7 something in the morning so there I was, bright and early for a plate of their nasi lemak sambal sotong (RM6.00)…

There were quite a lot of people…

…too that morning but they were tapao-ing to bring to the office for their tea break or lunch or for their colleagues.

Inside, there were a lot of vacant tables and not that many people then but by the time I was through, every table was occupied. It does not matter much because the tables are big and very well-spaced out so if you are able to grab one, you would be seated at a safe distance from those at the other tables, no worries about physical distancing.

As expected, the rice was not up to my level of lemak-ness (rich in santan/coconut milk) unlike in the good old days when they first started their business. That came as no surprise as it has been like that for a while now.

Looking back at my old posts, it was only RM5.00 before, up by RM1.00 now and I also noticed that they were not too generous with the kacang (peanuts) and fried ikan bilis ( anchovies)…

However, they did give quite a lot of the sambal sotong

…and the sotong was huge. The best part was it was spicy and so very delicious! I just mixed that with the rice and everything else and ate – it sure made up for whatever was lacking and the hike in the price. Yes, I would say that I did enjoy it.

I was never keen on their kerang (cockles) before as the guy told me that they used the canned ones. According to him, they have stopped doing that because of the escalating prices and the quality these days seems lacking so they are now using the frozen ones from West Malaysia, RM16.00 a kilo. Perhaps I shall give it a try, the next time I drop by here…or perhaps I shall go for some of the many things they have on their menu these days. We’ll see!

NASI LEMAK BANDONG WALK is now located at the blocks of shops, the first one to the left of its former location, the back facing Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) and the main road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “A stone’s throw away…”

  1. I know those nasi lemak sold outside are not lemak enough to your satisfaction. I remember you did blog about the nasi lemak your missus cook sometimes ago which is lemak enough to your liking, guess you have to ask her to cook for you if you are are craving nasi lemak again… 😊😊. I think she does a better job than the one sold outside.

    She does – the rice is lemak, very nice…but she will just cook one dish to go with it, say, sambal sotong. I like all the condiments added. More like the real thing! LOL!!!
    This guy’s nasi lemak was so so good when he first started – over the years, the quality has dropped, pretty much like all the rest now. Kind of disappointing, I must say.

    1. Split out the work if you want all the condiments added that looks like the real nasi lemak. Maybe your missus cook the nasi lemak and her signature sambal sotong while you do the hardboiled egg, fried ikan pusu or hong boi kiam hu and peanuts and cut cucumber too… 😊😊. Then you can have a complete set of nasi lemak and enjoy it to the max… πŸ˜‹πŸ€€. That sounds good right?

      No lah! When she is in the kitchen, I stay far far away. She does not like me poking my nose into what she is doing. After all these years, I know better – best to keep my distance, just eat! LOL!!!

  2. Sotong would be too spicy for breakfast for me. Lol. But I could do with a nice nasi lemak any time.

    So hardworking, open whole day. Business must be good.

    Looks really good in the morning, dunno how it is at night. Probably just as good.
    I’m not really into things spicy this early in the morning, a bit later perhaps. That is why I am not crazy about instant noodles that is too spicy for breakfast…or for that matter, Sarawak laksa!!!

  3. The sambal sotong serving is very generous. I like when they do that because we really need more to coat the rice to enjoy. Some can be so kedekut and give so little.

    Yes, especially those cheap bungkus ones, so little sambal, really not enough to go with the rice.

  4. The only time I had the nasi lemak was when I was still in the Philippines and I didn’t really like it because it was too salty for me. I have to give it another shot. I am thinking of going to this popular Malaysian resto chain in Melbourne/sydney once we get the chance to go there cause i heard the food is really good there πŸ™‚

    A chain in Melbourne? Pappa Rich, I think? I hear it is very popular. We have an outlet here too – the food is very nice…but not cheap. That was how Pappa became so rich! LOL!!! I had their nasi lemak once at one of their outlets in KL…

    Too much…

    Usually nasi lemak is not salty – at times, it may be sweet even because of the sweet sambal. I love it when the rice is very rich with coconut milk – so far, most around here aren’t up to my level of expectation.

    1. that’s it–Pappa Rich! πŸ™‚ my cousin and a friend were both raving about it so it must be really good. πŸ™‚ It wouldn’t be any more expensive than the usual restaurants here, that’s why it’s always better to cook here than buy food outside. πŸ™‚

      There, especially! Overheads, salaries and all are way too high so the customer has to pay for those in the food they eat. Best to buy and cook one’s own than to eat out!

  5. Nowadays you can have nasi lemak like mixed rice topping up with all sorts meat and veg.
    I still prefer the old school style, just plain rice, sambal and cucumber. Plus a fried egg. πŸ™‚

    A fried egg is not the standard condiment for nasi lemak – it should be a hardboiled egg, just a wedge of it wrapped with everything else in banana leaf or brown paper…and it should not be plain rice – true to its name, it has to be nasi lemak, rice that is rich in santan/coconut milk.

    Yes, that very popular place in KL so famous for its nasi lemak – you have to queue!!! So many things to choose to go with it…but the bottom line is as somebody told me before, the rice is not lemak. I would be SO disappointed!!! When you get to eat all those add-ons, even plain rice will taste good. Just call it nasi campur – don’t call it nasi lemak when it is not lemak!!!

  6. I like the colourful blinds in the first photo. The nasi lemak looks good and delicious with lots of sambal sotong. I like to have enough gravy to cover the rice.

    Yes, I would want enough sambal but no, I would not want it drowning the rice, will mix them together bit by bit as I eat. That is why I want the rice to be lemak – this way, I can taste and enjoy it. When it is not lemak, then only will I mix everything together – no difference.

  7. Perhaps they were trying to make nasi lemak healthier for you so…the rice is not that santan-ised. LOL πŸ˜€

    They should let me decide that for myself, instead of shortchanging me for that bit of profit. An increase of RM1.00 is A LOT!!! I don’t think there is an increase of SO MUCH at the Chinese food stalls, up by 20-30 sen, people would make a whole lot of noise already!!! The generous amount of sotong is a consolation though and RM6.00 is somewhat the standard price of a lot of things these days, never mind Chinese or Malay.

  8. What is your coldest month there weather-wise? I love that you are able to do so much outside. This time of year we certainly can’t do that where I live…too cold, snow, rain, blah! LOL

    No cold months, it’s hot all year round, around 30Β°C and thankfully, it doesn’t get too hot as well. Our problem is it rains quite a lot sometimes and worse, it may flood too.

    1. Ahhhh so mid-80s (F)…nice! I love warmer/hotter weather!

      I, on the other hand, love the cooler temperate climate…but not the cold winters. I enjoy it here up in the mountains.

  9. 7AM for a nasi lemak sambal sotong! That is my type of breakfast

    I’m not into rice and spicy stuff for breakfast but somehow or other, I am fine with nasi lemak.

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