You look different…

I don’t know if the taste…

…is the same or not but it sure looks different on the outside…

These days, it seems to have gone a lot more blue, no longer all black…

…like before.

They have left out that “mi tarik” (pulled noodles) bit but if they are any different, honestly, I really can’t tell.

That cili dan sayuran pic is still around…

…just that I did not notice anything more than some dried spring onion and two bits of cili padi while I was eating it.

Thankfully, despite the spiralling prices of virtually everything around here, the price is still pretty much the same, RM5.80 now, up by only 30 sen, for a pack of 4 which works out to a reasonable RM1.45 a packet.

Inside each of the packets, there are three sachets…

…one with the seasoning & garnishing, another with the creamer and the third one with the paste (sambal).

I cooked it and served it in a bowl with two mussels by the side and one egg, hardboiled, the yolk still runny…

…and I garnished it with some chopped daun sup (Chinese celery) from my garden.

It does look pretty much the same than what I dished out before…

…doesn’t it?

It did taste great, a little bit spicy at the start but I got used to it soon enough and I was fine with the lemak-ness (the richness with the santan/coconut milk) this time around. It did come across as a little salty though but maybe half that sachet of the seasoning will not be enough – a little bit more than that would do just fine.

This is the favourite of that very popular Korean Youtuber and the ladies in the house love it as well. I must say that I did enjoy it a lot more than before and I sure would not mind going for it sometimes for a change.

Author: suituapui

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6 thoughts on “You look different…”

  1. The blue colour new packaging looks nicer than the black…😊. Even the 3 sachets in the packaging looks colourful too. I am not very adventurous to try out all the different varieties of instant noodles except stay faithfully to my Mee Daddy. Your bowl of instant noodles with the extra ingredients added looks good though.

    I wanted to try this one because that popular Korean Youtuber picked it as his favourite in his video clip.
    I have a family pack of Mee Daddy chicken flavour in the house and I am the only one eating. The ladies in the house are not fond of it.
    They are more adventurous – they prefer to try other brands and other flavours.
    I will try and feature any that they say is very nice – usually I will not go out and buy.

  2. Oh, lontong in my little kampung is not like this at all.
    We use ketupat rice cakes and the soup is creamy white.
    Served with peanut sauce and sambal.

    Yes, I had it the first time in Singapore, 1973 and to me, it was ketupat masak lemak, the broth was just like Singapore Katong (nyonya) laksa. May get it here once in a blue moon, maybe around Ramadan and yes, they were never anything like this. The taste was totally different – the only thing I can say is it was nice – I did enjoy it.

  3. It’s probably the runny eggs that made it really good :).

    You like that? I was in a hurry to start eating so I did not wait long enough – would need some two minutes more for a yolk that is runny but not over-runny, flowing all over or a moist yolk – I don’t mind that.

  4. With all the nice ingredients added, it sure looks delicious. I haven’t tasted this.

    I enjoyed it, nicer than a lot of the rest where the curry does not really taste like curry as we know it.

  5. Your instant noodles have always been so much different from ours. Those mussels are darn huge! 😀

    Those were the imported New Zealand mussels, the ones in shells, sold in boxes. Available everywhere!

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