I love poppadoms.

You will get ONE of these very thin, very crispy and very tasty Indian delight…

…when you go to a mamak/nasi kandar shop for their nasi biryani

I did buy some pre-fried ones of different sizes, some big, some small and fried them like keropok (prawn crackers) to enjoy at home as usually at those shops, they will give you just ONE!

Sometimes, much to one’s disappointment, the poppadom is already limp (lao hong in Hokkien or masuk angin in Malay) and even if it is all right, one would have to eat it quickly before it becomes like that. My worst experience was at a nasi kandar shop in Sg. Petani, Kedah. We were not given any so I asked one of the guys. He said we could have one for RM1.00, take it or leave it. That was ridiculously expensive but I said I would have one all the same. It was given to me in a plastic bag, sealed. Thankfully, it was nice and crispy!

Well, it so happened that the other day, I saw my girl eating these…

…and when I took a closer look, much to my surprise, they were poppadoms! I tried one and yes, I thought it was very nice, just a bit too salty.

Seeing that I liked it very much, my girl went and got me those two (among a whole lot of stuff for me to nibble and munch while #stayingsafe and #stayinghome.

I took the shorter tube, the limited edition Singapore chili crab…

…to try that day and yes, I thought that true to what they claim, it was shioking great…

…nicer than what my girl was eating that day – the Korean BBQ flavour which was more salty than this one.

This is made in Malaysia for a Singapore company…

…and looking at the names (and the location of the factory), it is pretty obvious that they are Indian.

I thought the initial taste of the poppadom

…was nice though I would not say it was anything like the Singapore chili crab but I particularly liked how, towards the end, I could detect the taste of the original/authentic poppadom.

They do not come cheap though…unfortunately, RM7.00 a tube and there isn’t all that much inside so if you do not nibble slowly, it will all be gone in no time at all and because of the high salt content, I think it would be best for old folks like me to just go for it once in a long while.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Crisp…”

  1. I remember having a raw vegan poppadom(s) several years ago but I haven’t seen them since. I think I bought them online. They aren’t something we see a lot of here, though, regardless.

    We do not get them easily here either for the simple reason that there are very few Indians in my little town, a lot more in the Malaysian states on the mainland. That is why we have very few Indian eateries around here. That was why I was quite delighted to see these, more easily available,
    Sometime ago, I saw this poppadum commercial – I think it is American, featuring an Elvis Presley impersonator and I loved it!!!

  2. Believe me, as I am not into Indian cuisine I guess I will never have a chance to taste the real poppadom but anyway to me, it looks exactly like our mini keropok, taste wise, I guess is the same too. At first glance, I thought those 2 tubes Melissa bought for are Mr. Potatoes chips.. 😊.

    Yes, the flavours are more or less like those potato crisps EXCEPT for the original taste of these poppadoms – I can taste the authentic taste of these Indian crisps towards the end while eating each piece, not like those potato ones.
    I wish they would sell those original taste ones – not a fan of those artificial flavourings that we get a lot in those junk food.

  3. Poppadoms are a mainstay for nasi kandar and Indian dishes right? I usually get to enjoy this during deepavali. Ha 😀

    Only Deepavali? You can get them anytime of year at their nasi kandar shops…or you can buy and fry your own. Lots over there, lots of Indians all around…unlike here.

  4. Whenever I want to enjoy these crispy poppadoms, I will buy a pack from the grocery shop and fry it myself. They are not that salty. I haven’t come across Uncle Saba’s poppadoms. Will need to keep my eyes open for it.

    Yes, those that you buy and fry yourself are very much nicer. I’ve done that before but we do not come across those very often over here. These are convenient, that’s all…and beggars can’t be choosers.

  5. Must eat the papadom within second it served. Yes, it goes limp fast. Sometimes we would buy RM2 home if dine in mamak. But finish in a quick time by the kids.

    Yes, very light, so easy to eat so gone in no time at all. When I go for biryani rice, I would eat it first! Otherwise, gone limp, not nice anymore, so sayang!

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