I do remember…

It was way over a year ago in August last year when we dropped by here

…but I do remember very clearly that we liked the siew yoke (roast pork) that we had there so much that we even tapao-ed some home for our dinner. Well, I needed to buy some of that the other day (I shall blog about this another day) so I made my way back there again.

I was delighted to see that there were not many people, especially to the left hand side of the big place where this stall…

…is located. I spoke to the lady and after confirming that her beef noodles would not be the type with the dark broth/soup (the Taiwanese style), I told her I would like a bowl to try. They did not seem local so I asked the lady and she said she’s a Malay and they came from Miri.

It came soon enough (RM8.00)…

…and I must say that I was not all that impressed by the look of it with all that Chinese cabbage, the daikon and the taugeh (bean sprouts). However, I was quite relieved to find a whole lot of ingredients underneath…

I tried the soup and yes, I thought it was nice enough, that typical Chinese beef noodles soup, definitely not the Malay sup tulang kind of taste, but it was a bit mild, unfortunately. It would have to be a little thicker/richer to sweep me off my feet but having said that, I cannot deny that I enjoyed eating everything in the bowl, dipped in the most delightful, very spicy chili ginger dip…

I was quite sure they had cili padi in it.

There were no noodles in the soup though which I thought was a blessing in disguise as I did have my breakfast at home earlier so I was feeling a little full at the time. I am quite sure that if there had been noodles in the bowl, I would leave most of it behind like what happened the other day.

Actually, there is a menu on the wall with all kinds of combinations – I did not notice it earlier. One can refer to it and order accordingly and incidentally, while I was sitting there, waiting to be served, I noticed this very familiar photograph

…on the wall at the stall right beside this one.

The Seremban guy has moved here!!! I did stroll over to the food court where he used to be not too long ago and much to my dismay, ALL the stalls, except the kampua mee stall, had closed down or moved elsewhere. I did enjoy most, if not all, of what he used to dish out at the old place so I definitely would want to go and check him out at his present location. The bad news is he now has a completely different menu – he said that there are others there cooking what he used to cook so he had to come out with something completely different. I guess I shall just have to try what he has to offer now – who knows there may be some surprises up his sleeves!

7七夜cafe (2.307862, 111.848497) is located off Jalan Sena in the blocks of shops opposite Jalan Deshon on the right, the same side as Wikitea and the since-closed Italian restaurant, Bistecca & Bistro.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “I do remember…”

  1. Never judge anything by its looks. The taste is in the mouth. I was surprised there is no noodles in it as I thought you ask for beef noodles. Then this is something like what we call “cheng” over here. Hopefully, next round you will get some surprise from the new menu from the Seremban guy.

    I was surprised too but it was good as I was feeling full – I had Bovril mee sua early that morning at home. Yes, this would be what we call “cheng”.

    I hope to go and try something from that Seremban guy – liked all that he dished out at the old place, too bad he does not have those on his menu anymore.

  2. I miss beef noodles! I also dislike the Taiwanese one and prefer our local version.

    Great minds think alike! This one is just so so but it isn’t too bad – I know a place or two that are nicer but they are in the busy town centre, best avoided.

  3. Maybe you can ask him if he can still make you that dish you like. That beef noodle looks nice. I would have not eaten the cabbage though 🙂

    He said he had to come out with a new menu as there were other stalls selling what he used to cook – I suppose they have some kind of ethics to follow. You do not like Chinese cabbage? I like it in clear soup.

  4. We only have one stall selling beef noodles in my little kampung.
    They’re Foochew folks. But they don’t use Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, daikon etc.
    They do use sour pickles though.

    Foochows? I wonder where your small village is.

    Daikon is following the Taiwanese style…and they have bean sprouts in the beef noodles in Kuching. Our Sibu version from long ago never had those too (though the guy was not Foochow) and no Chinese cabbage either! Dunno where all these came from. No sour pickles either but I think I did see a bit in the Kuching ones.

    I guess the bottom line is as long as it is nice, that is the most important.

  5. Your beef soup has a lot of ingredients. The beef soups here do not have cabbage, only beef and daikon. Hope the Seremban guy will cook up something delicious for you.

    Yes, I was surprised to see the Chinese cabbage, not the usual ingredient in beef noodles. I will drop by to try something from the guy’s stall soon.

  6. Love a surprise like that! Better than there’s a few up top but nothing after that.

    Yes, sure was a pleasant one. Will drop by again, of course…but I wouldn’t know when. Still not all that keen on dining out right now. Situation seems very good – but I do not trust those people and the figures they tell you. I have a feeling that they will manipulate them according to their own agenda.

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