No, I did not go out to buy these brownies…

…that’s for sure, not when I am presently on a low-sugar diet!

So how did we end up having these beauties to enjoy? Well, my girl’s friend got these for her birthday from a friend who stays next door to my friend/ex-student whose wife runs this homebased business…

…making brownies and everything else and he got them from them for her. You can hop over to their Facebook page to have a look. My girl’s friend gave my girl some to try so that was how we managed to get some in the end. Gosh!!! That’s so complicated! LOL!!!

I tried the one with the Kit Kat on top…

…and yes, I would say it was very nice. It was sweet but not too sweet.

A long long time ago, I used to buy the brownies from what was called the Applebee Bakery then, now Uniqbun, the bakery section of our Sarawak own franchise, the Sugar Bun. Theirs were very nice but very very sweet, with cherry slices and strawberry jam squiggles on top – it was all right then as I was not on a low-sugar diet. I enjoyed them so much at the time that I just could not resist buying one once in a while to nibble nibble.

We also got the ones with the almond flakes…

…but I guess the only difference would be what’s on top.

Of course we shall not be ordering these…

…from them unless we want to give them to somebody but if any of you is thus inclined, you can call them or check out their Facebook page and PM them from there.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Brownies…”

  1. So happy birthday to your daughter. The brownies do look good. It’s great that they are not too sweet-just nice for you to enjoy.

    Still, I would not take more than one – sweet is sweet, cannot over-indulge, self-control…and by the way, you need to brush up on your speed reading. It was not my girl’s birthday. LOL!!!

  2. Oh!!.. really complicated but as I read on, I manage to picture out the whole thing…😊😊. When it comes to brownies, all I know is their overly sweetness. These days I try to avoid sweet things too. Glad that it is not too sweet and you get to enjoy it. Applebee still in existence?

    Yes, it is…except that it now has a rather boring name, Uniqbun. I have not been for a while so I do not know what they are selling these days.

    Good to cut down on our intake of sugar, people our age. Very hard and inconvenient if we need insulin shots or worse, if they cut off our legs. Shudders!!!

  3. They look good! I love some good brownies… not too sweet but rich in flavour! YUMSSS

    Yes, I’ve had some that were so very sweet I could not taste much else. I think the ones overseas, their cakes and everything else too, are extra sweet.

  4. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. Those brownies appear to be rich and moist. I have not had brownies in a long time. They look delicious, and they sound perfect. Not too sweet! 🙂

    That was what I liked about them, not too sweet. Nonetheless, I stopped at one – at my age, I must control. my sugar intake. Just had my test this morning, once a week usually – 5.3 which may be considered as good, no worries!

    It was not my girl’s birthday – it was her friend’s. I guess I should have phrased it all a bit more clearly, easier to read. A friend misread “my girl’s friend’s birthday” in my post on Facebook…and got all excited, thinking that I was having an affair or something, having a girlfriend. That was so hilarious!!!

  5. So nice to receive these yummy brownies for your girl’s birthday. I like brownies but they are usually too sweet for my good. Both hubby and I have to control our sugar intake.

    Aha!!! Another one misreading what I wrote. My girl’s FRIEND’S birthday. LOL!!! And that was just the start, much more to it than that. I told you it’s complicated!

    We are all in the same boat, people our age. My test this morning was o.k. 5.3. Usually it is around there, may curi curi go up to 6 something sometimes. Depending on what I eat and how much, I guess.

  6. brownies. Yum! I like the chewy brownies. I remember going to two bakeries in Manila for the best brownies. 🙂

    No good one Down Under? Theirs would be extra sweet, I think. I find the cakes and desserts in countries abroad way too sweet for my liking.

    1. there is a bakery here that does it good but it’s too expensive for a slice. most of the brownies I enjoy here is homemade from the ready-to-make brownies from the grocery stores. where i used to work in the countryside, a very sweet customer would bake me brownies almost every month just because i raved about her brownies one time (she was selling it from a bake-sale).

      Can’t beat homemade – they do not scrimp on the ingredients to make more profit.

  7. Most brownies I tasted were rather sweet. And some is dry. I could do with a good, flavourful and rich brownies. To go with tea. Hehe

    Yes, I remember the one I used to love from Applebee’s was a little dry, not too dry though and kind of crumbly. This one was good, moist and not too sweet, dunno crumbly or not – very small, popped one into the mouth, all gone in no time at all. LOL!!!

  8. I hope you all had a great time!

    Talk about Kit Kat, do you have peanut butter Kit Kat in Malaysia?
    That’s my favourite flavour.

    I think so. Not really into Kit Kat, loved the matcha (green tea) one once. These days, of course, they are out of bounds.

  9. I got lost at “my girl’s friend got these for her birthday from a friend who stays next door to my friend/ex-student whose wife runs this homebased business”. Sounds so complicated, lol.

    LOL!!! I did say it would be complicated, didn’t I?

    WHAT? You had to undergo moderation by AKISMET? Just about shows how very very long you have not dropped by my blog. Sobssss!!!!

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