Lucky sometimes…

I guess I was lucky when I dropped by this bakery that morning and managed to grab hold of two butterfly fritters/ma ngee (horse’s ears) selling at a discounted price as they were left over from the previous day. I went there again the other morning but no, I was not so lucky this time around. I asked the girl there and she said I could drop by around 1 something in the afternoon – the freshly-made ones would be available then.

I rummaged through all the items on sale in the tray and managed to find these…

They are something like pita bread or the Indian naan and they cut them in halves and cut a slit into which they will stuff a slice of ham, cheese and lettuce. My girl enjoys these half pockets (sandwiches)…

…so whenever I see any available, I will surely buy for her, a nice change from the usual sandwiches.

These kosong (empty) ones are RM2.20 each but that morning, they were going for RM1.00 only. So cheap! I would love to buy more but unfortunately, there were only two of them.

I did not have any ham in the house but I took a slice…

…and toasted it in a non-stick pan to make my own version of the sandwich using the bak kua (barbecued meat slices) that I bought that day. I think it would be very nice to eat it with curry as well. My missus had the other slice with canned chili tuna and yes, she enjoyed it. I certainly would love to buy some more should I happen to see them again.

On another day, I went to one of my neighbourhood shops and I bought these burger buns…

from this bakery and on another morning, I had one with yes, a slice of the bak kua! My girl took one of the pork patties, still in the freezer after all this time and made herself a burger with fried mushrooms added and she enjoyed that very much.

I love these buns a lot more than their regular sandwich bread because when I toast it in the oven, the outer part becomes slightly crusty while the inside is so very soft, so soft that it is quite impossible to cut into halves so to make a burger, I would have to cut it first before toasting.

I also love the mini buns from this same bakery, their kaya and butter buns, a whole lot nicer than this one and all the rest, also sold at that same shop. The butter ones can give those delightful ones from Sarikei a good fight. I did not plan on blogging about them so I did not take any photographs that day – I shall do that the next time I get hold of some more from the shop…or from the bakery itself.

I bought their pizza stick too – I think it was RM2.80 each but it wasn’t anything to shout about, nothing more than a plain bread stick with a little bit of some kind of pizza sauce or whatever on top. This chocolate cheese bun (RM3.50)…

…on the other hand, was VERY nice, particularly so after being toasted lightly in the oven. Unfortunately, it was very sweet so I just had a bit since I am on a low-sugar diet and let the ladies in the house enjoy it all.

More recently, in the morning, I stopped by the fruit & vegetable sundry shop in the next lane from my house and got these ang ku kuih (RM1.00 each)…

…with mung bean filling…

…except that they were yellow in colour, not red. Yes, they were nice and I particularly liked how they were not sweet. I sure would not mind buying some more should I happen to see them at that shop again.

I bought a few of these tapioca fritters (RM1.00 each)…

…to try as well but no, they did not sweep me off my feet.

I liked the tapioca inside…

…but its very light taste was overshadowed by the taste and smell of the deep fried batter that the cucur (fritter) was coated with. I think I would enjoy plain boiled tapioca…

…a lot more.

I guess this is the case when you go around buying this and that to eat and try – if you are lucky, you will get something very nice that you will want to go back for more but on the other hand, you may not be as lucky and end up with something you wouldn’t mind if you would never get to see it again.

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8 thoughts on “Lucky sometimes…”

  1. Yeah, I like plain boiled tapioca to eat with sugar or kaya rather than make into tapioca kuih. I have very nice angku kuih at one of the kopitiam kuih stall near my area, very nice and not sweet at all selling a packet of 4 pcs for RM3.50, an increase of 50 sen (used to be RM3.00) but I won’t mind a bit as they are really nice. I seldom buy kosong burger buns unless upon request to make burgers…😊😊

    I like the texture of the buns compared to that of sandwich bread, much nicer. I think I will buy the buns from now on and eat as bread, no need to make burgers.

    Wahhh!!! Your angku kuih is less than a ringgit each, so cheap!!! I guess we have to be thankful that we can buy decently nice ones here now -last time, we had to buy from a back lane in Padungan (the lane was beside Kapit Hotel, around there), a little place, the walls all black but the ang ku was the best in the city!!!

  2. I am sure the flat bread will taste awesome with curry as you have mentioned. But I am sure it was equally appetising with the bak kua right. 🙂

    Yes, both nice but since it is something like those Indian bread, I think I would prefer curry…just that there wasn’t any in the house that day. Another time, perhaps.

  3. Ang ku with mung bean filling look good. I too prefer plain boiled tapioca with a little bit of salt. I like to try new things and sometimes, we get some really good ones.

    Well, we would not know unless we try ourselves. Sometimes, you cannot depend on what you see or hear, everybody going crazy over something, long queues and what not…and when you get to try it yourself, you find it is most disappointing. I’ve something like that in tomorrow’s post – do come over and have a look!

  4. Peshawari is my favourite naan.
    Do we have that in Malaysia?

    Not in Sibu, that’s for sure or not that I know of, dunno what naan that is.

    We have too few Indians here, lots more in the UK! Just a few mamak coffee shops around. My favourite true-blue Indian restaurant with a North Indian chef actually shares its menu with an Indonesian chef – two-in-one! Very nice tandoori-baked naan there, dunno whether that is Peshawari or what.

  5. Those look great. The bread also looks tender and flaky. My mother has to be cautious of the types of bread that she consumes. She did not eat a lot; however, having it now and again was a nice treat. I’ve been searching for suitable loaves of bread that she can eat. I most likely will bake bread for her also.

    Same here, gotta watch out for the hidden sugars…in the bread and in the filling. Gotta control a bit, not too much nor too often. We have low GI bread here but it is expensive – I’d settle for our regular bread, just eat less.

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