6 months…

It had been 6 months already, time to send my car…

…for its regular servicing that would include changing its engine oil and its oil filter.

In the case of my Ol’ Faithful, the Wira…

…I used to send it for servicing every 5,000 km and later, after the workshop guy switched to a better brand of engine oil, it could wait a while longer, till 8,000 km.

Of course, when my girl was teaching at that school in the jungle, some 300 km. or so away, I had to go quite frequently, around 0nce a month as I had to make at least two trips every week, sometimes more, 600 km return, 1,200 km per week.

These days, we hardly go anywhere so I would never be able to cover the distance, both cars. That is why I will just keep track of the time and send them for servicing once every 6 months. I certainly can save a whole lot of money on petrol and also on these regular visits to the workshop in the “good ol’ days”.

Well, that day, it was time for one of them, the former, so I called the service centre a day earlier to make an appointment for 8.00 a.m. in the morning. Everything was confirmed, all settled and within minutes, I received an sms from them through their service provider with the booking number and all the relevant details. Talk about being very efficient, eh?

The next morning, I got there at around 7.50 a.m. and I dropped off the car at the workshop section and proceeded to the office. The staff members manning the service counter were somewhat amused as I was there before them. I said at a time like this, it would be good to go extra early as it would be safer with no other living soul around, get it done quickly and head straight home and of course, they all agreed with me. They are all very nice and polite there – they all call me “Uncle” unlike other places where they may call me “towkay” or whatever instead.

The girl said it would take around 1 hour but everything was done in less than half an hour. After paying for everything, I left and went to this very popular coffee shop across the road. I was there around a year ago when I sent my car for servicing and like that previous time, this time around, I had the kolo mee special (RM7.00)…

…again from this stall…

…in the coffee shop.

The deep fried wantons (meat dumplings)…

…were great and so were the fish balls, one of them fried…

Yes, the char siew (barbecued meat) and minced pork were fine too and there were a few bits of pork fat crusts buried under the noodles.

I was not entirely fond of the tofu puffs and I thought the prawns…

…were somewhat bland, not nice and sweet like the ones I buy from my favourite fish & seafood stall near my house.

The complimentary soup that came with the noodles was so diluted that it was almost tasteless. I tried to salvage it by dunking all the green vegetables in it but it did not help one bit. In the end, I just left it untouched…almost!

Should I drop by again the next time around, which probably would be another six months from now, I don’t think I shall ask for the special and will just go for the regular instead. I suppose they will just give the char siew and the minced pork and pork fat crusts, that’s all…plus the green vegetables…or perhaps, I shall try something from the other stalls there.

CHANG LOK CHIU CAFE (2.277376, 111.850765) is located along Jalan Bukit Lima, just before the Bukit Lima roundabout, right across the road from the Proton Service Centre (NGU’S MOTOR SERVICE SDN BHD – PROTON 4S DEALER).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “6 months…”

  1. Normally I don’t drink the soup from those dry noodles… most of them are bland unless they are pork noodles…

    Yes, most of them here are bland…but not at the Malay stalls – I love the soup they give with their halal noodles, usually very nice sup tulang or chicken soup from cooking the shredded chicken they serve with their noodles.

  2. Wait your car is Wira and you have that awesome Tiger logo/emblem?

    The Tiger logo is from my not-so-new Saga. I think in the newer models, they got rid of it so you will see PROTON all across the back of the car. I prefer this one with the logo – no mention of the name. My Wira is almost 30 years old now, still looking sparkling new and going strong!!! I also removed the name PROTON, leaving just the WIRA at the back.

  3. I’d probably try other stalls if i were you. If the soup is that bland, no way will I come back there 🙂 . Fried fish ball i miss. It is considered a street food in the Philippines. A vendor would come and everyone would gather around his cart and pierce the ball with the stick and dip in different sauces but I guess now it’s not allowed anymore

    Not into fried fish balls – will eat when there is any in my bowl of noodles or soup. They do sell them on a stick, all deep-fried. My girl prefers fish balls, deep fried.

    This complimentary soup is the thing here – if you go to Kuching (the state capital city) for the authentic/original kolo mee, you will not be given any soup at all unless you order and pay extra for a bowl of chap chap – pork, meat balls, liver, fish balls, prawns and so on, all in one.

    We’re used to it these days – 99% of all the Chinese noodle stalls in town, the soup is tasteless. Might as well, don’t give.

  4. I am surprised to see tofu puff in your kolo mee special. Not a usual ingredient to add in kolo mee or laksa over here in Kuching. From the picture, the prawns looks pretty decent. Your Proton Wira still looks so new, very well maintained indeed.

    Yes, the prawns looked good, fresh and succulent, no unpleasant smell…but no sweetness, bland, unlike the ones I always buy. Maybe they’re farmed ones, I wouldn’t know. Otherwise, they are not cheap – at least, RM1-2 each, this size. Sure they will not give so many in a bowl of noodles, only RM7.00. The problem with the tofu puffs – they depend on the sauce or gravy for the taste. Ok in Sarawak laksa or curry mee…but here, it has nothing in the bowl of noodles to save the day.

    As for my Wira, I always believe that if you take good care of things and maintain them well, even after a long time, they will be as good as new…like those quarters at my girl’s jungle school. “Over 20 years already! Time to build new ones!” they said. My house, built in the 80’s, definitely not in such a bad shape. With that kind of attitude, everything will not last very long, that’s for sure!

  5. We had 3 wira cars, now 2 left with 1 sold. The kolo mee special looks delicious. Most of the free soup is bland but there are a few places that serves quite tasty soup. I like the deep fried wantons, prawns and char siew.

    Unfortunately, the prawns were disappointing! I find these being used here and there and they are all tasteless. I wonder what prawns they are!

    I had a 1st-generation SAGA and a WIRA. I sold the SAGA and bought a new model SAGA, cheap and nice, no complaints!

  6. I only want the fried wanton. Haha. Definitely not the authentic kolo mee I guess it is alright to have once in a while .

    I hardly drive my car so did not follow the servicing schedule. The last time I sent was this year, sometimes in June or July.

    Yes, have to go by the number of months now. Your dad should know, his work revolves around cars, right?

    The kolo mee there was quite authentic – a hint of sour taste with the added vinegar and they gave the pickled sliced chili in vinegar. Can pass!

  7. We used to drive both Proton and Perodua.
    Now we are using Hyundai. Ha ha… Before that, we had Honda.

    Hyundai is Korean, gas guzzlers, they say. Honda is Japanese. Both are expensive, compared to our Malaysian Proton and Perodua I find the current Proton models really good, low on petrol consumption…and anyway, I hardly go anywhere these days, with the pandemic.

  8. You maintain your cars very well. I think sending the car for servicing diligently is the way to go. Some people are not so conscientious about it and their car breakdown ever so often.

    Yes, I find it really so shocking. BRANDED cars looking quite brand new, breaking own in the middle of the road! I see that quite often around here…and they do not even bother to push their cars to the side of the road so as not to block the traffic. So inconsiderate.

  9. I had a Proton Wira before and yes it was very reliable even though I did not take good care of it, it kept on going

    Yes, it’s not the most comfortable of cars, the suspension…and a petrol guzzler too but it’s tough and steady. Survived our horrible highway for years when my girl was teaching at a school in the jungle…while many new branded cars died by the side of the road. So pathetic!

  10. It’s about that time for me to change the oil in my Toyota Prius. I usually change the oil and replace the filter myself. However, it’s cold here, and so I most likely will take it in to get that completed. My father taught me how to do a lot of handy tasks such as checking the oil, replacing the filter, replace brake pads. A few other car maintenance thins, such as replacing the lights for the headlamps I learned on my own

    Gosh!!! You have my utmost respect!!! I can’t do any of those things – will have to send to the workshop. Thankfully, workmanship is cheap here, we can afford to do that. I know in countries overseas, many people will do everything themselves, all DIY, because it is too expensive to get someone to come around.

    1. It’s actually not that much more to take it to the shop, perhaps a few dollars more. In fact, they frequently have sales on oil changes where it would actually be cheaper; however, I like the fact that I know that the oil I’m using is the best quality. My Toyota is a hybrid, and I choose the best filters. I don’t cut corners, and I’m not always sure that the auto mechanic shops would be as meticulous as I am. For the significant car issues, yes, I’ll take my Prius there. A few months ago, my air compressor stopped working. That was a little under $800 US dollars to fix. The mechanic told me the price; I told him to fix it, I paid the fee.

      Air compressor? Gosh!!! I don’t know what that is. LOL!!! Honestly, I’m truly very impressed!

      Thank goodness I have a very good mechanic, unlike others before him. Now I will only go to his workshop, nowhere else. He will not change anything unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes I had to force him just for the peace of mind – he would just say no need, not yet. Little things like changing the bulbs for the lights, he would give me for free!

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