Pass you by…

I have walked past this coffee shop…

…so many times before and I did notice that everytime, there were very few or no customers at all. Normally, people would assume that there would be nothing nice there and opt to go elsewhere but at a time like this when there is a need for physical distancing, I certainly would prefer to go to such places and avoid all those crowded ones and that was exactly what I did that morning.

I sat at a table outside at the pavement and there was another guy at another table there a short distance away and there was nobody inside the shop. However, as I was sitting there, a couple of customers showed up and they sat inside, each at his own table…

There was a young girl manning the kampua mee stall and if I am not mistaken, they do cook some stuff in their chu-char (cook and fry) kitchen at the back.

I placed my order of their gu tor mee (beef tripe noodles) at RM6.00 a set and sat at my table waiting to be served.

I requested for the kampua mee to be white…

…as I am not fond of it black, tossed in dark soy sauce as that would overpower the fragrance of the shallot oil (lard) and everything else.

Much to my delight, it was nice and had that original authentic kampua mee taste and when I added a bit of the chili dip…

…that they gave for the gu tor

…that certainly brought the taste to a whole new level.

The gu tor was very nice, soft and it did not have any offensive smell, not even a bit unlike what I had here once but I did not really enjoy the soup…

…because of the excessive amount of the traditional Foochow red wine added. I know many who would love it like that but not me as I would like enjoy the sweetness and taste of the clear bone stock soup. I don’t mind a hint of it but not too much so should I stop by here again, I certainly would tell them to skip the wine or just add a bit of it.

Everything else aside, I must say that I would give them my double thumbs up for not using those plastic plates and bowls in all kinds of gaudy colours that you see at a lot of places around here!

QI YUN CORNER (2.284420, 111.832886) is located along Lanang Road to the right of Wisma Chua Chong Seng with Boulevard Motors (TOYOTA) on the left hand side of that building and Prudential Insurance in between.

Author: suituapui

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7 thoughts on “Pass you by…”

  1. Not everything with excessive amount of Foochow/Hakka red wine is nice. It also depends on ones’ taste and liking too. For soup, J prefer clear soup whereas for kacangma, I like it with extra red/white wine added.

    EXACTLY!!! I’m just like you, extra wine for kacang ma…and red wine for chicken mee sua and liver soup. These things like pian sip soup are supposed to go with clear bone stock soup but some may like a bit of red wine or vinegar. Too much is an overkill – the nice original taste is drowned out completely!

  2. As always, the food looks great. Last evening, I made a ramen noodle stir fry dish for my daughter. Simple, delicious, and it did not take long to prepare.

    Recently, I purchased Foochow from our local Korean market. I haven’t used a lot of it in the meals that I prepared. That market where I bought it is where I now do most of our food shopping even though it’s thirty minutes one way from where we live. Mainly Asians frequent the store, and it’s become the grocery store of choice for my daughter and me. We love it! Outside of the vegetables that I grow in our garden, I have not found any markets that compare to the freshness or quality of their vegetables. That alone makes it worth the trip, not to mention the variety of rice, noodles, and other Asian food items that my daughter and I love. Additionally, I’m able to purchase unique vegetables that aren’t as common here in the States, some I’ve seen you write about on your blog, and when I’ve stumbled upon those treasures, I’ve smiled and thought about a few of your blog posts that featured them.

    Yes, these Foochow culinary delights are very simple, nothing much to any of them but the taste is out of this world. For the noodles, for instance – it is just the noodles, boiled to cook, tossed in shallot oil (cooking oil used to fry sliced shallots for the fragrance), a bit of light or dark soy sauce (according to preference) and a pinch of msg, garnished with the fried shallots and chopped spring onions. My friends from elsewhere could not believe the noodles can taste so nice when they look so plain, like there is nothing to it.

    Noodles from the other dialects may not be as simple, more layers of taste in their cuisines but not necessarily nicer. Like the soup/broth in Japanese ramen – it is very rich and thick, bursting with flavours…but I prefer our Foochow clear bone stock soup.

  3. Not sure if we have gu tor mee in Johor.
    But we sure have the pork version one.
    But I always say no to offals, just lean meat and mince for me. Ha ha…

    I love beef tripe and tendons…and the liver dishes at the Malay stalls. Ooooo…I love those pork innards but here, we usually have them in kway chap only. They only serve liver soup at these noodle stalls served with a whole lot of Foochow traditional red wine. We hardly get intestines nor the rest.

    I had the very very nice pig’s intestine and stomach clear soup, very peppery, in KL once and enjoyed it so much. Never had the chance to enjoy it again anywhere else.

  4. I tend to the side of less sauce rather than more, whatever it is.

    The problem is there was too much wine in the soup. I guess there are people who would enjoy it like that, not me.

  5. Must be really good as you mentioned that the condiment given elevated it to a whole new level. 🙂

    Yes, the chili dip was really good, very very nice. Not quite like what they will give elsewhere where they serve this beef tripe soup/noodles. Different and much nicer. I hate it when they just give you bottled chili sauce at some places. Will never go back again!!!

  6. I know what you mean! I have been trying to avoid crowds, too! If somewhere is ‘too packed’ I’ll walk right back out!

    Wise move! The only thing one can do these days is to #staysafe so as to #tsaywell. Many do not bother.

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