My girl’s coursemate in Wellington, New Zealand and Sg Petani, Kedah, Farid Bubu, enjoys travellin’ with his missus, Suzieyana and son, Faaeq and will grab every opportunity that comes along to go some place here in Sarawak and even to Sabah. Of course, they were kind of restricted during the pandemic but now that inter-district travel is allowed, they are on the move ever so often once again.

In Bubu’s own words, “The family that travels together stays forever!” Now, that is something I would wholeheartedly agree. Over the years, once our girl was big enough, we went here, there and everywhere – initially, by car mostly, here in Sarawak to Kuching, Bintulu and Miri and when she was bigger, we ventured further to West Malaysia and Singapore and yes, I do believe that our holidays spent together did serve to draw us closer together and tie our family bond.

During the long Deepavali weekend, Bubu and his family were off to Kuching and places here and there along the way including Damai Beach, Lundu and they even went to a strawberry farm a la Cameron Highlands minus the crowd and the horrendous traffic jam.

Their last trip was quite recent, to Sarikei, and when they came back, they brought us these lovely bread and buns from their favourite bakery there. This time around, when they came back, they gave us this…

…the celebrated butter cake from Mita Cake House in Kuching. Of course, I know their cake only too well.

My sister-in-law in Kuching would always buy that for us everytime she came back to Sibu and my other relatives and friends, ex-students included, would do the same too. It is something like Gardenia’s butterscotch loaf/bread at KLIA2 – anyone and everyone flying home via that airport would surely buy as many loaves as they can carry to enjoy themselves or to give to everybody here.

Yes, it is VERY nice…

…Even before you open the box, the instant you take that out of the plastic bag, you can catch a whiff of the wonderful fragrance of the cake already.

Of course, when you cut it…

…and eat, you will be bowled over by its lovely soft texture and the awesome buttery taste of the cake.

You can see it is not dry…

…at all unlike many of those wannabes from other bakeries around.

It is not cheap though, that much I know, way over RM10.00 for one like that so I always tell people not to buy for me. As a matter of fact, we can get this…

…from a bakery here in Sibu for only RM6.00 at the time, dunno now. Maybe it pales a bit in comparison but I would say it comes pretty close, just that it is very much smaller, maybe around half the size only.

Nonetheless, it sure feels great to be remembered and to receive a little something from so far away. Thank you so much yet once again, Bubu and family. May God bless and take care of you all on your travels north, south, east and west throughout the state of Sarawak. I am sure by the time you get to go back home to Terengganu, you would have gone to so many parts of Sarawak that many of us do not even know exist. *facepalm*

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Travellin’…”

  1. Yeah, that is my favourite butter cake from Mita too. Their butter milk bun is as good as the butter cake. Have not had it for a long time. Now that you have blog about it, I am making my way there soon..😄.

    LOL!!! The power of the internet. Too bad the bakery with the nice butter cake here is on the other side of town, so far! Good in a way since I am on a low-sugar diet!

  2. We the anak Sarawak haven’t gone to every corners of our state. Haha. How adventurous they are.

    Yes, Mita’s butter cake is so nice. It took us about 5 days to finish up 2 loaves. If feel like having it again, I can go buy it anytime. The nearest is at Rock Road. Used to have one shop here when I moved to MJC but closed long time ago.

    Indeed, they are. Just the thought of going on the Pain-Borneo Highway makes me feel tired already. I had had enough of it…for so many years when my girl was teaching in the school in the jungle.

    I think I saw an outlet at Satok once, dunno where the other branches are. In fact, I have never gone to buy their butter cake or anything else, for the matter, myself…ever! LOL!!!

  3. It is time to bake butter cake! But my favorite Golden Churn butter is now RM17+ per block 😦 I saw this Mita Cake House butter cake on Rose’s blog too.

    Yes, it is very popular here – everyone seems to enjoy it…like Gardenia bread & buns! LOL!!!

    Oh? Golden Churn is cheaper here then – RM13.00 per block. My missus just bought one yesterday. Westgold is cheaper, only RM10.00.

  4. Sometimes simple butter cakes (as opposed to the fancy ones) are good enough right? I miss eating these.

    Yes, I would agree with you 100%. Too many fancy cakes these days, so many different kinds…but I wouldn’t say I am impressed by all of them. Some may be good to be eaten…ONCE and that is enough. At the end of the day, we still long for the good ol’ old school butter cakes and the rest that we grew up loving so well and enjoying so much!

  5. ooh i love cakes–especially the lemony sponge cakes without any icing! I remember back in the Philippines, I would travel for food, especially for breads and pastries 🙂

    Thank goodness we’re a small town here and we have bakeries everywhere – in my neighbourhood alone, already 5 of them!. No need to travel too far for anything that’s good but of course, one must know where to go.

  6. I love butter cake too. This afternoon I bought my favourite chempedak cake. I don’t know if we have Mita Cake House here.

    I don’t think so – it’s not a franchise, only in Kuching. I am not sure if I would love cempedak cake. Not a fan of the fruit.

  7. Don’t think we have Mita Cake House in Johor.
    Is it a Japanese brand? Mita sounds like one.
    But we do have Lavendar, ha ha. I am sure they have branches in Sarawak too.

    >What a beautiful place! They have fireflies there too? Only heard of the one at Kuala Selangor.

    Yes, our Kota Tinggi fireflies mainly make money from neighbouring Singaporean friends.
    So during this pandemic, it has got a lot quieter.
    The differences bewteen Kuala Selangor and Kota Tinggi are:
    KS – More concentrated on certain trees.
    KT – More spread out along the river bank.

    Never gone to see those though I did go to see the glowworms in the caves in New Zealand. I wonder why the fireflies are concentrated to those places only. I would see one once in a long while when I was a child but the old folks would warn us not to play with them as we would end up wetting our beds! I do not get to see them anymore.

    No Lavender here – very nice cakes, not cheap. West Malaysian cake franchise, we only have Secret Recipe here. Mita is not a franchise, just a successful bakery with many outlets, only in Kuching. If you think the name sounds Japanese, there is another popular one in Kuching – Taka!

  8. Cant agree more on that saying “The family that travels together stays forever!”
    We do travel a lot, almost every year but this pandemic sucks, can go out of the country but it will be hard to come back specially here in NZ

    Seems to be getting better now, many countries opening up their borders. May not be that easy in between countries though. Travel at your own risk!

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