Wrap it up…

The other day, I blogged about a pack of Ramly beef burger patties that I managed to grab hold of at one of the neighbourhood shops in the next lane from my house.

I went back there again the other day and I went to the freezer section to have a look. There were two price tags on the pack that I bought and I wanted to see which the correct one was. Much to my surprise, they were ALL sold out, not a single pack left. There were a few left, all chicken and they had some newly-arrived stock, a different brand. Of course, I did not buy any as I still had a few of the patties in my freezer.

When I cooked mine the other day, I added one fried egg, the egg yolk nice and runny so of course, it was quite messy to eat. My regular follower and commenter, Irene, in Kuching had this to say about it: I will beat the egg and spread them in the non-stick pan and then put in the grilled patties and wrap it up like how the people selling burgers do theirs. Oh?

That would be like the so-called Pattaya style, never mind if it is nasi goreng or mi goreng (fried rice or fried noodles) or at one place here, chicken rice

I know that in one place in Kuching, they spread the omelette in a bowl and wrap the Kuching laksa in it and serve. I guess that is just a gimmick – some people may be impressed by it and would come back for more.

My blogger-friend, kyspeaks, dropped by too that day and this was his somewhat brief comment: Egg’s supposed to wrap around the meat! All right, since you all said so, I thought I would give it a try with my leftover patties in the freezer.

I fried the patties in a non-stick pan until all the fat had melted and put them aside while I fried the omelette. I put a patty in each of them, cover it with a slice of cheese, followed by some very thin slices of cucumber (we did not have tomato in the fridge) and a bit of mayonnaise and tomato ketchup before I wrapped it all up and put it in a bun that I had cut into two and toasted in the oven…

Yes, it sure was not messy when I ate it…

…no runny yolk running down my fingers and dripping all over the plate.

Truth be told, I do prefer all that mess. I would lick the yolk off my fingers (Finger-lickin’ good!!!) and break off bits from the bun to wipe the yolk that had dripped onto the plate to eat and enjoy every morsel! I actually missed all that, eating it prepared that way…

…and I would add that the taste is somewhat different too, not quite the same and don’t bother asking which one I prefer. The answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

I went and googled for photos of burgers with egg in them and no, I did not see any with the patty wrapped in an omelette like this. Yes, a lot of them had egg on top like the one I had previously. I guess theirs would be well-cooked till the yolk is well done, not runny anymore and I for one, will not like my fried egg like that. Worse still, some will fry the egg in a ring

…no golden crispy edges…

…and overdone too, no runny yolk…

I would give those my double thumbs down. At the end of the day, I shall just stick to the way I like it – with the yolk all runny and making a mess while I enjoy the burger to the max. That’s the way…aha…aha…I like it!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Wrap it up…”

  1. I actually have heard of egg wrapped burgers; however, it was one of the numerous cooking videos I’ve watched online. I cannot remember which Asian country was offering that? It was from a street food vendor. I love watching cooking shows that focus on street vendors. I did find the egg-wrapped burger fascinating, and it might be something I prepare for some of my loved ones at some point. If they’re interested in trying when I mention it to them. That’s great that you tried it out, and now you know what you prefer. 🙂

    Yes, I spotted one – this very funny Korean guy going all over Malaysia eating anything and everything and enjoying it all to the max. He had these Ramly burgers, a popular Malaysian brand and in the video, I saw them frying the egg and the patty and wrapping it all up. Never seen that before as I hardly ever stopped by those roadside stalls:

  2. Yay, that’s the way all those roadside burgers stalls are doing, egg wrapped burger. No mess at all, unfortunately you like the mess with the runny yolk running down your fingers… 😂😂😂. Well, never mind which way you do, at least you learn something new.

    Yes, I watched the guys at the Ramly burger stall in the Korean guy’s video. I also cut (lines) into the patty with my ladle – they use their chisel though I did not know why I did it. LOL!!! It would be nice to have a big hot plate like theirs – can spread the egg thinly and make a big piece, easy to wrap. Never too old to learn, eh?

  3. At least you have tried the egg wrapped patties and know which one you prefer. Most important you enjoy and like what you are eating even though messy, after all you are at home and can easily wash up after that.

    Yes, can do anything I want at home, no need to act elegant, high class…like when fine dining outside. Just enjoy and make a mess!!! LOL!!!

  4. I don’t mind it in any way. Wrap or runny, as long as the burger is good, that matter. Lol.

    Yes, Ramly is good, you can take my word for it. No strong smell like some of those beef patties but I feel there is a lot of fat so while pan-frying the patties, you need to do it a little longer to let the fat all melt away.

    I also cut into the patties with my ladle, the same way as what those guys in the video did with their chisel. Don’t know why I did that – I just did! LOL!!!

    1. I also buy Ramly patties only. Maybe make chicken burgers tomorrow with the chicken patties. Hubby likes the beef patties.

      Yes, I thought the beef that I bought was good. Did not buy the chicken to try, another time perhaps. Usually chicken is very mild – I prefer the stronger beef taste.

  5. fried egg in a burger–i’ve tried it here in aus but I didn’t really notice the difference prob because patties in Australia doesn’t really have a taste. it’s a bit bland. . but I think egg will go well with a tasty patty. i can just imagine the taste.

    Oh? Australian patties no taste, bland? Oh dear! I would expect theirs to be so sweet and juicy – with the fresh beef and lamb especially. Ours here, all frozen ones, so fossilised!

    I love eggs, can’t go wrong with it in burgers and sandwiches and baos (steamed buns) and everything.

  6. I prefer how the egg wraps up the patty. 😀 It is the way how it should be eaten.

    There’s no law, no steadfast rule as to how it should be done, is there? Like the egg in nasi lemak – they say traditionally, it should be hard boiled but some people do not like hardboiled egg, hard to swallow, they would say. They prefer fried egg…and some places, they give you a bit of an omelette! To each his own!!!

    I love runny yolks…so I would insist of it being served like that, not as an omelette.

  7. Ohhh, this is a great idea, never thought of wrapping patties in egg.

    I have never seen that in my life! Didn’t know people do that, never seen until I saw it in the Korean guy’s Youtube video.

  8. I’ve been eating a lot of veggie patties recently. There are some really tasty options out there.

    Oh? We do not have those here…or not that I’ve seen. I’ve had a vegetarian burger once where the patty was made using the stalks of dried shitake mushrooms. Very nice!

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