She wants to…

Last Friday, my girl said that she wanted to cook for our meals that day. Normally, the mum would do it but since she was free, I thought it would be great to let her do it so we could have something different for a change.

No, I did not go out to buy a fish that morning – the previous Friday, I bought two slabs of cod and two salmon and we only ate one – the cod. My girl said she would cook the salmon and that was what she did! She marinated it with teriyaki sauce and baked it in the oven…

…and served it with a bit of chopped spring onions sprinkled over it. Yes, it was a simple dish but it tasted great, very nice and refreshing. My girl loves salmon so of course, she enjoyed that a lot.

We also have a lot of the prawns that I bought sometime ago

…in the freezer and I took out one of the packs to defrost. After that, I divided them into little packets of three each and put them back in the freezer. Yes, my intention would be to use them as an ingredient (cho liao) when cooking some dishes like vegetables, for instance. It would not be convenient to defrost them everytime we need some and then, freeze them again. There were 27 big ones in the pack I took so I was able to come out with 9 small packets. If I am not mistaken, I still have two big packs in the freezer. That sure is a lot!

That morning, my girl took out one packet to fry this dish of broccoli…

…and needless to say, with the prawns, it tasted great! One just can’t go wrong with those crustaceans.

There was enough in that vegetable dish for our lunch as well as our dinner that day and come evening time, my girl was back in the kitchen and this time around, she cooked us these gorgeous salmon and potato croquettes…

That, of course, means that there is no more salmon left in the freezer, just a slice of cod left. I shall have to buy some more the next time I go out!

There you have it, the very simple lunch and dinner that my girl dished out for us that day, simple but nice and most importantly, she cooked it on her own accord simply because she wanted to!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “She wants to…”

  1. I am not into salmon but I like cod. I also buy the smaller prawns to use as ingredients in vegetables. It sure add extra sweetness to the vegetables. Yesterday, I cook sawi manis with prawns and everything was sweep clean and clear.. 😊😊. The other day I bought a big kembong fish, not the usual small size, so much bigger. One is enough for 3 of you. The seller told me is another species of kembong. He told me this type of kembong is very nice and rare. We have it yesterday.

    I have yet to drop by my favourite fish stall. I do see kembong sometimes and yes, I enjoy it a lot. I never buy to cook myself as my girl is not a fan so at times, when I see it at the Malay stalls, I would buy one or two to buang gian. Of course, theirs are not very nice – they usually use the cheap frozen kembong that they sell in big packs at some supermarkets.

    I am not crazy about salmon either. It has its unique smell that I am not really fond of. I buy often to cook our own as it is a lot more expensive if we eat that outside and my girl enjoys it a lot, dunno why. A lot more local fish a whole lot nicer, I would say!!!

  2. Nice to get your girl to cook and let you guys relax and enjoy her cooking. She has a great talent in cooking.

    Yes, she’s good but she’s got lots of school work to do, all day long!!! I guess she’s a perfectionist, very particular about every little thing and a stickler for rules – will do everything, follow to the letter and thus spends a long time at it. Not like the father last time, close one eye, done!!! LOL!!!

  3. So nice of your girl to volunteer to cook for the family. I would love to sit back to enjoy someone’s cooking for a change. We are not a fan of salmon but we love cod. Not easy to buy cod in slabs here. Yes, vegetables with prawns are extra delicious. Simple dishes can be very delicious and satisfying too.

    So many of us are not fans of salmon but I know a lot of people love it even though they have to pay so much for it. Those into Japanese cuisine would eat it raw even. My girl used to do that at one Japanese place here but she always ended up with the runs…so she stopped eating it raw. She still loves salmon though, cooked.

    Cod is available in pre-cut slabs at a lot of places here, same thing with salmon. Very convenient. I jolly well can’t afford to buy the whole fish!!!

  4. It is wonderful that the apple of your eye can cook and clearly she loves to cook!

    Yes, we can cook our favourites and enjoy together. That would be nice, no need to depend on one person to do all the cooking all the time.

  5. I make my own teriyaki sauce and it’s actually very easy to make.
    You just need soya sauce (2 tbsp), rice wine (2 tbsp), mirin (2 tbsp) and sugar (2 tbsp).

    Sounds easy but easier to just grab a bottle of the sauce – they’re everywhere these days. Gotta look for rice wine and mirin to make our own. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing, anyway.

  6. Broccoli is SO GREAT! And SO versatile! I hope to do something with it this week!

    Indeed! I love broccoli soup or even boiling it just like that with a pinch of salt, very sweet, very nice.

  7. Oh gosh, that salmon does look delicious. Your girl can cook for me anytime 😉

    Yes, she sure can cook. Good for a change as she does not stick to those traditional family recipes like the rest of us.

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