Your name…

There was this controversy over the name of a certain award-winning Malaysian whiskey the other day and the name of this popular Malaysian-made burger patties…

…was used in one of the memes.

I did not notice the two price tags when I was at the shop though I did see that the chicken ones were RM7.00 a pack. I would have to check this out when I go back to that shop again…if I remember to do so, that is.

No, actually, I did not plan on buying these patties after I saw the meme. It so happened that I spotted some nice-looking burger buns (bun kosong) from this bakery…

…when I was at one of the neighbourhood shops in the next lane from my house and I decided to buy something to eat them with. Much to my delight, they had this celebrated brand at the aforementioned shop with a choice between beef or chicken in their freezer and of course, I picked the former.

I got down to making a burger for myself for breakfast that morning, starting off by cutting the bun into halves and toasting them in a non-stick pan that I had generously buttered, till nicely browned. Having done that, I put in one of the patties to grill. Much to my surprise, a lot of oil came out of it – the fat content must be very very high. I went on grilling it till I noticed that in the process, with all the fat melting away, it shrank and it became quite thin too. Never mind! I was quite happy that I could get rid of all that fat before eating it.

Once done, I placed it in the bun together with a slice of Cheddar cheese and one fried egg plus a bit of Lingham’s chili sauce on top…

I wanted to add a few thin slices of tomato but I could not find any in the fridge. In the end, I decided to go without it.

The patty was very nice, not at all on the dry side despite having all the fat melted away but I could hardly detect the beef taste that would probably put off a lot of people. I love that!!! Perhaps the next time, I should make a double and use two at one time…

On the whole, I did enjoy it. The egg yolk was runny and it got quite messy, eating the burger…

…but no, I would not want it any other way. That’s exactly how I love it!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Your name…”

  1. Your homemade burger🍔 looks yummy… 😋🤤. As for the eggs, I will beat the egg and spread them in the non stick pan and then put in the grilled patties and wrapped it up like how the people selling burgers done theirs. I think Ramly brand products are more expensive compare to others and so is their nuggets too.

    1. Oh? They do it like that? I hardly buy roadside burgers so I never noticed. That’s like nasi or mee goreng Pattaya. Will try next time, still got a few pieces from the pack in the freezer. That way, it sure will not be messy eating it. Thanks for the tip.

      Don’t remember buying Ramly’s or any frozen burger patties much. Would be a lot more cheaper than the classy ones we have at Ta Kiong these days, Angus or Wagyu beef, over RM10.00 each!!!

  2. Yes, exactly like nasi Pattaya. When my kids are still young, every time when they got back from tuition clas, they are sure to drop by one of their favourite burger stalls near my area to get their fix. That is how I notice they do it and so at home if I make for them I apply their method.. 😊😊Not messy at all.

    1. I hardly buy from those Malay roadside stalls mainly because they open only at night and I seldom venture out at night except to go for dinner perhaps…and after dinner, already so full, so you would not see me stopping by one of those to buy.

      We do not see them doing that with the burgers at McD or Sugar Bun or anywhere else, do they?

    1. I didn’t know that till Irene mentioned it (SEE COMMENT ABOVE). I hardly ever buy burgers from those shops or roadside stalls…or in fact, not from those over-priced and not-so-nice franchises as well. I never saw them wrapping theirs in egg at the latter, do they?

  3. We only buy this brand of chicken and beef patties. We like them.

    Your burger looked just like those served in Malay burger stalls. ☺️

    1. I’ve heard of the brand – seen the name on the Malay burger stalls by the roadside in the kampung but I don’t think I’ve ever tried those, much less buy and cook my own. I enjoyed it – nice, not bad at all.

  4. Oh I know a thing or two about whisky. He he… Remember I used to study in Scotland? I had haggis too!
    Visited their distillery in Edinburgh. Did you know “whiskey” with an extra “e” is actually American English?
    But I didn’t know we make whisky in Malaysia?! Furthermore, we don’t produce malt so it’s hard to imagine made in Malaysia whisky.

    >Lingham’s chili sauce on top

    Oh that’s my favourite brand too! Good news – they now stock this in major supermarkets in England, £1.70 each bottle. I always buy half a dozen when I see one. I have to have chilli sauce when I have fish and chips too, people here still use ketchup. I told my English friends, only kids use ketchup in Malaysia and they switch to chilli sauce as they grow older. Ha ha… It’s true!

    1. Dating back to the colonial days, Linghams. They have different versions now. This one that my missus bought is “Thai”. Not the same and not so nice. Give me the original anytime!!!

      We have very cheap locally produced liquor – brandy, whisky, gin, vodka…for “those people” thus inclined. Dunno the quality, never tried and I don’t drink anymore. What I did not know was we have a Malaysian one that is award-winning. Dunno true or not but I saw people sharing on Facebook that it is all sold out…because of the controversy over the name. Cheap publicity!!!

  5. I used to buy Ramly brand long ago. These days I don’t make my own burger at home. The burger you made looks nice. I can’t remember whether they wrap the egg over the meat patty but I remember they do not have runny yolk. Have a good weekend.

    1. Yes, I googled for photos of burgers from all over and I saw their eggs – not wrapped around the patty at all. That would make it an omelette, NOT a fried egg!!! But their egg yolk is well-cooked, not runny anymore. I love my yolks runny…never mind the mess!!!

  6. They look great. I purchased some frozen burger patties this morning. I’ll pick them up in a few hours. I wanted something on hand when my brother and nephew stop by later today. I haven’t had time to prepare a proper meal lately.

    1. Hi Opal! Haven’t seen you around for a while. Nice to have you back.

      I guess your brother and nephew are not vegetarians like all of you. since you bought burger patties for them?

      1. No they’re not. I make animal based meals also for loved ones.

        Yes, it’s been busy. I started a new job a little over three months ago. It’s 100% remote. I just got out of training at the end of September. Dad got sick about a month ago, hoping to bring him to his home this week. Truly a blessing I work from the home so I can pitch in and help my mom. My brother works remotely also. He’s about 1.5 hours away, he’ll help when he can.

      2. So sorry to hear about your dad. Glad that everyone can help out to take care of him. My parents have passed away for a few years now – it wasn’t too bad when my mum was bedridden for years and years but when my dad fell sick too, that sure took its toll on us. God be with all of you, stay strong…and pray!

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