No fish today…

We were out of fish last Friday, no more in our freezer, so I drove over to my favourite fish & seafood stall nearby to see what I could buy. Unfortunately, it was not open for business. The nice lady did say that they would not open on days when there were no ships coming into Mukah bringing in their fresh catch.

We still had quite a lot of the prawns I bought that day but we had been eating those rather often so we thought we would like to give it a bit of a break. Otherwise, we could cook some lovely tom yam soup with those crustaceans – that would be very nice.

In the end, I went over to the nearby fruits &vegetables sundry shop in the next lane from my house. They always have pek chio/ikan bawal putih (white pomfret) and or chio/ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) but they always seal them in plastic and freeze upon receiving them to make sure they stay fresh so theirs have not been cleaned and I did not fancy the chore of doing it myself that morning.

Other than those two, they only had salmon and cod slices so I bought a couple of slabs of each. My girl enjoys these and I was thinking that it would be good to stock some in the freezer for her to enjoy slowly.

That morning, my missus fried a slice of the cod…

She went through the trouble of frying some sliced shallots and chopped garlic to sprinkle over the fish and prepared this chili dip with kikkoman sauce…

…to go with it and yes, that was very nice. We sure enjoyed it a lot!

I saw that the vegetable stall next to this shop that I frequent had some very fresh and nice looking paku (wild jungle fern) so I went over and bought some. RM6.00 a kilo, the chatty lady said. I took what I needed and she said it was 600gms altogether, RM3.00. It did not occur to me at that point in time – I just paid her the money, took the paku and left. Now that I have had time to think about it, it seemed that she had undercharged me – it should have been RM3.60. I shall have to pay her the next time I stop by.

My missus cooked some with sliced fish cake, masak lemak (with coconut milk)…

…and yes, that was good too! We could have added a few of the aforementioned prawns – that would bring the taste to a whole new level but she did not do it.

There you have it! Our simple no-meat meals on our no-meat day last Friday. Now what shall we eat tomorrow? Gee!!! How time flies!!!

Author: suituapui

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20 thoughts on “No fish today…”

  1. Those 2 dishes for a no-meat day looks appetising.😋🤤. Simple and yet delicious. Sometimes, I will buy those sliced mackerel fish meat
    or orh chio deep fried and sprinkle with chopped garlic and ginger. Best with the soy sauce chilli dipping.

    1. They sell sliced mackerel there? Not here, you will just have to buy the whole fish, never mind big or small. Same thing with or chio but its big is not that big. Mackerel can be really very big sometimes. I don’t fancy the small(er) ones though.

      1. Yes, the fishmonger will cut the mackerel meat into slices to sell when the mackerel is super huge. They will sell the head and tail very cheap too.

      2. So good!!! Not here! I seldom see huge mackerel – would be nice for cooking fish curry. All medium or small, will disintegrate in curry so I will not buy for that.

        I bought one phak thik poh once, so very nice but so big – the seller sliced for us but it took us ages to finish and after that, we did not feel like eating that fish ever again! Another time was ngor hu, same problem.

  2. Eating fish is better and healthier than other meats but not that cheap. Some more year end season, fishes are more expensive. I cooked fish yesterday. One of the few medium sized left in my freezer. Others are quite long and big size, fit for a big feast. Lol.

    1. Yes, a problem when buying, the fish is too big and the seller will not chop it up and sell in slices. Have to buy them whole. If we keep eating the same fish again and again, we may get tired of it soon. I prefer buying medium ones, enough for two meals for the three of us.

  3. I will find out first whether they will scale and and cut the fish before I buy them. I don’t mind cleaning pomfret or kembong fishes but I tried to avoid those with lots of scales. These fried fish and paku pakis cooked lemak are delicious. Can’t get paku pakis in my area.

    1. They will do that here, never mind whether the fish is big or small, just that the big ones, they will slice for you but you must buy the whole fish – cannot buy just a slice or two. My family so small, only three of us, how to eat such a big fish!

      I’m sure you have paku there – I see them in Malaysian cooking shows and also in Malay food blogs all the time. I know you do not have midin there but paku, not a problem, I’m sure…unless your place too well-developed, no semak samun where paku will grow.

  4. Fish variety is very boring and limited here.
    No pomfret, no grouper. Just your regular salmon or bream.
    I really miss mayou fish. Don’t know what you call this in English, so had a quick check online.
    Ah, it’s fourfinger threadfin! What a long name for a little fish.
    I also miss ikan tenggiri.

    1. Don’t think I know that fish. I’m no good with fish names, know just the few common, more popular ones.

      Yeah…you do not get to see whole fish much over there unless you go to the wet market, I went to the one in Plymouth as I was missing whole fish, cooked it with ginger and black beans plus a bit of soy sauce. They only had fish fillet at the supermarts.

    1. Yes, and word is going round that it is good for health. Not that great in our hot and humid tropical weather though – may turn bad quite easily. Have to be careful.

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