I owe you…

My missus made these vegetable fritters…

…the other day and yes, we enjoyed them very much. That sure was a welcome change from how we would usually cook long/string beans.

Most of the time, we would just fry them plain with garlic or with sambal hay bee/udang kering

…or sometimes we would cut them thinly and fry with egg…

My missus added some imitation crab sticks to her fritters – I guess that was because there was a pack in the freezer and she would like to get rid of it. Otherwise, there are still a whole lot of the prawns that I bought that day – adding those would definitely bring her cucur to a whole new level!

Moving on from those lovely fritters, I think it was on the following day, past noon, when my friend, Teresa, dropped by to give us another round of her awesome kim kua koi (pumpkin cake)…

…and or koi (yam cake)…

She did give me some the other day to try and she went through all that trouble to drive over to my house to give me some more! Isn’t she nice?

Both were really yummy, heaps better than those wobbly ones (owing to the amount of flour used in the making) sold at the shops and stalls but between the two, my girl likes the pumpkin a bit more – she says it was softer and I guess there was also the lovely sweetness of the pumpkin as well.

Thank you so much once again, Teresa. So sorry that I do not have anything in the house to give you in return – I owe you once and now, I owe you twice! Sighhh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “I owe you…”

  1. I would like to say again… You are truly blessed. I like both, kim kua koi and orh koi. Of course, the ones sold outside can’t be compared to homemade ones which is the best. People want to make profit so mixed more flour than the kim kua or orh. Worst still some are just tastless… 😊😊. I used long beans or french beans cut into tiny bits for my fried rice instead of using the hard green peas.

    1. Yes, I don’t know what is wrong with the peas these days, so very hard…like stones. I even tried boiling first but no, it did not help. These days, we use the canned ones – I never liked those, so mushy but there are some brands that are not too bad. I’ve been thinking of using edamame but I’ve not got round to doing that yet.

      So grateful that I am truly blessed with all my kind and generous friends.

    1. Can’t remember if we had that on a Friday, our no-meat day. There is meat usually in those Chinese pumpkin and yam cakes though, tiny bits of meat and fat.

    1. Hello! So glad to see you back and in action again. How’s life been treating you? Wowww!!! Two years is a very long time! All’s good here, praise the Lord. Sure, will hop over to look-see! Cheers!!!

  2. Vegetable fritters and sambal long beans look so delicious. So nice of your friend to send kim kua koi and or koi to you again. Home made ones are always better than those sold at the stores.

    1. That goes without saying. Those people go all out to make more money at the expense of quality. Actually I do not mind paying more…if anything is really good, value for money.

  3. >That sure was a welcome change from how we would usually cook long/string beans.

    Yes, I miss sambal long beans too! We usually just use pork mince or dried shrimps to stir fry long beans at home.
    Do you guys also have Four Heavenly Kings (shida tianwang) in Sibu?
    It’s a sambal stir fried dish of petai, eggplant, winged beans and ladies’ fingers.
    That’s my favourite! I miss petai now.

    1. Ys, the Four Heavenly Kings is a very popular dish at the Chinese chu-char (cook & fry) places here. We had it quite often – you will see it in many of my earlier posts – just search Four Heavenly Kings. The ones here do not have petai though, the combination may vary according to what’s available – I guess that is not popular among the Foochow population…plus it is getting mighty expensive here. I love it!

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