My missus cooked chicken curry…

…that day using that instant curry paste that we have been using since 2008! Ever since I blogged about it way back then, a lot of people have followed suit and have been using it too. It is available in Australia, this much I know so my cousins there are in this same boat as well.

In my growing up years, my mum would cook curry from scratch which, of course, would entail a lot of work. Nonetheless, I remember getting to enjoy it quite often – I suppose my mum did not mind, seeing how everybody loved it so much.

Using this instant paste has made it so very easy and most importantly, it tastes great. Perhaps we are not the only ones – others are doing the same and thus, the price has been going up…and up…and up! Another thing that I noticed these last few times was how my missus’ curry seemed extra spicy. At first, I thought she added more chili of her own as she loves anything and everything super-duper spicy but she said no. The paste is getting to be VERY spicy these days, not that we’re complaining. We actually like it hot so we are fine with it this way.

My mum would always add potatoes to her curry and sometimes, brinjal too and we would do the same at times…

I’m o.k. with brinjal in my curry but I love the potatoes a lot more.

There are different types of potatoes, some from China, some from Australia, some from God knows where. I, for one, can’t tell one from the other so I would just ask the seller whether it is good, whether it is liam-liam (sticky/creamy) or not. They will be able to tell me and more often than not, they are right!

We do add potatoes to some of our other dishes like this soy sauce chicken with Bombay onion…

…for instance. At one time, my missus cooked this dish so very often that I got so sick of it that I would lose my appetite at the mere sight of it. For reasons unknown, she does not cook it that often now and believe it or not, at times, I found myself craving for it. The other day, I told my girl and I think she told the mum so we had that the very next day. I love the potatoes in this dish too…yum yummm!!!

We always have potatoes in our corned beef dish…

…too. I find that it tastes nicer than when we just fry it with the onions just like that.

Incidentally, we ran out of corned beef so I went to the shops in the next lane from my house to look for my favourite brand…

There wasn’t any at the time but a few weeks later, I saw that the new stock had arrived and the price had shot up from the usual RM10.00 to RM13.00! I guess at this point in time, if we have the money, we might as well just buy and enjoy – there isn’t much else we can do these days.

Going back to the potatoes, sometimes, we fry minced beef with them, cut into little cubes

Other than eating it as it is, this is good if used as the filling when making pies.

I would also add them to my beef soup

…too and this is my late maternal aunt’s recipe

…where she would fry the chicken lightly in butter first. Among all the other ingredients, she also added potatoes to the soup and yes, it IS very nice.

Of course, we have them in our ABC soup…

…as well.

What about all of you? Do you add potatoes to any of your dishes? Perhaps you would like to share and tell all of us about it so we can give it a try too?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Potatoes…”

  1. Yes, the A1 Mountain Globe brand curry paste is getting spicy these days. I love potatoes and dried bean curd and never miss putting them in whenever I cook curry. I cook chicken stew with potatoes and carrot, ABC soup too.

    1. Aha!!! So you’ve noticed too – that the instant curry paste is getting more spicy these days.

      Yes, bean curd sticks are nice in curry – we only add them in our fish curry though. Ah yes!!! Potatoes (and carrots) in stews – chicken, beef or lamb, we would always add those for sure!

  2. I tried A1 curry paste before. Yes, quite nice.
    Curry with potatoes is the best. Sometime I add lady’s fingers too. See what I have at home, try to use them up.

    I still have a pack of chicken curry that I cooked and freeze, can thaw and heat up when I am busy on weekdays.

    1. A must if we are cooking fish curry – ladies’ fingers, brinjal, pineapples, tofu puffs and bean curd sticks!

      I bought oxtail curry from Colourful Cafe here, nice but expensive. RM80 for one plastic tub but we could not finish it all in two meals, still a bit left with a lot of gravy. Maybe can add meat or vegetables and we can have another dish to enjoy.

  3. I too like the A1 chicken curry paste. I love potatoes in curries. I use potatoes in ABC soup, stew chicken or pork rib. I love beef but no one is selling beef in my area. Will have to go to the main wet market in Ipoh if I want to buy beef.

    1. Better than here!!! No fresh beef in the whole town! We have to buy imported beef from Australia and New Zealand. There is beef from India and dunno what other places – some have an unpleasant smell. I will never buy those!

      Aha!!! So you use A1 Mountain Globe instant curry paste too! It’s really nice, nicer than all the rest that I have tried.

  4. I am not a huge potato fan but I sure like kentang in my chicken curry.
    You can’t have curry without potatoes, in fact. Cos we need to potato starch to thicken the curry sauce too.
    It’s fine to add brinjal to you chicken curry, I am sure I will like that too.
    But we usually add other vegetables, such as, cabbage, long beans, brinjal, etc to fish curry instead of chicken curry on the Peninsula.

    Did you try Jersey Royal potatoes while you were here in England? The potatoes can only be grown on the island of Jersey to be known as Jersey Royal, and exported exclusively to the UK market only. Therefore, you won’t find these potatoes else where.

    >That’s one cute panther. Like it’s thinking, contemplating upon something.

    Spot on! Ha ha… That particular panther is actually a parody version of Rodin’s famous The Thinker.

    1. Ah yes! The Thinker! I thought it looked familiar! LOL!!!

      No, never took note of the names of potatoes. That is why I don’t know which are the good ones and where they are from, have to rely on the seller to tell me.

      Yes, long beans in fish curry. We do have that as well along with all the rest and now that you’ve mentioned it, yes, no potatoes in fish curry! We do not add cabbage either…unless it’s our family’s masak lemak (sayur lodeh).

  5. Chicken curry with potatoes taste really, really good. Add the curry to rice and you can get a bowl of heavenly treat.

    1. Ya, we love that! These days, we have to make our own as we don’t go out, no dining in…never mind that the nice Indian place we frequent hardly has any other diners most of the time. Unfortunately, the ladies are driven by mood – gotta see when they will be in the mood next. Sighhh!!!

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