Loved you once…


…was my favourite roti canai in town, the one at this coffee shop here.

I can’t remember the last time I went there to enjoy it – I guess it must be before the outbreak of the pandemic before March last year. I cannot recall buying any home either, not from here nor from any place in town. All this while, we would go for the frozen ones, the roti canai or the roti paratha or whatever they call it, even the made-in-China Jay Chou ones

In the past, I used to see them giving a pouch of curry or whatever dip in the packs of roti canai but I have not seen that for a long time now and since we do not have the dhal curry dip, we would just open a can of tuna curry…

…for that purpose. It sure does not come cheap, I must say – that small can costs RM6.00 each. It used to have one red cili padi and a lot more potatoes inside but not anymore. At best, you may find two little cubes of potatoes besides the tuna.

Anyway, going back to the aforementioned roti canai, I went to town early the other morning, before 8.00 a.m., as I needed to stock up on my prescriptions. I like going early, as soon as they open, as I would be the only customer so there will not be anybody around other than the boss and one or two of his employees – #staysafe #staywell

Once I was done, before I headed home, I decided to drop by the coffee shop to buy the roti canai. I was sure my girl would enjoy that for breakfast. There were customers at three tables only in the double-shoplot coffee shop, two on the pavement outside and if I am not wrong, the couple having their breakfast inside were the people running one of the stalls there.

I passed by this stall…

– it was not open and I noticed that the photo of their Bovril mee had been slashed across diagonally with the initials, N.A. written by the side. It sure looks like they are no longer selling it so the only alternative would be the Bovril spaghetti here

…at more than double the price…or you can cook your own at home.

I went to the roti canai stall – yes, they are still there, the same people and my order for 3 pieces (RM1.20 a piece)…

…was ready in no time at all.

My girl reheated one in a non-stick pan before sitting down to eat but I did not bother to do that. I found mine rather under-done, very doughy, very rubbery, nowhere near the nice ones that I used to enjoy before…

It did not taste great at all. I thought other than its texture being all wrong, it was kind of bland and lacked the lovely fragrance of any perfectly fried roti canai.

Even the dip…

…was rather diluted but I did like it still.

I must say I was very disappointed. I could have gone and bought something else instead and if this is what it is like these days, I sure would not bother to go back there to buy anymore, thank you very much.

TWIN CORNER (2.293179,111.820821) is located at the back at the corner of the block of shops to the left of Paramount Hotel, Jalan Kampung Datu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Loved you once…”

  1. Do try the instant roti canai or prata from “Kawan” brand. It cost about rm5-6 for packet of 5. Easy to cook. Just heat up in pan and it tastes great. Better than most shops I’ve eaten at and more hygienic. I’ve stopped eating roti canais from shops after I’ve discovered this brand.

  2. I seldom bought outside roti canai. I will usually keep a packet or two of the frozen paratha in my freezer and whenever I feel like having it, I will just pan fried in a non stick pan and open a small can of Yeo’s chicken curry to go with it. So simple and nice.

    1. My girl will buy those at the supermarkets – she enjoys eating them. Don’t think she has a favourite brand and we’re not keen on going to the supermarkets these days. Always in the daily lists of places with positive cases even though they claim to allow only fully-vaccinated people in, best avoided.

      We do not have much at the nearby shops in the next lane but I managed to get hold of a pack the other day from one of them there – “Malaysian roti canai”. Will blog about it when we open it and try.

  3. How about your girl? Any complaint from her on her roti canai??

    I like curry gravy or dhal to go with my roti canai.

    1. No, she reheated hers in a non-stick pan before eating so it was crispy and we had the dhal dip to eat it with. I should have done that too but I did not.

      They should have made sure of it at the shop but no, they did it so fast that I was surprised.
      I ordered and then I went to the washroom and when I came out, it was done!!! I thought they gave me somebody else’s order so I did not have to wait!

  4. I miss roti prata too!
    Got some frozen ones in the freezer, but the nothing can beat those freshly made ones from mamak stalls.
    Malay/ Indian stalls provide dhaal and sambal, whereas Chinese stalls give you curry sauce and sambal in my little kampung. I actually prefer the latter.

    Oh, my little kampung is actually very far away from Yong Peng. It’s located in the deep south, only 40mins away from JB. We can literally see Singapore from Kota Tinggi. In fact, there are ferry services from Pengerang (A small town in KT) to Changi, Singapore. From Pengerang, you can also go to Batam in Indonesia. We have Hard Rock Hotel (not Cafe) in Kota Tinggi too, though the first one was built in Penang. We’re the second one.

    1. Oh? You’re in Kota Tinggi, eh? Bet you get a lot of people from Singapore there.

      I do like some of the roti canai at the stalls here – like everything else, one must know where to go. We have Muslim (Malay/Melanau) or Indian ones here, no Chinese ones. One, Melanau ladies, gives curry gravy. Nice!

    1. Like everything else, there are good ones and there are those not so good ones as well. Must know where to go. This one was very good, my favourite – dunno why, after the pandemic, the standard has dropped so badly!

    1. They’re meat-free, no eggs either, if I am not wrong but a lot of oil is used in the making, that much I know. One of those vegan-friendly Indian breads.

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