You are the one for me…

In an earlier post, I mentioned that come Chinese New Year during my growing up years, my dad would order the bak kua (barbecued meat slices) from Singapore and the peanut farmer brand menglembu peanuts from Perak.

Some of the guests dropping by during our Open House would go for a beer or hard liquor such as brandy – Meukow, Hennessey or Martell V.S.O.P. usually or whiskey – Johnny Walker, VAT 69 or Black & White and much later, Chivas Regal and salted peanuts were a must to go with the drinks.

Back in those colonial days, this…

…was the brand that we were most familiar with and it is available to this very day, be it in a can or in bottles. Of course, they do not come cheap, not at all so it is quite obvious why we have not bought any for a long long time.

In the aforementioned blogpost, I was talking about one brand where they have the peanuts in small packets, something like what they would give you on board if you are flying on our national airline. We have bought quite a number of boxes already and we would finish all the packets in each box so very quickly mainly because there is so very little peanuts in each of them.

Eventually, we were thinking that perhaps, we should go back to the ones in cans…

…and this is the brand that we usually buy, currently priced at RM3.50 each, from the importer and distributer of the celebrated Shandong peanuts…

– the Sing Aik Seng Company at No. 1, Aik Dee Road…

…off Lanang Road here. The peanuts are imported from China, of course, and you can buy them in their shells by the kilo at the address mentioned above or pre-packed in big packets at the shops and supermarkets.

My girl prefers this brand as she likes how they are harder and have more crunch like the ones in the little packets but no, I do not share those same sentiments, I’m afraid. Besides, when I tried a bit of what was in the can that she had opened to munch, I found that it was VERY salty. She said she did not mind that one bit – because it is so salty, she will just eat a bit and stop after a while.

Incidentally, I found that if you tap the can by the side, the salt will all settle to the bottom. That way, it will not be so salty when you eat it, only when you get to the bottom of it all.

Well, the mum came home the other day with this…

…also packed by some people in Sibu, the same Shandong peanuts from China…

This one is a bit more expensive though, RM4.00 a can.

I prefer the taste of this brand plus it is not as salty as the former – in fact, you will not see any trace of the salt until you have reached the bottom of the can -and the peanuts are not as hard/crunchy. However, it upsets me to see how there are mostly halves in the can…

…unlike the other brand. I would usually look for the whole peanuts and eat those first, my OCD. LOL!!!

I guess this is the brand that I will go for these days but of course, I shall have to go slow with the peanuts in the can and not finish them off at one go. The high uric acid content may trigger off a gout attack! Shudders!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “You are the one for me…”

  1. I love peanuts a lot… but unfortunately as I age, the teeth becomes lesser and lesser and now I have to refrain from the normal hard ones… I go for walnuts and cashew… for elderly people like

    1. Oh? You will love this brand that I like then, not hard…not like the one my girl prefers. I don’t have many molars left but that’s not stopping me! LOL!!!

  2. I like to munch on all kinds peanuts. I used to love Tong’s brand peanuts/mixed nuts. They are nice but too expensive. Nut King is another type I like but too little in one small packet. Next grocery shopping will look out for the can ones mentioned above. Got to try…😊😊

    1. Yes, I’ve been buying Nut King but so little in a packet and so fast, the whole box gone. Go for this brand, if you see it, Sibu packed – you may like it too. I love it!

  3. I am not so crazy about salted peanuts. But growing up memory when come to CNY, my dad would definitely have some nuts as he loves nuts especially cashew nuts. My mum would fry cashew every year as my dad loves it.

    1. We never had cashew nuts way back then…but now we do. My missus will buy a lot and toast in the oven and add butter for extra fragrance and she would give to her brother – he loves her cashew nuts a lot! I don’t mind cashews…and pistachios.

    1. Oh? They spoil your teeth? I thought sweet things like chocolates are bad for our teeth while nuts are bad because of their high protein/uric acid content. May trigger a gout attack.

  4. I love salted peanuts and they are terribly additive, once I start I cannot stop! Generally speaking, I love most nuts. But they must be roasted. I can’t stomach the raw ones which are supposedly healthier for us.

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