My girl’s coursemate in Sg Petani & Wellington, New Zealand, Bubu, we call him, has been teaching here since 2013. I guess he is getting on pretty well with his missus and son and also in his school. With the pandemic, he has not gone back to Terengganu for so long now but now that they have opened up all borders and are allowing inter-district and inter-state travel, I am quite sure that they will go home when the school holidays come at the end of the year in December.

In the meantime, they have been very adventurous every weekend since they are free to move around without going through all those restrictions and what not. The previous week, they had a delightful weekend in Miri and last weekend, they were in Sarikei and yes, they went back to this bakery

…there again at this location…

…and they bought me some lovely stuff from there like what they did in December last year.

I remember they gave us the long cylindrical bun…

…the other time and it was very nice with its lovely custard cream filling. They did not give us the cheese stick then – my girl’s favourite so of course, I reserved that for her for her breakfast when she got up the next morning and yes, she said it was good.


…was new too and no, there was no filling inside. It did not matter one bit though as I liked the bun in itself and the cheese, the custard and the sesame seeds coating outside plus all the raisins sure brought the overall taste to a whole new level. Yes, if I were to drop by this bakery, this is one bun that I would want to buy.

They gave us these butter milk buns…

…last year and they gave us a pack again this time around. Unlike the square-shaped ones from the bakeries in Sibu, these were rectangular, longish in shape and one stark difference would be how generous they were with the lovely butter milk filling – they gave so much of it throughout the length of each bun unlike the Sibu ones where once you’ve bitten off the little that they have inside, you are left with just the plain bun to finish off completely kosong. You can take my word for it – these are very good too, not to be missed if you stop by here.

Thank you so much, Bubu, Suzie & Faaeq – it was so sweet of you all to think of us and to take the trouble of sending them over to my house. Much obliged, indeed!

HONEYBEE BAKERY (2.130238, 111.518739) is just next to SugarBun Sarikei at No. 75, Jalan Masjid Lama.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Honeybee…”

  1. Buttermilk bun and cheese bun has always been my favourite. Over here, there is one shop in Poh Kwong Park, Green Road selling very nice buttermilk bun. Never get tired of their buttermilk buns, so fragrance. Now I am craving for it… 😊😊

    1. I wish I could try those.

      We have butter milk buns from at least 3 or 4 Sibu bakeries at our neighbourhood shops in the next lane. I would buy those…or the pek tao sar or kaya ones but they are so disappointing – the filling’s so little! I would eat up the filling and then eat the bun with my own butter and peanut butter or jam, don’t want to eat roti kosong.

    1. Yes, long ago, my Kiwi sister-in-law was full of praises of our soft bread here compared to the hard and dry ones in NZ.. I guess you have those like this too these days…and yes, the cakes, desserts and all are generally extremely sweet abroad.

    1. Phew! Finally, my comment went thru. Something is wrong with my Pc.
      Just want to say that your girl’s classmate is so nice to gift you nice yummy buns. Wonderful to be remembered.

      1. Oh dear! I hope it is not anything serious.

        Yes, he’s a very nice boy. Glad that they were coursemates and he would always keep one eye open to make sure my girl was fine. Much obliged to him.

  2. The local bakeries actually are much nicer than those high end and branded bakeries.

    Butter milk bun, now I kind of miss this.

  3. Sarikei? That’s a new place for me!
    Sarawak is surely very big, there are still many places that I have never heard of.
    I know big names like Kuching, Miri, Sibu etc.
    But it would be a lot more fun to discover little places too.

    1. That’s a small town, an hour’s drive from Sibu but it is big now, the capital of its own division. Here, we have divisions comprising of several districts. No divisions over at your side, just districts in each state.

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