Wrong is right…

My girl was delighted when the mum told her that she would cook Sarawak laksa last Friday, our no-meat day. Usually, I would be the one doing everything but since she said she would do that, I just let her do it.

She did go out two days earlier as there were things running out in the house and she had to go and buy those. While she was at one of the neighbourhood shops, she simply grabbed one of the laksa sambal paste and it turned out that it was not the usual brand that I would always use. I always stick to the helang (eagle) brand but I’ve heard of people going for the parrot one.

The one that my missus bought was neither one nor the other but the label and the colours are more or less the same as the aforementioned two – I don’t know why they do that! It said A1 but there was no mention of where it was made, just that it was packed by this place here in Sibu. Well, since she had bought it already, she decided to go ahead and use it.

We had most of the ingredients in the freezer…

…so when I got up early that morning, I took them out to defrost – some of the prawns from the 5 kilos I bought that day and the mussels and seafood tofu, left over from our steamboat dinner last month.

My missus also bought some taugeh (bean sprouts) when she went out that day, a bit too early, I must say so I had to remove not only the tails but parts that had turned a little brown. I think those were what was left over from that morning so there were a whole lot of those short bits at the bottom that I just threw away. In the end, after blanching in hot water, there wasn’t all that much left…

…but that was more than enough – after all, we did not need a lot, just a bit for garnishing prior to serving.

I did go out that morning to buy the tofu puffs…

…that my girl seems to like a lot in her laksa. They do give those at the laksa shops and stalls here but no, you will never find anyone doing that in Kuching. It is just not a standard condiment in the dish.

I also bought some daun sup (Chinese celery)…

…that I chopped ready for use later and my missus fried some omelette and sliced…

…but she did not add any salt or msg so it was rather bland.

She soaked some bihun in boiling water to soften and soon, everything was ready. We put everything in a bowl…

…and poured the broth over everything and ate with the sambal belacan my missus pounded and a squeeze of calamansi lime juice…

Yes, it was very nice – the wrong laksa sambal paste that my missus bought turned out all right, after all. I sure would not mind using this brand when I cook this next time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Wrong is right…”

  1. Yes, over here there is no tofu puffs in our laksa but it is not wrong to add anything extras and which you like in your laksa. Like I always say the broth is still the most important thing in a bowl of laksa. Your bowl of laksa with all the extra ingredients looks great. I would enjoy as much as you do.

    1. Yes, like the broth in Kuching, not so lemak. Here, they like the Sarawak laksa VERY lemak. In the end, something like the Singapore nyonya laksa. My cousins in Kuching do not like it like that – like curry, they said…and they always frown at the tofu puffs that we always add just because my girl loves those.

      Here, you will find them adding a lot of things at some places, even pig innards. I’m not into those in Sarawak laksa, thank you very much.

    1. We cook our own these days. There is just one place here where we feel the Sarawak laksa is more authentic, more like the nice ones in Kuching…but of course, they do not give you a whole lot of ingredients on top.

      The thing is we are #stayingsafe #stayingwell #stayinghome so we do not go around dining in anywhere outside plus this place that we like often appears in the list where there have been positive cases, possibly because it is very popular and a lot of people go there. Best avoided, such places!

  2. I have not seen instant Sarawak laksa paste sold here. I have tried once Sarawak laksa from a stall here and it was something quite different from our local curry laksa. Your plate of Sarawak laksa with all the ingredients look very delicious.

    1. Definitely different – it’s not curry like curry laksa…and not so lemak. The late Anthony Bourdain called it The Breakfast of the Gods!!!

      You can order via Shopee or one of those. These days you can buy anything and everything online.

  3. Oh yes, tau pok (tofu puff) is essential in our laksa too.
    But we put blood cockles instead of mussels.
    Laksa leaves instead of coriander for us.
    No eggs either.
    The rest is pretty much the same.

    The most unusual laksa I’ve ever had is from Terengganu.
    The soup base is creamy white.

    1. Daun kesum or laksa leaves – I have those in my garden but no, we do not add those to our Sarawak laksa…not like your Singapore/Melaka nyonya curry laksa. The two are worlds apart actually!

      I’ve never tried Terengganu’s laksa – they say it is similar to Penang’s asam laksa…but I’ve tried their laksam. The gravy is creamy white too, very nice!

  4. I think taupok is a must in laksa as it can drench in the goodness of the broth and let us squeeze it out in our mouth. 😀

    1. Can add all that you want. Part of the fun is in the preparation and part of the satisfaction is in the eating especially when the end result turns out so good!

    1. That’s not the laksa sambal paste for cooking the broth. That’s sambal belacan – it is always served with Sarawak laksa.

      We have run out of the out-of-this-world Bintulu belacan so we are using the Penang one – not so nice, too salty, cannot add a lot so the colour is not the same as what we would usually have.

    1. Oh? I thought they look pretty normal, not like the ones in Ipoh. They say theirs are special, soaked in the waters from the mountain springs or something.

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