The other day, my girl and her mum made these beauties…

…for afternoon tea.

That brought to mind one of the episodes in the Singapore hit comedy series where the very pretentious, class-conscious sister-in-law, Margaret, was going on and on about these traditional English culinary delights and that prompted Phua Chu Kang to ask the mother, “Ah Ma! What are scones?” LOL!!! This was probably before I went to Plymouth in the UK in 1994 but yes, I did know at the time what scones were, thankfully. I am quite sure, however, that I had never tried any before at the time.

If I remember correctly, the first time, maybe the only time, I had the opportunity to enjoy an authentic traditional Devon cream tea was when we were invited to one during our courtesy visit to the Mayor of Plymouth. It was love at first bite, that first time when I had those extra rich buttery scones with clotted cream and fruit jam. I had coffee, of course – all my life, I have always been a coffee person, not so much into tea.

We do not have any place serving that here, not then and not now…or none that I know of so upon coming home, I never had it again. I think I did see some at some bakeries…

…in town and I did try one or two but no, they came nowhere near. Probably they did not use butter and the texture and everything were not quite there. I never bothered to buy any of those pathetic ones ever again after that.

I did see some when I was in Auckland, New Zealand…

…but I did not order any to try and I did not get to try the ones at the English Tea House in Sandakan either but a cousin of mine in Kuching sent me two…

…very nice ones that were just like the real thing that I had in the UK – I sure loved them a lot even though I did not have them with clotted cream and fruit jam and I kept praising them to the skies. Seeing that, my very dear friend, since deceased, went and bought some…

…for me (in the paper bag) so I was able to have another round of those.

I came across this recipe on Facebook and I sent it to my girl but of course, I did not insist that she made some for me. The headline reads, “Teringin nak makan scone? Wanita tinggal di luar negara ini tunjukan cara. Rupanya guna 3 bahan. Mudah nak buat.” (Translation: Yearning to eat scones? Lady living overseas shows the way. Using 3 ingredients, it seems. Easy to make.)

No, they did not follow that recipe that day, my girl and her mum – they used another one that the latter stumbled upon from somewhere else and of course, we were elated that they turned out so so so good…

The texture was perfect – so crusty and crumbly and with the irresistible rich buttery fragrance, it was virtually impossible to stop at just one or two.

I did see them selling clotted cream once at that supermarket in town but no, we did not bother to go out of our way to go there and buy – they most probably do not have it anymore. We just had the scones with butter and the lovely no-sugar-added roselle jam…

…that my sister-in-law made and gave to us.

I sure enjoyed them to the max and the ladies were no less excited over their success. The fruits of their labour had turned out so well and they kept singing their praises. Hopefully, they will make some more sometime soon in the not-too-distant future.

Author: suituapui

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12 thoughts on “Scones…”

  1. I do see those scones sold at some of the bakeries and I did buy to try. They are not buttery fragrance, maybe not using Golden Churn butter, my guess. The texture is a bit too dry and hard which is not to my liking and that is the only time I have scones.

  2. Not my cup of tea. Tasted buttery scones when I was in London during our breakfast.

    Somehow I like cream puff more. Lol. My hubby’s staff gave us 2 packs of cream puff last week, mostly went to my tummy. I didn’t take any shot of it but it was nice and soft.

    1. They’re two different things. Cream puffs, many cannot get the pastry right…and many will just use cake icing not the rich and creamy egg custard filling, something that the ladies in the house are not fond of, unfortunately – that is why I seldom buy egg tarts. Most that we have at the bakeries here are disappointing – there may be some made-to-order good ones but they are so so so expensive.

      I’d much sooner go for scones – I enjoy them a lot more, rich, buttery, crumbly, so fragrant! I can’t remember the name of that place in Kuching where my cousin got those very nice ones for me, dunno still in business or not. Those were really good – I guess the ones at the regular bakeries are like the ones at the bakeries here. Don’t bother!

  3. I love scones! I would often have it for breakfast and I rarely have breakfast. I also have them with coffee. But the ones I really love is not the traditional scone. French Baker in Manila has a chocolate chip scone, it’s harder than a traditional scone but I love it so much, they have a somewhat flaky top it reminds me of a mooncake bread but with chocolate chips 🙂 Until now, I would have dreams about them. In those dreams, I would often try to get to French Baker to buy them and when I was finally there, I would wake up or it would change to a different scenario. That’s how I love that one.

    1. French Baker? Probably those would be French scones, different from English scones. I read somewhere that so many kinds of English scones actually. So far I’ve tried the authentic traditional Devon ones only and I love it so much.

  4. We had some great English scones and tea at Ye Olde Smokehouse, in Cameron Highland. Back here in the lowland, we don’t know where to get good scones, so far haven’t tried any.

    1. I went to Cameron once, did not go to that place. I went to the English Tea House on top of a hill in Sandakan – they say the scones are great but I did not get to try when I was there. My friends wanted to take me some place else for dinner so they did not want me to eat anything in the meantime. Missed the chance.

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