You’ve got the look…

I had just finished writing my post on my bottles of Bovril that day when I received a call from my sister telling me that she would be coming over to my house.

Much to my surprise, when she came, she gave me this…

One glance at it and you will know what it is instantly, of that I am pretty sure. I must say it sure has got the look, the shape of the bottle, the black colour and all that red in the label and the cover as well.

Well, this is the Taiwanese version of Bovril, real beef, I hear but I really can’t tell as other than the three at the top, I can’t read a word of what is on the label at the back…

– it’s all Greek to me! My sister told me that her friend got this online and was selling it at over RM32.00, almost the same as the vegetarian one I blogged about earlier but this is a slightly bigger bottle, 500 gm while that one is only 470 gm. and of course, it is a whole lot cheaper than the two that I bought with real beef paste from the supermarket here.

She did hear from people that it is very nice but since I have just started with my bottle, the vegetarian one, the other day, I guess I shall have to wait till I have finished that one first before opening this one to try. I went and googled and found that it is only available online but they do have it at a place called Hock Seng Trading in Miri, going for RM19.90 (original price RM25.90). Gee!!! It sure looks like they do make quite a bundle doing this online business thing!

Ah well!!! Looking on the bright side, at least I do not have to scrimp and save and use sparingly now to stretch the existing bottle to make it last as long as possible. LOL!!!

My sister also gave me these…

…to try that day.

Her ex-student has gone into this home baking business and she asked her to try her sio bao (baked meat buns/dumplings)…

I must say that we liked them a lot. The pastry was great, nice and crusty and crumbly and she was very generous with the filling…

…and it tasted good too except that it was a tad too salty. She probably would have to do something about that to get it just right.

As they are reasonably priced at RM2.00 each, I sure wouldn’t mind buying from her to keep and heat up to enjoy as and when we feel like having them.

Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “You’ve got the look…”

  1. The sio bao looks good and reminds me of the famous sio bao from Kai Joo lane. Have not had it for a long time as I seldom venture into the town centre and parking is such a pain in the town area. We have them at one of the kopitiam near our place, have try and not nice.

    1. Yes, the relative at Rubber Road also made, the same they all said but no, I did not think theirs were that nice.

      With the pandemic, I would expect traffic in the city to be lighter, not so many people. In fact, I did notice that it was not so crowded even before the pandemic. Too many new places opening up, all flocked there, I suppose…nobody came to town,

      No, these came nowhere near Kai Joo’s. They were crusty, in other words, hard or on the outside, at least, crumbly inside…but not as hard as some, and the filling is more like the Seremban ones. Kai Joo’s pastry is crumbly, not crusty and the filling is in a world of its won, so good!

    1. Yes, especially when they have no income and the prices of things are going up and up. Good that they are trying to work things out on their own and not sit and wait for free handouts from the government…and those were the first to go off some place on a holiday the moment they opened the borders. Thought they said they had no money? No sense of priorities!

  2. Ha ha… It’s Baoril not Bovril, but the font and colour used in packaging are convincing enough to fool someone who doesn’t pay enough attention to small details.

    I use Marmite on Welsh rarebit, top it with some chutney. It’s heavenly delicious.
    Easy snack to make too.

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