Make it last…

It didn’t last too long, did it? I bought two small bottles of Bovril, the real thing with “high protein beef paste”…

…in May this year and when we had porridge the other day, I finished the second bottle. That did not even last half a year, it seems…and they did not come cheap, RM25.50 a bottle, over RM50.00 for the two.

I never took note of the price when I bought a bottle before but I can vaguely remember that it was always over RM20.00 each. I remember that one time in 2018 when there was a promotion and I got a bottle for only RM26.00…

…and that came with a small one valued at RM10.50 a bottle absolutely free.

Never mind what the price was, it was very difficult getting hold of any when stocks ran out. I usually got mine from one of my neighbourhood shops and when none was forthcoming and they told me about the ones available at a supermarket in town, I finally managed to grab the two small bottles that I mentioned earlier.

Not long after that, I was at another one of my neighbourhood shops and some guy came and asked if they had any Bovril and they said they had. Initially, he was reluctant to buy as they only had the big bottles (470 gm)…

…but since they did not have anything smaller, he bought one in the end.

I was at that shop again not too long ago and I saw that they only had a few bottles left (though there were still quite a number of bottles of Marmite) so I decided to grab one and store in my pantry. However, I don’t think there is any cause for worry anymore nowadays as I saw that they had fresh stocks at the other neighbourhood shop where I used to get mine before and somebody told me that unlike earlier in the year, it is easily available everywhere now, even in some pharmacies in town.

I wonder if they can get it in Australia now – that day when I shared something on Facebook, my cousin in Perth said that it was not available there, the vegetarian version…

– out of stock! The real beef ones have been banned for a long time now, she said – they have always been very strict about food imports, meat especially, Australia and New Zealand. Of course you will not find any beef in the list of ingredients, just yeast extract like in the case of Marmite but I am not too concerned as they have managed to ensure that the taste stays more or less the same.

They are still made in the UK…

…unlike many products that are now manufactured in Malaysia, MILO, for instance and many will tell you that it is not as nice as the Australian ones which, of course, are a lot more expensive.

Nevertheless, I was rather shocked to see the current price…

…these days. Gosh!!! No wonder they are kept in glass cabinets under lock and key in some shops and supermarkets. That is around £5 in their currency or AUD$10.00 – I wouldn’t know whether the people there would consider that affordable or otherwise.

We sure can feel the pinch here and seeing how the expiry date is not until this month next year, I certainly would not be so generous with it when I toss my Bovril mee sua

…or Bovril mee kua/mee sanggul

…or when I add some to my porridge to make it last for as long as I can.

KIM TAK MINI SUPERMARKET is located along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the left of the parking area – AH KAU CAFE (2.316346, 111.839861) and LOUIS BAKERY LW.Pattisserie (2.316411, 111.839847) are located in that same block to the extreme left and KIM WON CHINESE MEDICAL STORE AND MINI-SUPERMARKET is located on the left of the block of shops to the right with Swee Hung (2.316161, 111.840441) and the Bethel Hair Salon at the other end.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Make it last…”

  1. Wow, so expensive. The Supermarket where I do my grocery shopping has this Brovil and Marmite on the shelves. As I am not a fan of Brovil or Marmite, I didn’t take note of the prices. Next round, I will take a peek at the prices. I used to buy for my kids to eat with porridge when they are young and they too seem to have no interest in it. Does Your missus and Melissa love it too?

    1. My missus was the one who introduced me to Bovril mee/mee sua. We never had it that way in my family before. Both will eat it but can go without it, not a problem. They will not touch Marmite though – I like that too, not the same.

  2. Not cheap indeed. I don’t buy it since I don’t fancy it’s taste. Rarely eat at home. Hubby did bought small bottle once, hardly use it. Haha. Acquired taste and my kids seemed to follow me, don’t like it. Hehe.

    1. Shocking!!! Prices are spiralling up these days. You go and buy now, go back again in a week’s time, it has gone up by say, 20 sen. These are difficult times. I am still o.k. with the increase in prices but many may face difficulty in coping. Hopefully, it will stop soon.

  3. I haven’t had Bovril for ages.
    Marmite is the brand we have at home. But we sometimes buy Tesco own brand Yeast Extract too.
    It’s a lot cheaper than the original Marmite.
    Maybe Tesco Malaysia also stocks its own Yeast Extract?

    1. Oh? You take Marmite? I do like that too but very rare, not many enjoy that…until they started serving Marmite crabs, Marmite prok ribs. I guess more people would have acquired the taste now.

      Usually these supermarts would pack their own products with their own brands including our own Giant and they are a lot cheaper than other brands of the same. The one here closed down long ago though. I did read about Tesco in Malaysia closing down too, dunno if there are any left here. We still have Guardian, the pharmacy, here – they also package their own products, shampoo, hand wash, stuff like that.

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