Chicken fried…

Come to think of it, we hardly ever cook our own fried chicken even though we may tapao some from Colonel Sanders or our own Sarawak franchise once in a long while to eat at home. I suppose that is a good thing as fried chicken, though the favourite of many, is not all that healthy and we should limit the number of times and not go for those that frequently.

Instead, we often roast our chicken…

We just marinate a thigh or two or some chicken wings and put them in the oven to roast/bake. This is definitely a lot healthier than deep frying.

That day, my girl had some free time on her hands so she said she would do the cooking for the day. She marinated the chicken thigh with lemon juice, a bit of evaporated milk and some rosemary and Italian herbs and placed it in a baking tray, lined with aluminum foil, to bake in the oven…

It turned out really nice and for dinner, she roasted another one of the same…

We sure enjoyed our meals that day.

Of course, there are so many ways you can marinate the chicken – it is up to your imagination. As a matter of fact, even if you just rub the meat with salt and pepper, it will be very nice already as you can get to enjoy the sweetness of the meat.

We have the chicken steamed when my missus cooks her most delightful chicken rice and she also has some stir-fry recipes for chicken for instance, the one with potatoes in soy sauce or the one with ang chao (the red lees from the making of the traditional Foochow red wine)…

Otherwise, we can always cook curry…

…with it or one of those delightful Malay(sian) dishes.

Sometimes, we cook chicken soup with char bee lau (the fragrant root) or with seng see, dong quai and all the rest (at times, wrapped and steamed…

…like how they do it at the Chinese restaurants) or with our traditional Foochow red wine and lots of ginger and everything else…

…like what I did the other day for the mee sua (thread/strong longevity noodles) for my girl’s birthday.

Talking about the latter, I did not cook all the chicken, just the thighs and the wings so we still had some of the meat leftover. The other day, I took it and cooked chicken soup with it in that exact same way. We are not fond of the meat (breast) but the soup is nutritious and we do enjoy that. There was some leftover and I also found a tub of bihun in the fridge, pre-soaked to soften – my missus fried some one morning and for reasons unknown, she did not fry all of it. I heated up the soup and had it with the bihun

…for my breakfast. It was all right but I think I prefer mee sua or even hung ngang (the thick bihun).

What about all of you? How do you usually cook and eat chicken in your homes?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Chicken fried…”

  1. Basically, all the chicken dishes mentioned above are the ones I used to cook too. Chicken curry, steamed chicken, and chicken cooked with ginger and soy sauce are the favourite of my family. Most people doesn’t like breast meat but I heard it is the healthiest meat among all other chicken parts.

    1. Yes, in countries overseas, breast meat is the most expensive as it is the healthiest, white meat.

      I love chicken with ginger and soy sauce too, love it with potatoes and Bombay onions added. My missus used to cook it so often that I got quite sick of it but now that she doesn’t cook it all the time, I find myself craving for it sometimes. Comfort food!

  2. I also limit the cooking and eating fried chickens but I do make it at least once every 2 weeks. Most of the time, I would grill it in my flip pan. Save oil, hassle too.

    Today I cooked soy sauce ginger chicken.

    1. Kay bak char kio see, a very common dish in every Chinese household, I’m sure. They had it at Payung once but they took it off the menu eventually. Probably nobody wanted to order as everyone could cook their own.

      Wowww!!! Once every two weeks sounds like very frequent. Better to use an air fryer, I think – no need for any oil.

  3. All your chicken dishes are making me hungry at it is now 1pm and I have not taken lunch yet. Yes, I too cook chicken dishes like these. Roast and steaming are definitely healthier and easier to cook too. Once in a while, we cannot resisting some yummy fried chickens.

    1. What? 1 p.m. and you have not had lunch? So late! I would have died of starvation already! Muahahahahaha!!!!

      We are not really into eating fried chicken – but my girl likes it, young people. Will buy from those franchise places on days when there is no food in the house and we are lazy to cook, don’t mind going for it once in a long while.

  4. I must say that I love chicken and my first preference is fried, though this is may not be healthy. But I say once in a while is fine. Then I love it steamed, stir fried and also in stews and soups. Not forgetting roasted/grilled which I find is the most convenient way to cook and it comes out good every time as long as the marinade is nice.

    1. I do enjoy chicken but it depends on the meat. These days, there are those hormone-fattened ones, the meat is mushy, way too fat and not tasty.

      I do not mind paying more for the premium breeds. The one I bought to cook the soup for the mee sua for my girl’s birthday was over RM50. The seller said it was small – the bigger ones would go up to RM60-70. The meat was very nice though – worth it!

  5. How I miss KFC in Malaysia!
    Here in UK, they only serve the original recipe.
    I prefer the hot and spicy one.
    Besides, they don’t provided chilli sauce like we do in Malaysia.
    Only ketchup, so boring one. 😉

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