I bought a pack of beef, sliced very thinly (RM10.90)…

…and rolled up. We can get these very easily at the meat shops nowadays, ready for use in your steamboat or shabu-shabu/hotpot or to cook in whichever way you want.

I prefer to buy these beef slices as they are very thin and no matter how you cook it, it will not be tough. In the past, I used to buy the meat, imported from Australia and New Zealand and I really did not know which part would be the best. Besides, slicing it would be such a chore and at the end of the day, the meat was too tough and eating it would be such a struggle.

I was thinking of cooking beef soup with the meat, my late mum’s recipe with beef, Bombay onion, potatoes and lots of peppercorn. However, my missus said she would cook it and told me to just leave the meat there and this was what she came out with…

Yes, it was beef soup all right but I don’t think there was any Bombay onion in it and no, there were no potatoes either but yes, it was very nice with the very strong fragrance and flavour of the beef. By dinner time, all of those had gone into the soup and it was absolutely delicious! The meat became quite bland though but it was all right, dipped in my missus’ own homemade chili and ginger dip.

The lobak (radish) made me think of the Korean galbi tang that I like a lot. I was glad that the beef tasted…like beef. We had the Australian wagyu rolls (RM33.50, 300 gm)…

…for our steamboat dinner that day and though it was very nice, very tender, it did not have that beef taste or if it did, we could not tell at all. Yes, I know some people get put off by the smell of beef, lamb, duck, wild boar and so on but that is the thing that makes them what they are. I know somebody who will tell you that without the unique smell and taste, then it is not what it is supposed to be – no need to waste your time (and money) eating it!

Since we enjoyed the soup and the meat that day, I certainly would want to buy it again, RM10.90 for 300 gm so that would be over RM30.00 a kilo. I think that was more or less the going price many many years ago at that Malay fresh beef stall at the Sibu Central Market.

That day, my missus also cooked this bayam (Chinese spinach) with mee kua (mee sanggul)

…a dish that she said they would cook and enjoy in her family during her growing up years.

CCL FRESH MINI MARKET is located at the end of the block to the right of the Grand Wonderful Hotel (2.309601, 111.845163) along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Jalan Pedada).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Slice…”

  1. I for one that is not into beef. Having said that, I do love beef noodles whereas for lamb I don’t think I have ever tasted it. Last time I used to love Ah Mui beef noodles but now I prefer the one from a corner shop in Carpenter street. The meat is so nice and very tender.

    1. Carpenter? Clear soup? I prefer the clear soup ones to those Taiwan-style beef noodles. Rather disappointed with Ah Mui. I liked the Nuromen one that I tried that day.

      1. Yes, China/Carpenter Street, the shop that sell very nice Hakka mee. Theirs is Taiwan-style. I prefer clear soup beef noodles too but sometimes for a change from the usual, I will go for Taiwan-style beef noodles. Simply delicious.. 😋😋

      2. We have a lot of those Taiwan ones in Sibu – will go for it sometimes for a change but of course, must know where to go to for the good ones. We have very few places selling the clear soup ones – one or two good ones, one old school one and the Sabah franchise which isn’t anything to shout about, not like the original in KK, so so so good!

    1. Yes. I noticed that the price is reasonable too, not extra expensive, more or less like what I would have to pay when I used to buy fresh beef at a Malay stall here.

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