Got some…

Teresa and I have always been in touch on Facebook and I would see all the photographs she shares of things that she cooks or makes and that day, she contacted me to see if I was home as she wanted to send these over…

…for me to enjoy.

Teresa is the older sister of a string of sisters…

…all of whom I taught at a former school (not the one where I retired in 2007) I was attached to in the 80’s. I did join the students’ class trip to their family home across the river…

…once and we sure had a great time that day.

She makes those awesome-looking kim kua koi (pumpkin cake) and or koi (yam cake) quite regularly, so much so that I started wondering if she made the ones that I would buy regularly from the nearby fruit and vegetable sundry shop in the next lane from my house. I quite enjoy those! Of course I asked her when she came and she said no. According to her, she only made to enjoy at home and to give to her family and friends, not for sale.

These were the slices of or koi (yam cake)…

…steamed and deep fried and no, one bite into it and I could tell that they were not the same as the ones at the shop. They were not wobbly, like those commercially available ones, some more so than others – an indication of the amount of flour used in the making. Teresa’s are mostly yam and I could feel the texture of the tuber so it was like eating cooked yam.

She also gave me her kim kua koi (pumpkin cake)…

…which were very nice too.

She did forewarn me that they were not salty as they would prefer it that way and I could tell also that she did not add any msg either unlike the ones sold outside.

Thank you so much, Teresa, and thank you also for taking the trouble to send them over to my house. Much obliged!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Got some…”

    1. Small world! If I remember correctly, that’s Pauline and I did teach her in Chung Hua. In fact, I taught all of them except Teresa, the eldest of the sisters.

  1. Wow, both are my favourite kuih especially the yam cake. One look at it, I can tell that it is good as there are chunks of yam. A hot cup of kopi kaw kaw goes well with yam cake or pumkin cake. You are truly blessed like I always say.

    1. Yes, there is a clear difference but beggars can’t be choosers. I will buy those sold outside sometimes provided they are not too wobbly, all flour…and they taste nice.

  2. You’re so lucky! Teresa even fried those cakes for you.
    I sometimes make carrot (the orange one) cake (savoury) myself since it’s not easy to source white radish.
    The recipe is the same for yam or pumpkin. The most important ingredient, without doubt, is dried shrimp.
    Which is very expensive here and the quality is rather poor.
    That’s why I have to smuggle some to here when I go back to Malaysia. 😉

    1. They’re not cheap here either, those dried shrimps, Last I bought , those regular ones were RM30 a kilo…the straight Rajang ones from Sarawak are selling for RM150.00 a kilo now, I think.

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