Cleaning out my closet…

No, I was not cleaning out my closet. Actually, I was cleaning out my fridge! Well, the other morning, I saw that there were quite a lot of little containers of leftover food in it so I decided to have porridge for breakfast.

I picked these three to go with the porridge…

…the baked beans…

…from my western breakfast not too long ago and one of the salted eggs…

…that my missus cooked one evening when there wasn’t much food left for our dinner.

The baked beans, REX Brand, were not to my liking the first time because they were kind of hard. That was why when I heated them up in the pan, I let them simmer for a bit longer till they were soft. They were not so soft till they were really mushy but still whole – I love my baked beans like that but at least, they were soft so I enjoyed them a lot more this time around.

This was what was left of the salted fish…

…that the nice lady at my favourite fish and seafood stall gave me that day.

My missus took some and soaked them in water for a long time before frying them and it turned out that they were not salty at all….or at best, just a little bit. It was very nice but the next time, we shouldn’t soak it for too long. Salted fish is salted fish – it should be salty.

Everything went so well with the porridge…

…to which I added a bit of Bovril. There wasn’t that much rice left, maybe just two spoonsful so I added a lot of water and let it boil for a very long time. In the end, I did have quite a lot, definitely enough for me.

I certainly enjoyed my porridge breakfast. The last time I had porridge in the morning was in the middle of last month and that was when I went and fried an omelette and some ikan bilis (dried anchovies) to eat with it. I would say that I enjoyed it just as much this time around so I think I will do the same, just finish off the leftovers, the next time I see the need to clean out my…fridge.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Cleaning out my closet…”

  1. Yeah, sometimes with leftover rice I cooked it into porridge too for a change instead of the usual fried rice. Usually I have this few things to choose to have it with the porridge, i.e…pork minced with bean paste, fish with salted black beans, pickled lettuce, salted eggs or salted fish (long kiam hu). All these things are usually ready available in my pantry…LOL!!.. 😊😊

    1. Less hassle, cooking porridge compared to fried rice. I will just stick to what is left over from our meals, sitting in the fridge. Otherwise, an omelette will do fine. Wouldn’t want to open a can of something and when I can’t finish, it will join the rest ,sitting in the fridge. My OCD cannot tahan. LOL!!!

  2. Long time I didn’t cook porridge. Kids don’t eat much (guess they don’t fancy) and always have lots of leftover.
    Never thought of baked beans to go with porridge. My hubby likes baked beans but he never had it with porridge. Usually I cook it in a pan, break an egg into it, give a stir and scramble and a tasty, yummy baked beans dish on the table

    1. Oh? I just heat it up, serve it as a side when having western dishes. First time having it with porridge – nice, went well with it.

      Yes, when I was younger, I hated porridge too because everytime I was sick, I was made to eat porridge…so much so that everytime I ate porridge, I felt I was sick even though I wasn’t!

  3. I haven’t had salted eggs for so long!
    Oh I prefer the wet type salted fish, but they don’t sell this here.
    So I use salted cod (from Jamaica) instead.
    Just add more oil and stir fry some ginger till slightly brown.
    Then, add salted fish till crispy.
    Done! Before serving add some fresh chilli and sugar.

    1. Yes, we only buy the wet ones to enjoy. We call them long kiam hu – they’re the fermented type. I keep a whole lot of stock in an airtight container in the fridge, can take out and fry whenever I feel like it. These dry ones that I had with my porridge were given to me by the nice lady at my favourite fish & seafood stall – she made them herself.

      Wet or dry, we just deep fry in hot oil though, no ingredients added but to serve long kiam hu, we may top with thinly sliced ginger and chili and squeeze calamansi lime juice all over it.

    1. That’s what we’ve been doing, going all the way back to my growing up years. Either Bovril or Marmite. Never heard of Vegemite during those British colonial days.

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