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I saw the photos of the Big Breakfast that my blogger-friend had for lunch and dinner sometime ago (she was MIA for a long while – thank goodness, she’s back) and all this time, I had been contemplating on cooking something like that for myself first thing in the morning. Well, as they say, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” and I never got round to doing that.

Finally, the other morning, at long last, I managed to come out with this…

I guess that looked pretty decent, don’t you think so?

I started by toasting two slices of bread in a non-stick pan and buttered them generously before I put a slice of Cheddar cheese…

…on one slice after which I covered it with the other slice.

Next, I fried an egg and that went on top of the toast…

After that, still using the non-stick pan, I went on to grill the tomato that I had cut into halves…

Oopsss!!! I burnt one of the halves a bit but it did not matter. While I was eating, I just scraped off the black bits with my knife and they all came off very easily. Of course, as a result of that little mishap, I had to wash the pan first or else everything else that I grilled in the pan after that would be “dirty” and unsightly.

The next thing that went in was the sausage…

…followed by the slices of bacon…

…and lastly, I heated up a bit of baked beans and served it by the side…

…before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Now, “where do I begin?” What do you think? Did I start off with the bacon…

…first before going on to something else? Come, make a guess!

Yes, I did enjoy the breakfast but somehow or other, I did not think that I enjoyed it as much as when I had something similar in countries overseas. Was it because of their milder, colder climate…or was it because those same ingredients abroad were nicer…or was it how they prepared theirs? Personally, I think I would prefer something local, something simpler perhaps and go for this once in a (long) while sometimes for a change.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Start here…”

  1. I salute you for your effort to make this nice Big breakfast. It looks really good and I like all the things in the platter. Yes, I guess you start off with the bacon.

  2. Hearty big breakfast. A lot of works though so I seldom cook at home. Haha. But when family enjoys your cooking, it worth all the sweat and hard work in the kitchen.

    1. I suppose so but not when it is all for myself alone – I would settle for something simpler and faster to prepare, just eat and be done with it. I’m not fussy.

  3. The big breakfast that you did there looks pretty good! If you put in some sliced mushrooms, it could have been like those in cafes or hotels! HAHA

  4. Wow! Your big breakfast plate looks yummy! It involves a lot of work especially for morning breakfast. Easier to just buy breakfast after morning walk because by then our tummies will be growling away. If it rains in the morning, then maybe I will cook this big breakfast.

    1. I do not go out in the morning but if I do venture to the nearby shops in the next lane a bit earlier than usual, I do see a lot of people doing their shopping and marketing after their morning exercise. You’re not alone, eh? LOL!!!

  5. Ooohhh…your Big Breakfast platter looks so much better than mine! I would start with the egg then the bacon and then sausages. I would guess you went with the egg first but I read in your reply to the comments above that you started with the sausage.

    1. Nah!!! Yours look so good, I would say even nicer than mine.

      LOL!!! I was saving the bacon and the egg to put in between the two slices of bread and eat as a sandwich so I ate the sausage first – cylindrical, not quite the right shape to go in a sandwich unless it’s a hot dog bun. That means that I ate the tomato with the baked beans last.

  6. I haven’t had full breakfast for so long!
    Did you try black pudding while you were here in England?
    Don’t think you can get that in Malaysia.

    In Scotland, they also have white pudding, which is rather rare here.

    1. No, vaguely remember hearing about it, never came across it before, black or white.

      I loved the English breakfast at the B&Bs where I stayed here and there in the UK, all the sausages, ham and bacon and eggs…and all the toast I could eat. So very nice!

      1. Eating English big breakfast normally we will use fork and knife. Think about it when we hold fork and knife in our hand, what will we do? Common sense tell me most people will cut the sausage first and have a bit before go for the others.

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