One only…

Yes, I did go to the fruit & vegetable sundry shop in the next lane from my house to buy ONE mooncake, just one – one only…

For one thing, these things are sweet and I am presently on a low sugar diet so I should not be eating them. Well, I bought one so as to preserve the tradition, our culture, our heritage of eating mooncakes in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival.

I like these local homemade ones especially those with the black sesame filling…

…but unfortunately, the person making did not make any this year so I had no choice but to settle for the pek tau sar (mung bean paste)…

For whatever reason, my missus cannot eat the red bean paste ones as everytime she eats anything with that filling, she will feel giddy and her head will start spinning. Probably, it’s some kind of allergy. They only have these two types of filling plus another one with the kuaci (melon seeds), peanut and all kinds of seeds – I never liked that one since young so of course, I did not bother to buy it.

The mooncake…

…was selling at RM6.00 each which was a whole lot cheaper than those branded ones “imported” from West Malaysia. I did not see any at the neighbourhood shops and I have not ventured to the major supermarkets in town so I do not know if they had those there or not this year. They used to sell them there but times are hard and probably, they did not order any for fear that nobody will buy and they will end up stuck with boxes and boxes of those.

Sadly, these local ones seemed to have dropped in quality this year. I do not mind it one bit if the traditional mooncake skin is thick – you can see from the above photos that it was not that thick before. As a matter of fact, I actually enjoy eating the pastry used to make the skin. Some people make such a fuss, insisting that it must be paper thin and frankly, if that is the case, they might as well eat the filling and forget about the skin completely.

Unfortunately, the skin of the one I bought that day was a bit coarse and rather hard and dry, not as nice as I remember it to be…and it was quite sweet. If I throw in another 50 sen, I can go and buy my favourite Sibu Foochow pek guek tong chiew peah (Eighth Month Mid-Autumn Festival biscuits) which would not be so sweet and I would have a lot more to enjoy.

Incidentally, I was watching a show on “Festival Foods” on the AEC Channel on TV and the episode was on the Mooncake Festival. Much to my surprise, they were showing them making the mengandungi-lemak-babi 面茶 (miàn chá)/ 福州 (Foochow) cookies

Photo from their Facebook page

…somewhere in West Malaysia. I went and googled and found the Facebook page of a biscuit factory in Ayer Tawar New Village in Perak and yes, they make those biskut tikus (rat tail biscuits) too. We also have those here but we’re not fans of the biscuits. That is why I never buy them nor have I blogged about them.

Ah well! Like what I said right from the start, this was to preserve the tradition, our culture, our heritage so I guess it is perfectly all right, buying and eating one only once a year.

These mooncakes were available at SWEE HUNG (2.316161, 111.840441) which is located along Jalan Ruby, in the block of shops on the right – next to the Bethel Hair Salon at the extreme end…and on the other end, to the left is the Kim Won Chinese Medical Store and Mini-supermarket.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “One only…”

  1. My son bought a box back from a HK grocery store, 8 pieces for $25… small round ones with one yolk… 4 red beans and 4 lotus…. now as I am writing this, I feel like taking one… hahaa…

    1. So cheap!!! Not like those branded ones from your side of the country, daylight robbers, all of them!!! I used to buy as gifts for my parents and my in-laws. Now that they’re all gone, I will never buy anymore. Did not see any this year…but maybe it’s because I’m avoiding all the major supermarkets. #staysafe #staywell #stayhome

  2. I am not a fan of those mooncakes with all kinds of seeds too. My favourite is pure lotus and pandan flavour from Cosway beside our local made hong chio pia. I still got 4pcs of very small snowskin mooncakes in the fridge which my sons bought for me.

    1. Yes, I like pure lotus most of all, so so with pandan…but if no lotus paste like these homemade ones, pek tau sar will do. No snowskin for me, thank you very much.

  3. I don’t think I ever tasted these Foochow biscuit.

    So far the mooncakes I have this year are nice. Not overly sweet. Soft too.

  4. Surprisingly, this year we had more moon cakes than we should but they were mostly gifted to us. When I was in primary school, I used to spend my holidays in Ayer Tawar (my bro-in-law’s hometown). I love the kompia with meat filling.

    1. Yes, they are the same as the Sitiawan kompia – with meat, not the same as the ones here. Some people love those, others prefer the ones here. The kampua mee is also different.

      Lucky you! Except for the gelato mooncakes, nobody else gave me any which may be a blessing in disguise as I am supposed to be on a low sugar diet. Gotta go back to that now that the festival is over.

    1. Oh? I wouldn’t say they are rich but sweet, yes! Very very sweet…even the so-called low sugar ones. That is why I did not mind thicker skin, helps to balance the sweetness a bit.

    1. It was quite obvious from the texture and the taste of the skin and the filling that the quality this year paled in comparison to the previous year but I only wanted to observe and preserve the tradition so one was good enough for me, never mind that it was not all that great, no need for any fuss.

      At a time like this, I sure would not want to go all over town in search of something better. I know there is one Famous Bakery – the mooncakes are as good as the branded ones in the peninsula (not cheap either)…and people kept telling me about one old school place, best known for its kompia.

  5. I did not buy any mooncakes for myself this year and only enjoyed the ones that my brother gave me. Somehow I just was not in the mood. Maybe next year LOL!

    1. I just bought one. We did not have a dinner even, unlike previous years – just had one, a steamboat dinner, for my girl’s birthday so that was it – two in one. I guess a lot of people were not in the mood this year – not many sharing photographs on Facebook of what they ate.

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