Just in case it rains…

I went out to my favourite fish & seafood stall near my house on Thursday morning because we had run out of fish and prawns in the house. There was only one ikan terubok and nobody seemed all that keen to eat that – I guess after all this time when we could not get hold of any, suddenly we had one too many so I decided to just let it sit in the freezer for a while before we would finish it off once and for all.

The weather was fine that day, bright and sunny. I went out a day earlier just in case it rained on Friday, our no-meat day and I hate going out in the rain. Unfortunately, there were no prawns available, just the farmed ones but I did not want those. Thankfully, there were quite a lot of medium-sized sotong (squid), RM15.00 a kilo…

…so I asked the nice lady to pick the bigger ones for me. I suppose there was more than 1 kilo – I paid RM20.00 for it after she rounded up the total. My girl would be delighted, I was sure of that because she loves sotong but the mum would be busy the rest of the morning, cleaning them before putting them away in the freezer.

The next morning, she took them out to cook some sambal sotong

…because my girl asked for that and some nasi lemak

…to go with it.

I was delighted, of course, as I’ve seen my blogger-friends in the mainland buying nasi lemak to enjoy and the last time I had a decently good one was in July. I am not all that keen on going to the kampung area to grab some as everyday, I would see the names of the roads there in the list of places where there have been positive cases. Obviously, that part of town is best avoided, #staysafe #staywell.

Yes, my missus’ rice was very lemak, so very nice and it went so well with the sambal sotong

…too. She sure can do it well and it’s the same with her chicken rice too – nicer than any in town!

It was a good day too, Friday, so I headed to the neighbourhood shops near my house, in the next lane. There weren’t any vegetables that tickled my fancy so I just bought some more dabal seluang

That would be ideal as an alternative and anyway, we had cucumber with the nasi lemak as well.

We sure enjoyed our lunch and dinner that day but I missed the usual condiments that we would get whenever we have nasi lemak – the kacang (peanuts) and the fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies). I guess at a time like this, we just have to be happy with what we can get and pray that times will get better…soon.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Just in case it rains…”

  1. Just that plate of sambal sotong is enough to make me have extra plates of rice.Best with piping hot white rice. Drown the rice with the gravy. Ummpph

  2. Your missus Nasi lemak with sambal sotong was good-looking, I would love it!!!

    Here, best avoided the kampungs, RPR area. Thanks we are no where that near. And tests were all delayed and backlogged, so the sudden increase in cases. I guess not only hospitals are exhausted, the labs also overworked from all those testing work. Sigh.

    1. The statistics are mind-boggling, 3K over, up to 5K…back to 3K and suddenly, yesterday, 1K only. I guess we shouldn’t trust those figures too much, can be manipulated to some people’s advantage. Just have to take care of ourselves, wear masks, observe physical distancing, #staysafe #staywell #stayhome.

      Yes, we see all the clusters at the kampung-kampung, all the rumah-rumah. Sad. Definitely not going anywhere near those places!

  3. Yum yum, that sotong sambal looks so good to have it on its own.
    Or just with plain rice.
    I love sotong too! Especially butter deep fried sotong 🙂 Better than calamari here.
    It’s odd here, they only serve you the rings, you never get the head and tentacles.

    We usually have sotong with onions in dark soya sauce.

    1. Yes, we love sambal sotong. Deep fried battered ones are called salad sotong here – served with mayonnaise, my girl’s favourite. They do serve sotong with dark soy sauce, lots of onion and dried chili at the Chinese restaurants here. We do go for that sometimes too.

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