I can’t put my finger on it…

This brand of instant noodles, mi goreng (fried noodles)…

…needs no introduction but they state it very clearly on the pack/packet that it’s special…

My missus bought a pack so one morning, I decided to give it a try. I have not had/bought it for a long time so I am not sure if this wrapper is brand new or it has been like that for a while now.

Inside, you can find the noodles as usual but this is special…

There is the sachet with three compartments where they give you the shallot oil, the dark soy sauce and the chili sauce and while you will usually get just the seasoning in the other sachet, this one has an extra compartment with the bawang goreng (fried onions).

I emptied the contents of the sachets into a plate…

…and I was intrigued by the look of the fried onions. They looked like crushed peanut (kacang tumbuk) to me.

I boiled the noodles till cooked/soft and tossed them with everything in the plate. In the meantime, I took one of the sausages…

…that I bought sometime ago but for reasons unknown, my girl had not bothered to eat them for breakfast. Normally, she would be so into these things but of course, she had the (more expensive) gourmet ones that the mum bought for her to enjoy – I guess she wanted to finish those first.

I fried the sausage lightly in a non-stick pan and an egg as well to go with the noodles…

I spread the white thinly in the pan and folded it over the yolk, still nice and runny, to serve so it would not take up so much space and bury everything underneath it.

Yes, I did enjoy it and it did taste a little bit different from the usual, just a little bit. In fact, it was so little that I could hardly detect it so I would not say it was so overwhelmingly special to make it stand out a cut above the rest. It’s not expensive – RM3.80 for a pack of 5 but considering that the regular and this other Indonesian brand are only RM3.00 a pack, I would just settle for those instead. After all, they are nice too.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “I can’t put my finger on it…”

  1. Although your add-on is just a lightly fried sausage and an egg it really makes the instant noodles look good. Simple and yet delicious.

  2. I don’t usually have Indo Mie. So I can’t really compare.
    But I do like Indonesian food though, not so easy to come across in London.
    I especially miss nasi padang the most.

    1. Yes, I so love nasi Padang. Enjoyed it so so so much when I was in Singapore, 1973! I think they have a nice place selling that in Kuching but I’ve never been. They said the food was so nice but a lot of flies. Eyewwww!!!!

    1. This brand is good without adding anything but noodles are all carbs. I would want a bit of protein or I would go hungry very fast and I sure would not mind a bit of vegetable too, – slices of tomato or cucumber perhaps..

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