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We go back a long way, back to the days when he and his brother were running this very successful place. Yes, I loved quite a lot of things on their menu and of course, their mille crepes, their chocolate lava cake, the crème brûlée and their macarons. He opened another place serving awesome gelato and that too was well-received and it was followed by another outlet serving some really delightful stuff and all the aforementioned desserts as well as the gelato.

I managed to drop by the latter in February last year and if you go and read the post, I was taken by surprise when I wanted to pay for all that we had and I was informed by the girl at the counter that the boss had paid for everything – it was all on him and other than that, the girl said that he wanted us to pick the gelato of our choice for dessert. Of course, I felt real bad and refused the invitation considering that we already had a free lunch!

Unfortunately, in March that year, the pandemic broke out and the whole town was locked down for months. We have never really recovered since then and all this while, I have not gone back there except for this one time in May this year when I ordered a few items on their menu to take home to celebrate my missus’ birthday and Mother’s Day. He did contact me then asking me for my house address as he would like to let me try some of their gelato, the new flavours but I politely declined, saying that we would surely drop by when the situation improved (and sadly, to this date, it never did – getting WORSE by the day) and I would sample some then.

Then, the other day, out of the blue, in the evening, a car pulled up outside my gate and out came a young boy with a bag full of a lot of things that he passed to me and he insisted on taking my photograph holding that, with one thumb up! Imagine my surprise when he told me who had sent it – this time around, he did not tell me he would be sending things over and I really do not know how he got my house address, not that I mind that one bit but truly, I find it quite embarrassing when folks send me freebies. So very shy lah!

So what was in that bag that day? There was this beautiful exclusively designed box…

…of these very special mooncakes…

…and actually, to say that they are special would be an understatement. These are Italian ice cream (gelato) fine mooncakes, their own creations – not anything that one can get anywhere and anytime we like, just here.

He also sent me these little tubs of gelato…

…to enjoy and there was a special handwritten note from him…

…in the box too. Isn’t that so very sweet of him, a special treat for the Mid-Autumn (Mooncake) Festival!

Of course, we made room in the freezer to store all of these – we would want to save them for my girl’s birthday at the end of this week on the 17th/18th and also for the festival on the 21st. However, we simply could not resist it so we took one out to try – the pistachio with raspberry yolk mooncake…

it was wrapped in a layer of chocolate with a thin layer of something outside – my missus said it was chocolate but it was pink! Perhaps it was fondant, I’m not too sure.

Inside, there was pistachio ice cream with the raspberry yolk in the centre…

Boy! The taste was simply out of this world, so so so very nice and all of us loved it so much that we were actually tempted to try some of the rest as well but we managed to control ourselves.

In the meantime, my girl did try the gelato on another day – the Biscoff’ Cheesecake and she let me sample a teeny weeny bit. Yes, we enjoyed it a lot, very strong on the delightful cheese taste and that of the Biscoff came across a little like salted caramel which is something that is always to our liking..

I shared the photographs on Facebook and a friend, a retired teacher like me, commented and said that their ice cream mooncakes were super yummy and yes, I couldn’t agree more. Thank you so so much, Anthony, for this very special treat – it is indeed most thoughtful and generous of you. May God bless you abundantly and here’s wishing you every success in all your ventures and endeavours.

NICA+ or NICA PLUS (2.296883,111.825859) as it is called, is located at No, 18 & 20 Lorong Intan 6, on the ground floor of the block of shops to the right of the Old Sing Kwong Supermarket (Kin Orient Plaza) along Jalan Tun Abang Hj Openg, directly below the Kimchee Korean Bar.BQ restaurant on the first floor. For orders and inquiries, please WhatsApp Nica Plus

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18 thoughts on “Send it to me…”

  1. These days we have all kinds of mooncakes. The other day my daughter in KL ordered mooncakes from a home-made base in Kuching and get them to deliver to me. Oh my, they are so small, the smallest mooncakes I ever see in my entire life, only 4 cm in diameter and 3cm in height and mind you, they cost a bomb. RM30 for a box of 4 small mooncakes. Nothing to shout about though. I like those pure lotus, red bean and golden pandan mooncakes from Cosway. They aren’t overly sweet.

    1. Yes, we have all kinds of mooncakes these days and so far, there was none that I liked…and no, they did not come cheap!!!

      These gelato ones are an exception to the rule, so very nice – after all, who doesn’t love ice cream…but I guess it depends on the flavours. We tried the Swiss chocolate gelato yesterday – it did not impress us much as it was…chocolate, nothing more, nothing less and a little bitter too.

  2. All these flavours are so uniquely exquisite.
    I would like to have a frozen pulut hitam with coconut cream mooncake custom made just for me.
    Seri muka ice cream mooncake is not bad either.

    1. Dunno if you have it there or not. This guy went to Singapore to attend a course conducted by some French people on making gelato and came back with the equipment and everything to make the Italian ice cream. Very nice and yes, his business is doing very well.

    1. Gotta control myself! I should be on a low-sugar diet. Made it an exception for the festival – now that it is all over, I’ve gone back to my low-sugar everything again.

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