Tell your mom…

My girl saw somebody’s photos of this dish…

…on Instagram so she told her mum to give it a try since that somebody did include the recipe as well.

Usually, we would either have bitter gourd fried with salted egg

…or cooked in an omelette

…and yes, we do get bitter gourd stuffed with fish paste in yong tofu

…or we stuff it with minced meat and either have it steamed (some with black beans added) or cook it as a soup.

We had it once here with tau cheo/fermented beans…

…and all those prawns, sotong (squid) and chicken and it was really very nice.

There are a few places in town where they serve bitter gourd bihun, soup

…and yes, I do enjoy that sometimes for a change.

Anyway, going back to this one that we had that day, if you look closely, there were some carrot, black fungus and tang hoon (glass noodles) in the minced meat stuffing…

…and yes, we really liked the taste.

I absolutely loved the delightful clear soup with the pork bone stock plus the minced meat in the filling and there was a hint of the bitterness of the bitter gourd…

The vegetable, however, was a tad too bitter but we were fine with it.

This certainly is a recipe to keep!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Tell your mom…”

  1. I love bittergourd cooked in any way. I like them stuffed and cooked in clear soup too. For one thing, I never mixed tang hoon in the stuffed mixtures and usually only has minced meat with carrot, black fungus or finely chopped mushroom and some fish fish paste to hold them together. I will try your receipe one of these days.

    1. We never did that before either. They saw it in the recipe. Usually we add the tang hoon to the soup when serving, nice to eat with the soup. This way, I felt I could not feel the tang hoon so much, better do it our way.

    1. It was in the recipe my girl stumbled upon. I was not impressed. I would prefer just having the tang hoon in the soup and eating it with the soup, much nicer that way, I’m sure.

  2. Oh I love bitter gourd but this yong tofu with glass noodles recipe is new to me.
    Yong tofu is actually a Hakka dish, we usually use pork not fish paste at home.
    Traditionally, we only stuff tofu, tafu puff, shitake mushroom and caul fat.
    Chilli, lady finger and bitter gourd yong tafu are “new” items.

    There’s place called Kulai in Johore.
    Their bitter gourd soup with pork is really famous.

    1. We only have ONE yong tofu stall in this little Foochow town.
      Yes, the bitter gourd bihun here is served with pork at all places except the one in the photo – that is a serve-no-pork place, theirs is with chicken but it is nice too. Lovely clear soup.

  3. Love the bitter gourd dishes shown here in your post. Bitter gourd is the king of vegetables and it can be cooked any way. I usually do not add tang hoon in the minced meat. Like you said, I would prefer to have the tang hoon in the soup. Bitter gourd with fried noodle tastes nice too. At one time we got bored with bitter gourds when we had home grown bitter gourds.

    1. That’s the problem when you plant your own. I got so sick of my ladies’ fingers…and my sweet potato leaves…and my Brazilian spinach. Now my girl and the mum are planting – I’ve given up already. LOL!!!

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