The good and the bad…

It takes all kinds to make the world – there are the good and unfortunately, there are also the bad. Let’s look at some of the people around us, for instance. Some are very kind, honest and very generous while others may lie through their teeth to get us to buy whatever they are selling. Don’t we know them all?

These days, many people shop online and I am no exception. I did make a number of purchases that went perfectly well like here, here or here and in that last post, I mentioned how I bought those 4XL t-shirts and what I got in the end were way too small for me and I could not use them at all.

Well, the other day, I shared a photo of these pek guek tong chiew peah (8th Month Mid-Autumn Festival biscuits)…

…our traditional Foochow Mooncake Festival biscuits that I had bought, on Facebook and grumbled away that they had increased the price by 50 sen to RM6.50 this year. I did buy the last 3 packs from last year…

…in January for only RM6.00 each.

My cousin in Kuching said that she bought it online, never mind the price since she was craving for it. Obviously she had to pay a lot more than what I had to fork out for mine. Unfortunately, when her order came, this…

…was what she received.

I do know this Sarikei brand, same as the aforementioned, very well and I do enjoy some of their products that are very well-marketed and well-distributed. In fact, they were available in Kuching too but when they told me that some years back and I saw some photographs of the ones at some shops in Padungan, I told them not to bother as they did not MENGANDUNGI LEMAK BABI (contain pork fat). I did buy it myself before, probably by mistake, and I found that it was rather hard, not nice and crumbly and sweeter plus it did not have that lard fragrance so of course, I never bought it again.

The thing was this…

…was what the seller displayed for all to see. Anyone would be able to tell from the double happiness character(s) in the middle that this was a different brand altogether and the seller had excluded the top part of the pack with the brand name from the photograph and in the pack that my cousin received, the phrase MENGANDUNGI LEMAK BABI wasn’t there plus it was not in the list of ingredients either.

To give her the benefit of the doubt, however, perhaps she is one of those who are not really familiar with these things and since they are from the same place (Sarikei) and the price tag is exactly the same, when one is not available, the other one will do. The packaging looks quite similar even!

Of course, my cousin was pissed off by this whole episode and actually, she said she paid double of what I paid for mine. I guess that 9.9 was the price – the seller sure makes a lot for every pack sold – and with the postal/delivery charges, the total was a lot more than that. I think my cousin did make a complaint to the online shopping website concerned – I hope they will blacklist the seller. If you want to go into business, the onus is on you to know your stuff and make customer satisfaction your priority. It’s not all about making money, lots of it! The likes of these sure give online shopping a bad name!!!

Well, if anyone around here is keen on buying the made-in-Sarikei ones that I like…

…they are available at the shop in the next lane from my house or at this bakery in town. Do be on the alert, however, and check before buying because I did notice then, dunno now, that for reasons unknown, there were two varieties (same brand) sold at the bakery – one with lard and the other without.

Kim Won Chinese Medical Store and Mini-supermarket is located on the left of the block of shops to the right along Jalan Ruby, with Swee Hung (2.316161, 111.840441) and the Bethel Hair Salon at the other end on the right.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “The good and the bad…”

  1. These days, online shopping are much well received by people especially during this pandemic where you cannot go out and have your sweet time browsing at the shopping mall. So easy and convenient, just a click and everything is done and you just need to wait for your parcel to arrive. For me, I am not so addicted to online shopping as I have a habit to see the real thing before purchase. I have seen this pek guek tiong chiew piah but I never bother to buy and try as I prefer hong chio piah to this one.

    1. It’s a Foochow thing. It is sold in Kuching these days – infested with Foochows now, not like before so in the past, I don’t think anybody there could get to see it, much less taste it. Something everyone in Sibu would look forward to every year and in the old days, only once a year for the Mooncake Festival. These days, it seems they make for Ching Ming too – people coming home around that time would look for it.

      Of course, those who have moved to the other towns and cities would be craving for it. My cousin in Melbourne says it’s Foochow shortbread, much nicer than Scottish shortbread. Can’t say that I agree with her but I would bring a big box to give to everybody when I went over to Kuching this time of the year.. LOL!!!

  2. Biscuits with lard is nice when they are fresh. The biscuits sounds like what we have here called “hup toh soh”, but they are not the same. Those with lard are crumbly and not hard. These days, many are substituting lard with margarine but the taste and smell are not the same.

    1. Yes, it’s really terrible how people scrimp on the ingredients. In the case of kampua mee, they say lard is expensive so they mix with cooking oil. Of course, the customers can tell and they go elsewhere. There is one shop here famous for very nice coffee – they said butter is expensive so they roast the beans with margarine. Needless to say, their coffee powder is not nice anymore.

      I really do not mind if they increase the price…as long as they maintain the quality.

  3. Another new thing for me!
    I haven’t tried Foochow mooncakes before.
    They are very different to the regular ones we have on the Peninsula.

    Re: pork fat – did you try lardy cake in Plymouth?
    It’s commonly eaten in the South West of England like Dorset, Wiltshire etc.
    I have not been to Plymouth yet, so I am not sure if it’s popular over there.
    Been to North Devon, Exeter and Teignbridge though.

    1. Only in Central Sarawak, where all the Foochows are.

      Didn’t know of any lardy cake in Plymouth. I was not into food or blogging then and besides, things were so so so expensive I hardly bought anything to eat outside. Most of the time, I would buy fresh ingredients and cook my own, a lot cheaper!

  4. From my experience…there are certain things which are cheaper…online…and there are also plenty of things more expensive online after factoring the delivery cost.

    1. I see on Facebook there are people getting free delivery. I dunno how to go about it. Everytime I buy something, the delivery charges, almost as much as the cost of the item bought.

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