Well, this…

…is what it says on the packet and that got me kind of worried as to how spicy it would be. Would it be too spicy for me?

Actually, I saw my ex-student in my English tuition class, now a TESL graduate and an English teacher in her own right, sharing on Facebook something that she tried and she was praising it to the skies. She was watching this Korean man’s Youtube videos and she went and tried his favourite Malaysian instant noodles – Mamee Chef instant noodles lontong flavour and she loved it!

My curiosity aroused, I told myself that I would like to give it a try too so I went rummaging through all the instant noodles that my missus had bought and stocked up in the house but no, she did not buy that one!

I found this…

…instead, another product of that Singapore company but made in Indonesia…

I liked their Mee Goreng Thai Tom Yum Flavour and also their mee pok, dry. I used to enjoy their chicken abalone a lot a long time ago but the one I tried more recently did not quite excite me at all. At best, I would just say it was all right.

Inside, there was just one sachet with the curry seasoning…

…and I had it with one hard-boiled egg and seafood tofu…

…sliced, garnished with chopped daun sup (Chinese celery)…

…and yes, I would say it was nice – I did enjoy it.

It was spicy but the level of spiciness was definitely very manageable, not a problem at all for me and I must say that it did help bring the taste of the dish…

…to a whole new level, nicer than many of the other curry-flavoured instant noodles that we have at the shops and supermarkets.

It isn’t all that cheap though, compared to our Malaysian brands – RM8.50 for a pack of 5, RM1.70 each but that is not surprising at all, something to be expected from a Singapore brand.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Spicy…”

  1. Anything that is too spicy is not meant for me. I think Maggi has this new pack, extra pedas but I never buy to try. I like Mee Daddy curry flavour and has been searching high and low for it. I find it strange that the supermarket that I used to buy my Mee Daddy only has Chicken flavour and none of those curry flavour. As always, your instant noodles looks good and nice presentation too.

    1. I have not looked for Mee Daddy, curry ever since I found that it was not so nice anymore and there are others that are nicer. I think itis easily available at my neighbourhood shops. Maggi kari is nice but no, I did not bother buying the extra pedas to try. Not into that kind of spiciness like in those Korean noodles…or lala hotpots, not anything I would enjoy.

    1. One thing I noticed about Korean noodles is you can just cook as long as you like, the texture will still be firm and nice. They will not turn soft and soggy like most. Not cheap though – I do have a couple of favourites but no, not into all those extra hot ones, thank you very much!

  2. So nostalgic! Growing up in Johore, I still remember their commercial on TV even until now!
    Myojo is very rare here in London, I don’t usually come across this brand to be honest.

    SG dollar is so strong, it makes sense for them to move their factory to Indonesia.
    But then why Indonesia, not Johore? Ha!

    1. If I am not wrong, it was a Japanese company and it had an office/factory based in Kuching a long long time ago and Singapore has bought over the brand. Same thing with China’s Amoy Canning. It’s Singaporean now, Amocan.

      I guess labour cost and everything else is cheaper in Indonesia than in Johore? They say everything in Johore is expensive because of Singapore…like in Miri, Sarawak because of Brunei.

    1. I don’t know if my missus has tried that or not – she bought quite a range. I wouldn’t touch any with a 10-foot pole, not something I would enjoy, thank you very much!!!

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