My girl enjoys pasta a lot more than any of our local noodle dishes. We used to drop by here as she loved their macaroni cheese and my missus and I liked their beef noodles a lot.

It was not a very nice place then – they did not bother to maintain it nicely and after 9 every night, they had Filipino bands performing so when you dropped by the next morning, there would be that stale stench of the previous night’s beer and cigarette smoke…but the food was VERY nice and inexpensive. That was why we kept going back but eventually, they closed down the place for renovations.

It was very nice after that and we could not wait to go back there again when it reopened. Much to our disappointment, they had taken their macaroni cheese off their menu and the very nice and friendly waiter told us not to order their beef noodles – the old chef had left, he said. As a matter of fact, the last time we were there, we felt that the food was so bad that we never went back again…ever!!!

Believe it or not, we have not come across any place serving macaroni cheese since so everytime, my girl wanted to eat that, she would have to cook her own…

Yes, she does cook her own pasta from scratch but time and time again, she would just go for those instant packs…

…the way we would go for our instant noodles.

Of course, these would pale in comparison and when we were in New Zealand many many years ago, she was shocked to hear that her cousins there actually liked these more than what the mum cooked for us – she, of course, felt otherwise.

We can get this brand…

…very easily here – their range of instant pasta packs, their yet-to-be-cooked pastas and all their bottled pasta sauces but I never bothered to find out their place of origin.

Hmmmm…it sure looks like only the name is Italian – these are actually products of Australia and New Zealand…

Well, my girl cooked a packet for dinner that day and unfortunately, we were out of parmesan cheese so she just added some cream cheese that we had in the fridge and it turned out real creamy…

She enjoyed it, of course, and she did let me try a bit but at best, I would say it was nice just that personally, I am not thus inclined like her and I would much sooner go for our Sibu kampua mee or Foochow fried noodles or any of the rest instead.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Macaroni…”

  1. San Remo brand pasta are easily available everywhere over here too. I bet my son would love the macaroni with cheese. Like you, I prefer our Kuching kolo mee to pasta. I remember I ever bought a packet of this macaroni and fried it like how we fried our kway teow. They turn out quite nice too.

    1. I guess we’re old school. I’ve fried macaroni too, cannot beat kway teow, of course…and Bovril spaghetti comes nowhere near Bovril mee. They’re nice, that much, I would say but our local noodles win hands down!

      San Remo is everywhere, even at our small neighbourhood shops, the uncooked pasta and the sauces. Very well marketed and distributed. For the instant ones here, we’ll have to go to Ta Kiong, I think.

  2. I love pasta and I love cheese but hubby is the opposite. I only get to eat when we eat out. Lazy to cook only for myself. That pasta and cheese looks really creamy and cheesy. Compare the pasta and cheese with our local noodle, I too prefer our local noodle.

    1. LOL!!! I guess we’re old school. We have our preference for our own local noodles.

      I do not mind eating pasta though – sometimes, my girl will cook for all of us for a meal together.

      I like aglio oilo, not so into the creamy ones and I’m not a fan of bolognese when the sauce tastes like it all comes out of a tomato sauce bottle, don’t mind the freshly-made from scratch one we have at one place here. I would go and buy the sauce (beef) for our own-cooked pasta sometimes.

  3. My childhood nickname was Noodles King!
    Even until now, I prefer noodles to rice.
    Pasta to pizza.
    But if I could choose between pasta and noodles, I sure will pick noodles.

    I don’t usually have macaroni. but I make my own ragu sauce from scratch.
    Slow cook the meat for three hours until it’s proper soft.
    It’s very time consuming, I wanna get a pressure cooker and see if I can get it done in less than an hour.

    1. Wowwww!!! That sure sounds awesome. Must be so very very nice. Own-made pasta sauces are definitely much nicer than the bottled ones. I love the beef bolognese sauce from a cafe here, will buy and stock in the freezer at home sometimes.

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