The only thing I can do…

During my growing up years, the elders in the family and the kampung (village) gave me the nickname, “Nyangoi” in Melanau because of my protruding chin and because of the resemblance, or so they said, I was also called Bob Hope and later on, Jay Leno too.

On the other hand, there were some Chinese older folks who told me that it was very good – they claimed that I would always have things to eat, never lacking when it came to food. Well, looking at how family and friends are always giving me all kinds of things to eat, it sure looks like there is some truth in what they said, don’t you think?

Just the other day, I felt like having some steamed paos so I went to our neighbourhood shop in the next lane to buy some of their homemade ones. Unfortunately, even though it was very early, around 7 something, the meat ones were all sold out, leaving behind those with coconut, peanut and red bean paste, none of which tickled my fancy.

I went home empty-handed, resigned to my fate that I would not be having any steamed pao to enjoy when my sister dropped by my house and lo and behold! You’ll never guess what she brought for me – steamed paos!!! She loves the ones from here and it so happened that she was there that morning and she bought a few to enjoy. It sure was nice of her to think of me too. Gee!!! Isn’t it true what they said – that with the structure of my chin like this, I shall always have things to eat? LOL!!!

For one thing, when it comes to steamed meat paos here in Sibu, they give you just a teeny-weeny bit of egg only, one eighth…or they do not give you any at all. I simply cannot understand why as one egg costs around 40 sen and a quarter would be 10 sen only. Surely they can afford to add that little bit especially when they keep jacking up the prices like nobody’s business.

Well, left without any choice, the only thing I can do would be to boil my own and place it inside the pao and that was what I did that morning…

I cut the paos into halves and I boiled an egg and cut it into quarters…

After that, I took one of the wedges and push it inside the pao

…and did the same with the remaining two before putting them all into the steamer to steam till they were piping hot.

Yes!!! That certainly did the trick! I must say that with the extra egg…

…I enjoyed the pao a whole lot more that morning. I guess I shall have to do this myself everytime I buy steamed meat paos to eat and enjoy.

Huong Hiong Confectionary 芳香(詩巫)餅家 is located off Jalan Bengkel, beside Victoria Inn on one side and the circular building (the SEDC Medan Niaga Tanahmas) that houses all the Malay stalls on the other, to the right of the New Capital Restaurant.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “The only thing I can do…”

  1. Yeah, I like steamed pao with egg. Sadly but truly, these days most steamed paos doesn’t have egg and they do not come cheap, RM2-2.50 each. Those so-called big pao with 1/8th egg cost RM3. 50 each. Your add-on egg certainly makes the paos looks good.

    1. WHAT??? RM3.50 for a pao? Hopefully, it is really big and very filling. Otherwise I would much sooner go for a plate of kampua mee and still have change. I just cannot understand what their problem is with the egg…when it is so cheap!!!

  2. So nice of your sister to deliver the steamed paos to your house. Over here, not all meat paos have eggs in them. Whenever there is hard boiled eggs in the paos, hubby will pass the egg to me. He doesn’t like hard boiled eggs.

    1. Ooooo…my missus was delighted when she got up that morning and had one for breakfast. She was wondering why the pao was split into two but she loved the huge chunk of egg in it. LOL!!!

  3. Speaking of a protruding chin, I have that “affliction” too LOL! And yes, I never run out of things to eat hee..hee.. I have to agree that the pao makers are too stingy with the egg until you have to boil your own and add it in! LOL!

    1. …and egg is inexpensive!!! They can always jack up the price by another 10 sen, anyway! Prices going up and up for no obvious reason, using the pandemic as an excuse. May God forgive them!!!

      Oh? So you are nyangoi like me too! LOL!!! Never mind, as long as we have lots to eat! See Chef Wan!!! In da’ club!!!

  4. Oh we call these dabao (big buns) pork with a piece of chicken and 1/4 boiled egg in my little kampung.
    The regular xiaobao (small buns) only contain pork.

    Sibu bao skin looks very dense.

    1. They use the factory-made flour, I think…not own made from scratch like in the good ol’ days. I prefer the old school skin, not so into these…especially when they do not do it well and they are all mushy and sticky. Disastrous!!!

  5. I am a Bao lover , what so ever , as long as it is a “BAO” I will eat them in no time, since I am on KETO diet now, all these wonderful bao seem to be a “dream” beyond reach but you know what , after viewing your “BAO” story, I decided today I am going to pamper myself after this long long time and forget the word “KETO” for today. I am going to rush out to buy all kind of BAO and treat myself a great day, let the word “KETO’ out of my mind for the next 24 hours…….hahahah!

    1. Oh dear!!! Sorry for spoiling your diet! I’m plus-sized but I’m not on any diet…just that these days, I need to be more careful, must not over-indulge. Moderation is the key.

      Having said that, I do enjoy steamed paos but like everything else, we need to know where to go for the good ones, preferably with the old school cushiony skin, nice filling…with egg! That is my bone to pick here! They are very stingy with the egg.

      You’re new here, obviously! Welcome, thanks for dropping by and for commenting. Stick around! I love company!

    1. I guess it depends on the tone – some pet names can be quite endearing. I do know people known to many by their nicknames, no offence meant – they hardly ever use their real names!

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