Can we…

My girl enjoyed the som tam (Thai papaya salad) so much that day that she promptly asked the mum if we could have some yum woon sen or seafood glass noodles salad…

…on our no-meat Friday the following week (last week).

We did not have any problem with the prawns – I just bought a kilo of those huge ones from my favourite fish and seafood stall and it so happened that my missus also bought a pack of frozen prawns, even bigger, heads removed, peeled and deveined from that neighbourhood shop in the next lane

The boy said that they were fresh, sea prawns from Sabah, not farmed ones and convinced my missus to buy. At RM45.00 a pack with 28 prawns inside, it worked out to around RM1.60 each, more or less what I would pay for those that I had bought before from the stall. My only worry was that the prawns might be like the ones she bought before – the texture was like rubber, not anything like the texture of prawns at all and they were so bland, completely tasteless.

I managed to get hold of some sotong (squid)…

…a few days earlier from the aforementioned stall and yes, we did have a problem once when my missus bought home some frozen ones – they were so horrible that we had no choice but to throw the whole lot away.

I bought a whole lot of tang hoon (glass noodles) sometime ago and never got down to cooking them so all we had to do was to soak some…

…in hot boiling water to soften for the salad.

My missus got all the other ingredients…

…ready, a little bit of this…

…and a little bit of that…

…including a handful of udang kering/hay bee (dried prawns)…

…soaked in hot water to soften and subsequently, pounded.

For the dressing, she had this combination of fish sauce and lime juice plus gula Melaka (palm sugar)…

…and all she had to do was to toss everything together and the dish…

…was done.

Yes, it was so very nice and we sure enjoyed it to the max but looking at the amount of work it entailed, even though there wasn’t any real cooking involved, we probably would not be having this all that often. I think it would be best to save it for some special festival or an occasion to celebrate perhaps. Incidentally, the prawns were great, very succulent and sweet – I certainly would want to go back to the shop to stock up on some more.

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17 thoughts on “Can we…”

  1. I love som tam a lot! Very refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. Though I havent tried that seafood glass noodles salad I bet I would love it too

  2. Wow, the seafood glass noodles salad looks really good. I am sure I will love it. All the ingredients used are easily available. Though it involves quite a bit of time, I thinks it is still worth as all of you enjoy it to the max.

    1. Yes, it was so very nice. Would be a good dish to include in the special menu for some festival or celebration, can add other types of seafood too like mussels, e.g.

  3. I am drooling over the seafood glass noodle salad. I have glass noodles but I will need to buy some prawns first. I think I can finish a whole plate of the appetizing salad.

    1. We made one plate and shared, the three of us…for lunch AND dinner. We added a bit of this, a bit of that…and in the end, there was so much!!! Good also, no need to cook anything else, more than enough.

    1. They have? Should have tried when I went to their outlet in Miri. Went to a Thai coffee shop (but restaurant prices) there, so disappointing…not like our favourite one here before, so sad already closed down.

    1. We do use the leaves a lot in our cooking. For the sauce, my missus used lime, dunno what lime…and I did not ask what all that calamansi lime was for. I just ate.

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