Lady’s choice…

There was a discussion not too long ago in Rose’s blog about the peanut butter one would prefer, the brand and whether one would like it creamy or crunchy and it sure took me by surprise to read that the one from Lady’s Choice…

…is made in China…

All this time, I thought it was made in Malaysia and since it was the favourite of many who participated in the discussion, I made up my mind to buy a jar to try.

I don’t remember which Malaysian brand I bought once and it was not to my liking so I never bought any local-made peanut butter again. I was somewhat surprised that day when I saw so many new brands of peanut butter, probably Malaysian, at the shop that I had never heard of nor seen before. Well, my mind was made up – I wanted Lady’s Choice and Lady’s Choice it had to be. As far as this brand was concerned, we only bought the mayonnaise, nothing else.

When I opened the jar…

…I was a bit disappointed to see the “bubbles” when it should have been smooth. Probably there is a need for better quality control…or what I got was the odd one out.

I had some chia seed bread so I toasted a slice on a non-stick pan and generously applied a layer of butter…

…before adding the peanut butter…

…on top of that. I have always liked my peanut butter creamy, not crunchy and no, I am not into those with streaks of jam, thank you very much.

Yes, I thought it was nice and at RM15.80 a jar, it does seem to be a little cheaper than the other brands that I’ve bought before. I guess I shall stick to this one from now on.

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14 thoughts on “Lady’s choice…”

  1. Coming to bread spread peanut butter, Lady’s Choice is the only brand I like, smooth and creamy. I am not into those crunchy or with streaks of jam. I never apply a layer of butter before adding the peanut butter.

    1. I love the added butter fragrance. Will always butter the toast first before adding peanut butter, kaya or jam.

      First time trying this brand and yes, it is nice…and a little cheaper too.

  2. My choice is Lady’s Choice, the smooth. We have many imported peanut butters and spreads here, but price wise, one need to be rational when choosing what they want and can afford. I also stuck with lady’s Choice for now. My man currently likes Jif brand from USA. Extra crunchy, so I never try it since I don’t fancy nuts stuck in between my teeth. Lol.

    1. There is Jif at my neighbourhood shop – I’ve bought it twice but I did not think it was really great. I prefer Tong Garden but it only comes in small bottles, so inconvenient.

      All the other chap chap brands do not interest me – no other branded brands unless I go to Ta Kiong but I’m staying away from there, always in the list of places with positive cases.

      This Lady’s Choice is good and about a ringgit cheaper. I guess I’ll stick to it from now on.

  3. I have always loved peanut butter since I was a child. When I was in standard 3, my grandfather took me to a doctor and because I was overweight, the doctor recommended that I stop eating peanut butter. And to take up some exercise like ballet. Sobsss!!!! and LOL! on the ballet πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Anyway, I eat peanut butter as and when I like now. I believe I have tried Lady’s Choice peanut butter and I have no complaints. I will try spreading a layer of butter like you do to see if I like it that way.

    1. Oh? Another one who does not add butter. Gee!!! I am so indulgent. Too bad my grandfather did not take me to see the same doctor – I could have been a world famous ballet dancer now. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. Most of the peanut butter u find in supermarket over here is made in China. I think the “artisan” locally made ones are usually RM25 and above for a small jar.

    1. Wowwwww!!! We do have some local-made ones here too but I never bought any as they do not look all that promising.

      Yes, so I’ve noticed – most are made in China but I had had some really nice US-made ones…just that I am avoiding that supermarket that brings in all the imported stuff – always in the list of places with positive cases. #staysafe #staywell

  5. Peanut butter here is almost entirely “Made in Netherlands”.
    Don’t know why…

    Honey imported from EU usually carries this message. “Blend of EU and non-EU honey”.
    What does it actually mean? It can be anywhere, right?
    Why do they even bothered to label that?

    1. Netherlands? Dunno of any from there. We do have the ones from South Africa though. Very nice like the ones we used to get from there in the colonial days before the Apartheid.

      I wonder what the difference is between the two types of honey, EU & non-EU. Here, the current craze is the kelulut honey that they claim to be better than New Zealand’s celebrated manuka honey.

      1. Actually, it’s important to know where your honey comes from.
        Honey from China and Poland may contain antibiotics, which are harmful to human consumption.
        Especially Chinese honey, which is currently banned in the US.
        But Chinese beekeepers were clever enough to export raw honey to ASEAN countries, including Malaysia,
        then repackaged their honey to cover the place of origin, then shipped their newly labelled honey to USA.

      2. Oh dear!!! Thank goodness we hardly take honey, not even in our cooking. Sometimes I go for our local kelulut honey and sometimes, my brother in Auckland gave us Manuka honey, both for drinking, not to be used for cooking.

    1. Oh? I only see the creamy and the crunchy ones here, haven’t come across any that is just nuts. I love kaya, not into fruit jam but kaya is sweet so that is why I am sticking to peanut butter. I guess between the two, it has less sugar.

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