Fly by…

I did mention in my blogpost the other day that despite the fact that we were staying at home, not doing anything much, time seemed to fly by so quickly and I also said that we were down to the last two or chio/ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) that we had in our freezer and I would have to make my way to my favourite fish & seafood stall in our neighbourhood and stock up on some more.

Well, I did not hop over in the end. It happens all the time! I will tell myself I will go in the morning and the next day, I will change my mind and decide to just stay home and do without what I intend to buy.

No, we did not go without fish a fortnight ago on our no-meat Friday. I managed to grab hold of two slabs of salmon…

…from Chile…

…for RM62.00 at my regular shop in the next lane and we baked one of them for lunch and dinner. There was still some left over so the next day, my missus used the flakes to make some salad.

We did finish off the can of sardines, Marina, that I said was sitting in the pantry and the other day, when my missus had to go out, she stopped by one of the shops in the next lane and came home with two cans of this…

We actually prefer mackerel in tomato sauce to sardines and my missus likes Ayam more than Marina.

No, we did not open one on Friday last week nor did we finish off the remaining slab of salmon that was still in the freezer. Instead, I asked my girl if she would like to have some prawns…

I bought a kilo of those big ones in June and they were still in the freezer. She was keen on the idea and she particularly requested for them to be cooked with the otak-otak ingredients that we had for the ikan sultan and the aforementioned ikan bawal hitam. She obviously enjoyed that so much to want it again and again.

That was what we had for our meals that day…

…and yes, the recipe worked absolutely well with prawns…

It was so delicious, more delicious than the two times we had this recipe with fish, I would say. The prawns were very fresh, as good as new, so firm, so succulent!!!

Now, we do not have any more prawns in the freezer, just the small “cho liao” (use as ingredient) ones and no fish other than that solitary slab of salmon. I really must make my way to the fish & seafood stall soon.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Fly by…”

  1. I would choose prawns over canned Mackerel or sardines too. Prawns for me anytime and I think your girl has made the right choice too. I miss prawns cooked with assam jawa… 🤤🤤 which my late mom used to cook for us.

    1. I always love asam prawns or fish but my girl does not seem all that keen, just ok with it. She prefers curry and other recipes so we just follow. You may have noticed that I seldom cook masak kunyit. prawns or fish, that very simple Melanau kampung style, my family recipe, that your hubby enjoys a lot, so easy to cook and so nice to eat but not her favourite. Sighhhh!!!!!

    1. So so so so good! Even though they have been in the freezer for so long, they were still so sweet, so fresh, firm and succulent. I hurried there this morning to buy some more to keep in the freezer to enjoy at a later date!

  2. Yum! The prawns cooked in otak-otak ingredients look so good. Yes, a trip to the fish and seafood stall is in order! LOL!

  3. We have to go to special fishmongers to buy pomfrets.
    Normal supermarkets only sell salmon, cod, trout, sea bream, mackerel etc.
    Very limited options here.

    When I was young, we often had rice congee with fried ikan kampung, big eye etc.
    Just mix the fish and congee with some soya sauce, it’s a simple yet delicious meal.

    1. Yes, I love fried fish with porridge, with salted egg – my diet in my growing up days when I was sick.

      I did go to the wet market in Plymouth, 1994, all the unfamiliar fish. Quiet place, few customers. I guess people there prefer filleted fish sold at the supermarts, all nicely cleaned.

  4. Wow 62.00 that is expensive. Luckily we have lots of fresh ones in here and they are a bit cheaper, I dont like the frozen ones becuase the quality of fat deteriorates when it is frozen

    1. These are imported, my dear!!! You have your own there, fresh or farmed. My girl feasted on it when she was in Wellington – that was where she acquired the taste and love it to this day. I am not that fond of the smell – personally, there are a lot of our own local ones that are a whole lot nicer.

    1. So fast, and it’s our no-meat Friday again and I would have to check my freezer to see what fish or seafood we could eat. Usually we are well-stocked, no need to go out and buy very often, just once in a long while.

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