Little ones…

I guess my missus was kind of disappointed that we did not like the sausage buns she made that day. I did not like the strong taste of garlic in them and according to her, she added that on her own accord – it was not in the original recipe. Other than that, I thought that little bit of sausage in each of them did not make much of a difference – I could hardly feel that it was there.

Well, she came back with a vengeance that day and made a whole lot of pizzas – little ones…

…with a whole lot of cheese and finely-chopped green peppers and mushrooms…

…and of course, thin slices of sausages…

Yes, I must say that she certainly did a great job this time around and her mini-pizzas sure tasted really great. Even the texture of the bread base was a cut above that of the bun the other day.

She did not have enough sausages for all the pizzas she made so she opened a can of tuna and used that as the topping…

…as well.

I don’t know why she did not use my bacon and what was left of my smoked duck breast – I think they would be nice in those pizzas too or she could have opened this pack of frozen supermarket sausages…

…not the gourmet ones, that I had in the freezer.

I suppose she will not be making anymore – it looks like she has used up all her bread flour but actually, she could have just made those little pieces of bread, the pizza base, without any topping. Those would be nice for us to add our own toppings and eat…like kompia or bagels.

Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “Little ones…”

  1. I love garlic bread/buns and sad to learn that the garlic sausage buns your missus made the other day didn’t turn out great. Maybe like you say the combination is not right but the mini pizzas looks pretty good and tempting.

    1. Yes, maybe she added too much – it was way too strong or there are other ingredients in the recipe that clashed with the garlic, otherwise I do enjoy garlic bread as well. Her mini pizzas turned out well, very nice.

  2. I like garlic buns and pizzas. Your missus’ mini pizzas look good. Any topping with lots of cheese would taste great for me. Long time haven’t eaten pizza.

    1. Yes, same here since we have not been out and about. These mini ones that my missus made were a welcome relief. We’re in Phase 3 now but no, we’re in no hurry to go out. #staysafe #staywell #stayhome

  3. Wah! Those little pizzas look great, so loaded with cheese and ingredients! I can polish off a few in one go hee..hee..

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