With or without…

When it comes to instant noodles, I am not particular about the brand. As long as they are nice enough and do not cost an arm or a leg, I am fine with them.

The ladies in the house, the mum especially, seem to be more particular – they love many of the Korean ones so they would keep buying their favourites and there are a few others from Singapore too. As for the local ones, they like The Kitchen Food – Sibu Instant Kampua – 厨艺食品, the dark soy sauce ones which aren’t exactly my favourite – I may help myself if I see any lying around in the house but I am not fond of the dark soy sauce taste and that applies to the ones sold at the stalls and shops outside.

We always have a pack in the house – my missus will see to that, the dark soy sauce ones that she likes, of course but the other day, she came home with two packs, one her favourite and the other, the original (If you know Mandarin, do click the link to watch the Youtube video!)…

I do not know why she bought the latter…

Maybe she was thinking that I might be craving for it since I had not had any for so long, not since January, I think, the ones outside but actually, I am fine – with or without our Sibu Foochow kampua noodles.

For one thing, these do not come cheap – RM8.60 a pack with five individually-packed packets inside, each of them with two sachets, one with the shallot oil (lard) and the other with the light or dark soy sauce. That would work out to RM1.72 a packet so I guess we can console ourselves over the fact that it is cheaper than what we would have to fork out for a plate outside, kosong (no meat). Personally, I am fine with the other made-in-Sibu brand even though technically, it is not kampua mee plus it is more expensive than most of the other brands of instant noodles. Still, it is only around half the price of this one, also for a pack of five.

Anyway, since my missus had a pack in the pantry, I opened it that day and cooked myself a plate…

…tossed in my missus’ blended chili and garlic dip and served with the char siew I bought and garnished with some chopped spring onions from my garden.

I remember in my growing up years, we so loved the own-made noodles from this stall in the lane beside The Chartered Bank and at one time, at the side of the Rex Cinema, at the back. The old guy tossed the noodles in his own blended chili, seeds and all and boy, that was so good but no, I did not think what I had that morning came close. Probably it just was not the right combination.

Moving on from the noodles, on another morning, there was some leftover rice in the fridge so I fried it, throwing in anything and everything that I could find in the fridge and freezer. There was a sausage, two slices of bacon, two imitation crab sticks and some prawns…

…and yes, I did add an egg as well.

I thought it was nice but unfortunately, it did not tickle the fancy of the ladies in the house so I had to eat it all by myself. They would much sooner go for their Korean noodles or the instant kampua, the dark soy sauce variety. Sighhh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “With or without…”

  1. I always prefer the original, be it kampua or kolo mee as I don’t like the sauce to drown out the original taste. These Korean instant noodles doesn’t come cheap and I count my blessing that I am not a fan of these Korean products….😊😊. I will stay faithfully to our local Mee Daddy that is for sure. The other day I bought a Family Pack Mee Daddy for RM15.90.

    1. Yes, I bought a family pack too, cheaper than those in packs of 5. But that will last a long time as I am the only one eating.

      Personally, I don’t see what is so nice about the Korean noodles, so expensive and at the end of the day, they are what they are – instant noodles, not anything to get excited about and pay so much for!!! I guess it is more the Korean craze – like those people who flocked to McD during the BTS promo to pay for the containers!

      Great minds think alike! Only the original for us. Sometimes I forget to tell and I got red kolo mee – I do not mind that as much as dark kampua – nothing but kicap taste!!!

  2. Instant noodle was a staple back in college. It saved me money plus it was an answer to hunger especially during those long nights of studying.

  3. I am also not particular about the brands as long as I like the noodle. Your plate of noodle with the char siew looks delicious. We seldom eat instant noodles but because of the lockdown, we started to consume instant noodles whenever we don’t know what to eat or lazy to go out to buy take away. I am also not a fan of Korean noodles. How nice if my hubby were to cook fried rice for me.

    1. Same here. We have them a lot more now as they are very convenient to just cook and eat without having to go out to buy anything. We hardly ever go out except once in two weeks or more to stock up on things in the house, food mostly.

      Maybe you can hint hint to your hubby – who knows one fine day, he may just surprise you! LOL!!!

  4. RM8.60 is actually quite pricey.
    I still like my Mee Maggi. 🙂
    Too bad, they only have Chicken or Curry flavour here.
    Sometimes, I can get Assam if I am lucky.

    1. I like their new improved version, curry. Been off Maggi for a long long time, – not nice and more expensive than the rest, The assam is good? Will grab that to try one of these days.

    1. Don’t mind fried rice but I would prefer noodles. I hardly ever order fried rice when I have breakfast or whatever outside. May eat it when served as the last but one dish at a Chinese banquet.

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