From scratch…

My blogger-friend was talking about cooking her curry from scratch but no, I am not that keen on going through all that hassle and we are very happy with this brand of instant curry paste that we like a lot.

The other day, however, out of the blue, my missus said that she would cook some Thai massaman curry and of course, we do not have any instant paste for cooking that and she would have no choice but to cook it from scratch.

I first had massaman curry…

…at a Thai restaurant here, since closed down, when it first opened and I enjoyed it a lot but when I took my girl there to try the following week, we were not really that impressed. I had it again at my dear friend’s Thai restaurant and yes, we loved it but that one too has closed down already and I had not had it since!

We can’t get good fresh beef here so my missus used chicken…

…and I thought it looked very good while she was simmering it…

…but what we had in the end was somewhat dry.

I loved it though. It tasted really great with the strong fragrances of the spices added. One website actually described it as a unique type of curry amongst the various Thai curries because it is more like an Indian curry using mainly dried spices for seasoning.

My girl took it upon herself to make this potato bread…

…something like the Indian aloo paratha or naan

…that we do enjoy here but of course, since there was not much gravy in the mum’s massaman curry, we had to eat it with the meat and the potatoes…

Never mind! That was good too and we enjoyed it to the max. It sure was a welcome change from the usual curry that we would cook and eat all the time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “From scratch…”

  1. Like you, I would use the AI Mountain Globe curry paste and gautim all in the shortest time… 😊😊. I have no idea what this massaman curry is all about especially the taste. I like the paratha Melissa make to go with the curry.

    1. Thai curry. I got to try it when they opened the two Thai restaurants in Sibu and I loved it. Now, both closed down so these days, nowhere to go here to eat this. Melissa’s potato bread was great!

  2. Look for the Maesri brand of curry paste from Thailand. Comes in small little cans but pack a punch and quite inexpensive. There is also a great variety available, maybe 6 or 7.

    1. Lucky you! You can get that over there? Not here, unfortunately. Lucky to be able to get tom yum paste and fish sauce here, nothing much that is Thai.

  3. Cooking from scratch means a lot of work. These days, I prefer to use instant curry paste. I have been trying different types of curry paste. I have yet to try massaman curry, will look out for it. Now I feel like eating roti naan or roti canai after reading this post.

    1. Same here. And for curry, we only use A1 Mountain Globe brand, so very nice!!! We cook so often and never get tired of eating! If we have to go through the trouble of cooking from scratch, we probably will end up eating curry once a year. LOL!!!

  4. As far as Thai curries go, I have only tried their green curry. I should lookout for the red curry and massaman curry. I am sure I would enjoy those as well.

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